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Interior design is the art of improving the interior of a place, looking for a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.

An interior designer is a multifaceted professional the create the concept, plan the space, develop, researches, coordinates, and manages the projects.

Continue reading and learn quick tips of how to decorate your space in a quick, easy and under budget way.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Just the simple changes, as a different wallpaper or a different color of paint, can make a huge difference in a room. You can put another wall, take one off, change the lamp, put a deformational adhesive anywhere you want or paint the whole entire thing. Think through and be clear with yourself and your interior designer on what needs changing or improvement. Think about what can make the biggest impact, it can be a single bright colorful wall, a different furniture, or even your accessories.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Reutilize your things, you can have new shelves, accessories, decorations and furniture transforming your own belongings. Recover an old chair, or paint old pine furniture. The new tendency is to utilize plates as decoration putting them on the wall. The unexpected colors, design, sizes and textures of each plate will give the sensation of fresh and modern. You can utilize plates of the same “family�, putting the biggest one on the center, or plates with different textures and put the most dramatic plate toward the center.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Lighting is one of the most important details in a house or an office. It is the light that creates, sets the mood and the energy of a place, it just needs to be in the right spot.. Ask yourself what is the mood you want to organize? The lights are used to highlight the different or most important parts of the room. Another thing that may help you with the lighting is the use of mirrors, since they are a great way to repel light around and give the feeling of a bigger room.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Another thing that can be done to change the feeling of a room is to keep it clean and minimalistic. Et ride of the unnecessary stuff. Less is more, and a crowded place don’t invite light in and is hard to move and find things. The sofa also doesn't always need to sit against the walls. It creates a way more cozy and empty space. A Minimalist Home is consider less stressful, easier to clean and more appealing. You can also choose the furniture with legs so you create an illusion of a bigger space.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Mix patterns in your house it will make you modern, no matter the season. If you want to use floral patterns use the white backgrounds to keep them harmonious. Different patterns with different colors or even a more bright color in the middle of soft ones can give a bust of energy in your home while keeping it cozy and warm. Use plain pillows or cushions to break the patterns from time to time and a bright or soft color to break the arrangement too.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Hang a photos anywhere in your house and with any design. You can use identical frames, and hang in a tight grid or a long line, since you can’t go wrong if you stick to a geometric arrangement. Or put them in different frames of different sides and create a fluid design with them. In this sense you can also do a fake a Headboard in your bed. It is an easy project, you need to buy the ready sticker for the bed frame or do it yourself with paint or different stickers.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Use carpets to bring warmth and comfort to your house. They can be used to limit the ambient and help to position the furniture. Go crazy with the shape, now we have so many different shapes of mats that we can put them in any place of the house, however remember that more traditional decoration ask for a more traditional shape and the position of your whole dĂŠcor will be based on it. The simple rule to make the carpet be one with your decoration is to match it with the pillows or curtain.

QUICK AND EASY HOME DECORATING IDEAS Utilize your space. Better than have a house full of little things all over the place, create shelves and armoires in every empty space. If you have a staircase why not create a place down to it to put the things that otherwise would be around the house or that don’t have a definitive space to be kept. Use the furniture that have double duty to save space, like a little wardrobe with a mirror or a clock. That are so many new and double duty furniture now a days, that clean space in your house won’t be a problem

Amira Ismail Gewaifel interior designing tips  
Amira Ismail Gewaifel interior designing tips  

Quick and easy home decorating ideas Interior design is the art of improving the interior of a place, looking for a healthier and more aesth...