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Best Chances to conceive from donor eggs These days the tendency and openness towards IVF has increased. In general, I see many middle aged couples have started going for this treatment to get the desired output. An increased tendency is also seen towards conceiving from donor eggs- for women who cannot produce enough eggs on their own. In medical terms, we call it oocyte donation. The major factor in conceiving through donated eggs is the quality of the eggs. My patients always ask me the best chances of conceiving from donor eggs. I say it depends on many factors! Today I will explain what I mean. A cycle of IVF treatment depends on many attempts before, you may succeed. Its success rate depends between 25- 40% depending on age of both the women.

AGE FACTOR The donor should be as young as possible, best is below 35 years. The conceiving woman should be preferable below 45 years of age otherwise success rate is very very low. Also, the donor’s eggs should be of good quality. Moreover, the synchronization (we use hormones) of your menstruation cycles is a difficult task as the donor must ovulate when the lining of the taker’s uterus is able to bear the embryo. This takes time and that’s why the waiting lists at the clinics are long. QUALITY FACTOR You can select your own donor or ask our clinic for the same. Ensure that the donor has quality eggs if you know her very well. You can select your own friend or family member to volunteer for you. The eggs from such type of donors are known as fresh eggs and they have a higher rate of success than the frozen eggs which are thawed after donated from confidential donors. TREATMENT FACTORS It depends whether you go for IVF further. Transfer of embryo into your uterus again has complexes involved.

Thus, many factors are involved and therefore chances of conceiving are not always full until repeated attempts. Keyword: - best egg donation program in Raipur, egg donor center in India, Sperm Donor Program in Chhattisgarh

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