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WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SURROGACY TREATMENT IN INDIA Before starting the reason let us first know what the surrogacy means. Surrogacy can be considered as a fruitful way for those couples who otherwise would not be able to become parents. There are different ways to get relieve of infertility and to be blessed with a cute baby! Surrogacy is the safest and best way to have a kid without any problems. Surrogacy can be Traditional or Gestational Traditional SurrogacyThe surrogate mother is the genetic mother of the child. Woman conceives using fresh or frozen sperms through home artificial insemination or impregnated via intrauterine insemination, intracervical insemination performed at a health clinic. Gestational SurrogacyMother is not the genetic mother of the child. It needs the implantation of a previously created embryo and this process needs clinical observations. The egg donation process can be performed by masters in infertility and with the use of latest equipments having advanced technology for surrogacy. Infertility specialists cost you less than what you have to pay in foreign countries. Globally, many couples now prefer India for the surrogacy treatment which comprises of many reasons like Surrogacy treatment is comparatively cheaper in India In the United States, estimated procedure can cost $45000- $ 60000 including the payment of surrogate mother, fertility clinics, lawyers, medical fees, egg donors etc. On the other hand, India is comparatively reasonable where it costs around $ 20000. On the whole expenses about finding and hiring surrogate moms to DNA testing and the treatment for infertility is quite affordable in India.

You can locate infertility experts, capable surrogate mothers or egg donors charging you very less as compared to western and European countries.  You can easily find a surrogate mother at a higher rate in India Surrogates can be relatives, friends or strangers. Many times agencies help to match the desired patients with the women who want to be a surrogate for a fee. Agencies also sought out the complex medical and legal procedures involved. Surrogates choose this way to secure a better life for themselves and their families. Usually lower middle class housewives become surrogates as money is the primary thing to buy a better home or to provide better education for their children.  Legal aspect of surrogacy as law are in favor of surrogacy treatment Laws in UK and US are more strict as compared to India. To become a surrogate mother is a brave decision along with self sacrificing by giving life, fulfillment of the dreams of the couples who don’t have the children on their own. The famous example of surrogacy is when Amir Khan and Kiran Rao have a baby through In vitro Fertilization surrogacy. Surrogacy in India has drawn everybody's consideration across the globe due to its numerous profit, cutting the overall cost, being the major one. It's like getting the best deal at cheapest price despite any compromise in results. The success rate of surrogacy has been always higher and this is the reason why more and more infertile couples are seriously considering surrogacy in India.

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