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IVF Treatments Are Too Pricy

Besides success rates of any methods, cost is a prime factor determining its popularity. How does IVF figure in the balancing scales? Any patient will certainly look at the suggested healthcare method in the perspective of its clinical success records and expertise of administrators. But apart from these two factors, another will also have speaking effects of their decision; it is the cost involved. Lack of Insurance Coverage One of the major problems with IVF, and for that matter with any assisted reproductive technology is that they are not usually covered under health insurance plans. In result the entire expenses have to be met out-of-pocket. It could be frustrating in the short and depressing in the long run for the player. Difficulties of Finding Out Exact Costs Another major problem with IVF is the difficulty in the determination of the accurate costs involved. There are no set standards and the costs may vary depending on the health condition of the patient, location, and status of the blockade. The fact that prices are not listed in most of the clinics adds to the difficulties of calculating it in the right perspective. Official Cost Calculations Having a look at some of the official cost calculations could help.  ASRM or American Society of Reproductive Medicine puts the IVF costs at an average of $12,400.  However the ASRM cost indicators do not clarify whether the cost includes medications.  Using fresh embryos could be more expensive.

Use of Intracytoplasmic sperm injections and specialized diagnosis could involve additional costs.

Study Reports on Costs A recent study report by experts put the costs as follows.  IVF cycle with fresh embryos may cost around $8160.  The median cost for the same comes to $7500.  The cost of using ICI and PGD comes to around $1500 and $3200 respectively. Add to this the medication expenses in the range of $3500-$5000 and the IVF will certainly look far too expensive. Trend of Clinic Pricing There is no uniformity in clinic pricing either. However, they are usually on the higher side in comparison to the official prices. Moreover the way they use and administer the treatment also varies a lot from one clinic to another making your choice far too difficult. An interesting trend is the difference in IUI prices across the clinics that range from small amount of $275 through very large amount of $2500. In comparison the difference in ICSI prices was much less as it is in the range of $1000-$1500. Conclusion Bottom line of all this is that before resorting to IVF it is necessary for the prospective user to take into account multiple factors. Without doubt it is an expensive proposition and you need to check putting your steps forward. Else you might well fall into an abyss that could financially bleed you white. Keyword: - Ivf treatment in India, Ivf treatment in Raipur, Ivf treatment in Chhattisgarh

Ivf treatments are too pricy  

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