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Amir H. Arabkheradmand Innovation Strategist To facilitate the interaction between design and business through the creation of meaningful customer experiences. • 312 810 8043



Yahoo! Inc. 2011(Summer) Intern - 2012 (ongoing) Strategy Consultant

2012 Master of Design 2012 Master of Business Administration

Introducing Value Centric Design Method • Developed generative frameworks in order to create new and

improve existing offerings by creating “meaningful value” for customers. • Refining frameworks to make them specific to Yahoo!’s internal design process and create actionable procedures for design team.

Arapi Sys. Co. 2007 - 2009 Cofounder and Director Enhancing aviation industry capabilities • Planned airport network system based on cross-industry best

practices. • Designed and established the new airport certificate programs for various countries in the Middle East. • Conducted research to identify major delay causes in hub airports and developed solutions to minimize them.

Design Core 2004 - 2007 Director Stimulating change and managing growth • Planned strategy road map for company’s growth. • Coordinated an international EPC housing project among

architecture, engineering, and construction teams that emphasized role of company. • Planned and designed individual architecture projects.

Projects Chicago Bar Foundation Non for Profit Legal Help Organizer Adjust court system to better accommodate Pro-Se Litigants • Designing a start center to assist and support pro-se litigants

by providing intensive legal advice leading toward an explicit experience.

[Confidential] Fortune 500 Manufacturing-Retail-Operation Supplier Empower customer support to deploy expertise to the point-of-need • Studied existing customer needs and relationship channels in

addition to understanding company’s value chain. • Designed a mobile device application as an integrated customer interaction solution to administer technical support.

CodeAcademy Mentor-based ROR Programming Training Courses Scenario planning for the future of coding classes • Strategized growth for a successful startup Ruby-on-Rails teaching

course using scenario planning method than led to actionable plan.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Charity Organization Making thrift stores relevant to the mainstream market • Analyzed various sets of insights from user and industry studies. • Created and evaluated service concepts to grow the Salvation Army

customer base by improving stakeholder experiences.

IIT Institute of Design IIT Stuart School of Business

2008 Master of Architecture IAU School of Art & Architecture

Skills Primary Consumer Research Insight Analysis Concept Development and Evaluation Rapid Ideation and Prototyping Storytelling Decision Making Models Agent Based Modeling Market and Financial Analysis Cross-functional team collaboration Conducting innovation workshops Fostering a culture of creativity

Software Adobe CS4: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator SPSS MS Office; Access, Project Auto CAD

Activities IIT Design Strategy Conference 2011 • Reception team IIT Design Research Conference 2011 • Marketing team 2010 • Web site content manager IIT Executive Education Summer Course 2010 • Research associate Problem Framing, Decision Making Courses 2010 - 2011 • Teaching Assistant

Misc. M.A. Architecture and Urban Design Quarterly 2002 - 2009 • Member of board of editors Photography • 3 International Exhibitions Traveled to 21 Countries • 25 States in the USA


IIT Institute of Design :: Spring 2012

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