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pa i n t From light to dark, we have color combinations to ďŹ t your personal taste. Our furniture has a two-coat paint application.


fired steel

s t a n d a r d


sage green


sandy cream

f u n

fire E red 2

burnt orange

child-friendly p a i n t

we use


c o l o r s

barn red


2 ft. Highback Glider C9020P in barn Red

honey mustard,

End Table C1020P in taupe

5 ft. Highback Glider C9050P in barn red

Coffee Table C2400P in taupe

5 ft. Grandpa Swing C3500P in barn red

freshwater blue

c o l o r s

lime green

carribbean blue



Potting Table C7300 in Taupe

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Adirondack Glider C1420P in black Accent Table C2DE18P in honey mustard 3

adirondack A style of chair that feels irrestistable at the end of a long day.



Two Adirondack Chairs C1450 With Turkey Tail Connector C1470

ADIRONDACK highback Comfy contoured vertical slats give you the back support you need; while creating a mission style furniture that is easy to get in and out of.

5' Highback Swing C4500 4' Highback Swing C4400 (not shown)

2' Highback Glider C9020 With Gliding Ottoman C9070

4' Highback Glider C9040 5' Highback Glider C9050 (not shown)

Double Adirondack Glider C1440 Single Adirondack Glider C1420 (not shown)

Adirondack Chair C1450 With Footrest C1460


the natural choice Cypress is a wood harvested in the Atlantic coastal plain region of the United States. A natural oil, called cypressene, embedded in the heartwood, makes it naturally resistant to insects and decay. When kiln dried, cypress has little tendency to warp or cup. If left to weather in the elements, mildew will appear within the first few months. These spots will disappear as the wood ages, turning it a driftwood grey in time. Ideally to minimize mildew, enjoy your cypress furniture on a covered porch. Humidity can also be a factor in the mildew process. Cypress accepts virtually any surface application although water-based stain will have the best results. Whether finished properly or left to age naturally, enjoy “outdoor comfort.”

HIGHBACK the grandpa style

Just like swings from the mid 1900’s; it’s comfortable, and has a low profile rolling back.

Curve detail, Royal Garden Bench

4' Grandpa Glider C3040

4' Royal Garden Bench C7500



4' Grandpa Swing C3400 5' Grandpa Swing C3500 (not shown)

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Rocker C6100 5


designed for you

Folding Chair C4020

f o l d i n g ta b l e s e t

Compact enough for your family outing or your backdoor balcony.


32" x 36" Folding Table C4036

3' x 5' Table C1350 With 2 - 54" Benches C1540 And 2 - 22" Benches C1220 Seats 8 people

Accent Table C2DE18

Potting Table C7300 With removable tub

Mission Sofa C2DE79 w/ Resonance Mist fabric

Mission Lounge C2DE56 w/ Resonance Mist fabric

Cricket Chair C7800

days end series Conversation Table C2DE36

Mission Chair C2DE32 w/ Resonance Mist fabric

Comes with the comfort of deep seating; wide, arched arms and Sunbrella cushions with non-absorbing ďŹ bers.


for the

gardener in your family


Spectrum Cilantro

Resnonance Mist,

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Duipone Laurel

Weston Ginger

Duipone Bamboo

Harwood Crimson


Rocker T6000


2½' x 3' Table Seats 2 T2253 With 2 - 3' All Back Benches T330AB

Adirondack Chair T1450 w/ Footrest T1460 3' x 4' Table Seats 4 T2340 With 2 - 4' All Back Benches T340AB

large a-frame

5' Armstrong Swing T6500 on/ Large A-Frame T4860

Has heavy-duty laminated legs giving strength and stability. Accomodates 4' & 5' swings and a Sunbrella canopy.


designs for your home and backyard 3' Round Table Seats 2 T2030 With 2 - 3' All Back Benches T330AB

2½' x 6' With Attached Benches 1" Top Seats 6 T2256

3' x 5' Table Seats 8 T2350 With 2 - 5' All Back Benches T350AB And 2 - 3' No Back Benches T330NB Wooden Frame Canopy in Green & Burgandy 4800 Heavy Duty Spring 4100 4' Round Table Seats 8 T2040 With 4 Oval Benches T303OV


4' Armstrong Swing T6400 on/ Small A-Frame T4750


4' x 5' Table Seats 10 T2450 With 2 - 5' All Back Benches T350AB And 2 - 4' All Back Benches T340AB

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4' x 6' Oval Table Seats 8 T2460 And 8 Folding Chairs T4020

3' x 7' With Attached Benches 13/8" Top Seats 8 T2370

Folding Table Set - Seats 2 32" x 36" Folding Table T4036 And 2 Folding Chairs T4020 9

OTB Double Adirondack Swing B1490

Cantilever UA619 in Black Latte

Market Umbrellas UD9M Poplar Estate Rocker B6400P

OTB Double Adirondack Bench B7402

An outdoor wood that has a moderate lifespan in nature’s elements; which can be extended with the use of paint or wood sealer. This furniture is best suited for your porch, patio or deck. Old Time Basics is an environmentally friendly furniture, it’s structure is strong, durable and has a price tag that is affordable for you today.

Black/Red OTB Adirondack Chair B1480

OTB Side Table B1030


Market Umbrellas US9M







Amish Boutique ** 800-445-0686 **







Black Latte




• • • • • • •

Authentic dome roof Standard bulb and cord 5' Tall Head made of cellular PVC Aluminum framing Painted Treated Foundation


Key Lights

T Bee

LIGHTHOUSES 20' Lighthouse T8200 With rotating head 12' Lighthouse T8120 With rotating head



Available locally at:

Rotator A8700EB

Amish Boutique

PH: 800-445-0686 Email: Contact us for custom quotes on pricing and shipping. Rotator 8700 12

Amish Boutique ** 800-445-0686 **

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Amish made outdoor furniture and accessories constructed from from cypress, poplar, and southern pine. (You can choose unfinished, sealed,...