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Amit Gautam Lifestyle Accessory Design

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Bamboo workshop Aga Khan Foundation

Bamboo workshop | Aga Khan Foundation Brief - Choose a brand and develop a product range for it with bamboo as the medium. Brand chosen - Sula wines

Brand / User study




Final Products Highway - glass stand ‘Highway’ is an overhead glass stand made out of a single bamboo piece.The simple,sleek form allows a person to easily put and take out glasses and looks elegant too.

Fix Me - wine bottle stand ‘Fix Me’ is a multiple wine stand

which has been crafted out of two bamboo pieces again using the ‘tension’ property of the material itself. The stand is easy to produce and has high functionality.

Bamboo bar - wine display Bamboo bar is a multiple wine bottle display made out of a long continuous bamboo piece.It has been made using the inherent ‘tension’ property of bamboo.It can be used as a an elegant corner display.


Ideation Sketches

‘Sandune’ is an all weather,easy to assemble and portable camping Tent. It is designed considering the key ergonomical factors and technical details.

Product Usability

a home the wild.....

Web | bag Brief - Make a lifestyle product by upcycling a commonly used material. Material chosen - Tarpaulin

Ideation sketches

Web - Bag ‘Web’ is made from ‘tarpaulin’ a very commonly used material in indian context. The effort was to upcycle the material and use its inherent charecteristics to create a product which is high on usability and aesthetics.

The surface created using embroidery thread.

‘Web’ is very simple in contruction and is just made with two panels.

Brief Design a shoe for the brand adidas inspired from a car brand

Brand Board






The chappal has been made using vegetable tanned buff leather and embellished with traditonal embroidery techniques like ‘torini’ and ‘zari’.Anothersurface technique “embossing’ has also been used to give it a traditonal appeal.


Glass Jewellery

Brief - Take your native state as your inspiration and develop a contemporary jewellery range. Inspiration - Kumbha Mela, Uttarakhand

The jewellery pieces were develped taking the concept of ‘Moksha’ - chaos to order.The final glass pieces were combined with thread and metal to make them wearable.


Trendz Project

Brief - To study the current indian scenario and come with future trends,color,textures and finishes.

Final Panel


Amit Gautam's Portfolio  
Amit Gautam's Portfolio  

Compilation of work done at National Institute of Design