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The unnecessary space program: Theatre U3 Fall 2007 Ten weeks individual project Professor: Robert Claiborne (D.Libeskind Architects)

a rational drawing a detailed section

an immaginary drawing cloth around a women

Collision of the two

a search for the thick space in between

By working with the previously composed drawings the challenge is to explore the limits of observed space. The Thick Space drawings are without either beginning or end but are rather a density of the space in-between the rational and the imaginary. These models likewise become a space without an end. The final results will look towards the potentials of space. This inspired translation is the first efforts toward the theatre program.

Storage Green

Side stage




Back stage



The result is a building that apart from meeting the requirements of the theatre program, it also has kept the qualities of the imaginary drawing and the collision of spaces with the rational drawing; spaces such as those between folds and wrinkles of a cloth, the overlapping of spaces...

Pre & post function area, dressing room (basement)

unnessecary space  

A search of an imaginery space in between