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SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

SEO Guide For Beginners Author Amit Verma


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Lea rn SEO with the following 8 Chapters Chapters – 1. What is SEO? 2. Why SEO? 3. How Search Engine Works? 4. Basics of SEO 5. Keyword Research and Analysis 6. Title and META Tags 7. Content 8. Link Building


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 1 – What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization), a process of improving website rankings and visibility in Search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing on the targeted keywords / phrases. SEOcan target different area of search including – • • • •

Organic Search Image Search Local Search Video Search

SEOcan be categorized into 2 processesi.e. On-Site Optimization and Off-Site Optimization. On-site optimization refers to the work which an SEOdo on the internal aspects of the website to improve keyword rankings. On-site SEOis totally controlled but should be done as per Search engine guidelines for a website. On other hand, Off-site optimization means the outer promotion we do for a website in order to get more inbound links to increasethe link popularity of the website which is a major factor for getting search engine rankings.


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 2 – Why SEO?

Why anybody should use SEO techniques? One of the biggest points is that the majority of web traffic is driven by the major and popular Search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing. Surely, no website owner wants to loose that much free traffic. Secondly, SEOis the most transparent and reliable process(if done ethically) to get online reputation and visibility for a website in Search engines. More Visibility = More Inquiries More of, SEOis an economical investment we can do for a website to achieve good web popularity than any other advertising method like PPCwhich cost a lot.


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 3 – How Search Engine Works?

What is Search Engine? Search Engine is a computer program which retrieves a set of information i.e. web page, images, videos, mp3 and more…from its databaseon a keyword search.

How it works? A search engine can have many internal functions to provide the desired information we need after our search. All major search engines have their crawlers and spiders to index information on web. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing have their own algorithms and constraints to rank a website in organic search results. We have three major things on which most of search engine give results for any keyword search i.e. • Relevancy • Content • Backlinks


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 4 – Basics of SEO SEOwill have its effects only if it’s done correctly and ethically i.e. on the search engine guidelines. We mostly ignore Search engine guidelines which is the biggest reason we suffer on search engine rankings. We can do something better if we know some basic things – •

Search Engine Friendly Design we should have a search engine friendly design for better crawling and indexing for a website. It includes URLnaming convections, HTML navigation and providing Sitemap to the website. Here, we need to avoid – Frames, JavaScript and Heavy Flash Files.

Keyword Analysis searching of the best keywords for the site theme. Read more on Chapter 5

Title Tags the most important tag for any SEO.Read more on Chapter 6

META tags helpful in getting better placements and CTR.Read more on Chapter 6

Content should be keyword rich, unique, interesting and as per the topic. Read more on Chapter 7


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 5 – Keyword Research & Analysis Think about the keywords which any user can type to find your website or select the keywords on which you want your website on Search engine top positions. Following are some of the best online tools for keyword research and analysis 1. Google: a. Keyword Tool b. Keyword Traffic Estimator Tool 2. Microsoft: AdCenter Keyword Forecast Tool 3. WordTracker: Keyword Suggestion Tool 4. SEOBook: Keyword Suggestion Tool 5. Keyword Discovery: Search Term Suggestion Tool


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma

Chapter 6 – T i tle and M ETA tags Title tag and META tags have a unique importance to get your website in top positioning with your desired keywords and phrases.

Title Tag One of the most important tags helps in getting high search engine placements. The <title> tag is used to describe the web page (maximum 60-70 characters) that can be seen in the top of the browser window when we open any page. Always try to give a unique Title for every page in your website. Syntax – <title>Title tag optimization – Very Useful in SEO</a>

META Tags META tags will be coded under the <HEAD>tag of a web page which can’t be seen on the page. We commonly use two types of META tags i.e. • META Description Tag Description tag is a short description for a web page. Search engines used it in showing your website in organic search results. We should always try to make a catchy as well as keyword rich META description for website to gain more attention from Search engines as well as visitors. Syntax <METAname=”description” content=”This is the description for the web page”>

META Keywords Tag Keywords tag is used to provide targeted keywords for a web page 8

SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma that can be used by Search engines like Yahoo! Search. Syntax <METAname=”Keywords” content=”description, web description, website description”> Majority of search engines prefer the META tags, especially META description tag.

Chapter 7 – Content Content is still considered as a King in SEOprocess.Content is the 9

SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma basic food of Search engine robots and one of the biggest factors for high search engine rankings. The content of the website should be – •

Easily Readable Don’t hide your content from your visitors. That’s unethical way of promoting your website. •

Unique Your content should be fresh and unique for your visitors. It shouldn’t be copied from any other web resource. •

Relevant You should make relevancy in your content. Put your targeted keywords in it. •

Interesting Yes! Make an interesting write-up to get attention of your readers.

Useful Your web page content should be useful to your visitors and have some worth reading it. Be advanced.

Chapter 8 – L ink Building Link building is a processto increasethe amount of backlinks for your


SEOGuide for Beginners by Amit Verma website through different methods for getting good rankings in major search engines for desired keywords and key phrases. Different methods for link building â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Directory Submission Article Submissions PressReleaseSubmissions Link Exchanging Social Bookmarking Forum Postings Blogging


Have a Great Promotion ;) Amit Verma


SEO Guide for Beginners  

Fastest Online SEO Guide for SEO Newbies by SEO Expert India, Amit Verma.

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