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Why Choose Surrogacy and Infertility Center in India

India is becoming the capital for surrogacy and India occupies the second place after the US in gestational surrogacy. There are several factors for booming industries of surrogacy Cost When compared to the other countries like the UK, it costs a lot lesser in India as surrogate mothers are available for lower costs. It would cost less than one-fourth of the total cost of surrogacy, including travel, legal, medical costs. So many foreigners prefer India as a Surrogacy destination. Skilled doctors and clinical set up: India has skilled doctors who are experts in Assisted Reproductive Techniques. At the same time Indian fertility clinics are becoming competitive in hiring and retaining surrogates. Clinics are equipped with the latest technology, most of the clinics perform screening tests for HIV, Hepatitis, blood exams before the procedure. Legal issues: The Supreme court of India has recognized commercial surrogacy since 2002. Ethics: Surrogacy clinics follow the guidelines laid down by the Indian council of medical research for surrogacy and IVF, all clinics should be registered and monitored by a regulated authority.

Availability of surrogate mothers: Willing Surrogate mothers between 21 to 35 years of age are available aplenty. Mothers in this age group would mean more chances of conceiving and most of such women are of lower economic status, so the option is economically beneficial. Increasing social acceptance: More number of young women are coming forward to take up Surrogacy and this is being accepted by the society gradually. Success rate: Success rate in surrogacy is also one of the factors to consider. A 45% success rate was noted when fresh embryo is used, and when frozen are used it was noted as 25% Though there are a few issues surrounding a smooth surrogacy and child adoption, India appears to be a promising destination for most.

Why choose surrogacy and infertility center in india  

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