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PPC can be effective enough to help bring genuine site visitors straight to your website. Here are some simple steps by following which can help you keep your PPC campaign operating at optimum efficiency.

Start by analyzing keywords on Google Analytics to determine those who are under performing or not performing. After this a good strategy is to stop or pause keywords that result in less clicks and poor time spent on the website.

A/B testing is a traditional and efficient testing method that analyzes two versions of an example that contain one particular difference in an otherwise similar environment – and is a great way of evaluating efficiency of PPC campaign. By developing a second similar version of your best doing ad, you can figure out whether modifying a particular element of the ad results in better click-through rates.

To reach its true potential a PPC campaign should focus keyword and key phrase modification must be a continuous element of the process. Various tools such as Twitter search, Google trends, Facebook graph search, Google plus search, Google Insights etc can help you find out new keywords that can help drive more visitors and increase conversions.

It may be a chance to modify your bids in order to stay aggressive and realize the best outcomes, when your research has assisted you to find new keywords, and your statistics have told you what your best performing keywords are.

With landing page optimization and testing, you might try modifying a particular passage of the landing page, content, text measurement, picture choice, colors, or even the location of hyperlinks and submission forms.


Whether you use Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Seven Search or any other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform as part of your...

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