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Commercial Surrogacy in India While most western countries strictly prohibit commercial surrogacy by law, the practice continues to flourish in India. This newly industrialized Asian country has become a booming center of a fertility market with its womb-for-rent industry reportedly estimated at $ 445 million today. Commercial Surrogacy Boom India's lenient law towards surrogacy, the ease of procedure and vast availability of poor surrogate mothers, combined with international demand have fueled the growth of Indian womb renting industry, which, according to the Confederation of Indian Industry, is projected to become a whopping US$2.3 billion-a-year by 2012. Since the practice of rent-a-womb is either prohibited by law or can be a cumbersome task in several European countries such as France, the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden, many childless couples, lesbians and singles in these regions are increasing seeking affordable and hassle-free options abroad in countries like India and Ukraine. The exorbitant cost of hiring a womb can also be a formidable obstacle for some.

For hopeful infertility patients who are disheartened by the huge cost of surrogacy procedures and long waiting times in their native countries, commercial surrogacy in India could be a viable option. This newly industrialized country has become the well-desired hub for worldwide infertile couples, lesbians and others who are desirous of enjoying the bliss of parenthood. Overview of Surrogacy and Its Commercialization A clear definition of surrogacy and understanding of paid surrogacy is needed when looking into affordable commercial surrogacy options in India. Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), which includes all fertility treatments in which both eggs and sperms are handled. In the process of renting a womb, a woman goes through the labor of bearing and giving birth to a baby for another couple or woman.

Commercial surrogacy is an arrangement in which the intended parents pay a fee to a surrogate in exchange for her fulfilling their dream of having a child. India's Supreme Court legalized the commercialization of the practice in 2002. This kind of surrogacy, however, is illegal in many countries. For instance, you are not allowed to pay for a surrogate in Australia, France and in the UK as it is a criminal offense in these regions. Commercial Surrogacy Success in India The fertility tourism boom in India has led to the establishment of an estimated 200, 000 clinics across the country offering a variety of fertility treatment options, including artificial insemination, IVF and surrogacy. Infertility clinics in India are offering hassle-free, inexpensive and excellent surrogacy related services. Some clinics offer their national and international clients a complete package that includes fertilization, doctor's fee, surrogate's fee, and delivery of the baby at a hospital. Dubbed as the "surrogacy capital of the world," India is the leader in the industry because of the affordability of the procedure and ready availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless foreigners. Another factor that makes India the land of opportunity for infertile couples is that there are no laws preventing a surrogate woman in India in accepting compensation from childless couple for renting her womb to them. Therefore, there are a large number of women who are ready to carry a pregnancy and deliver a child for higher income infertile couples or singles for fee. In India, commercial surrogacy is something that is a win-win situation for both surrogates and those who hire them. The intended parents gain a child they have always wanted and a poor woman earns money, more than they would earn in many years of ordinary work. Not only the infertile couples, even homosexual couples desperate to experience the joys of parenting can rent a womb in India for a fee. Commercial surrogacy in India has become a ray of hope for all those people who cannot have a baby of their own due to biological inabilities, deficiencies or any other medical reason. However, you are advised to carefully check the success rate of the surrogacy clinic you are considering for surrogacy services and the credentials of the surrogacy provider. You are also advised to research well the available surrogate profiles before zeroing down on one, in order to ensure that the surrogate carrier is clinically fit and healthy. Keyword:- Surrogate mother in India, Surrogate mother in Raipur, Surrogate mother in

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Commercial surrogacy in india  
Commercial surrogacy in india  

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