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Department of Fine & Performing Arts Bowie State Univeristy 14000 Jericho Park Road Bowie MD, 20715

Clayton Lang: Director, Galleries of Art E. Clark Mester: Guest Curator, Professor of Fine Arts Joseph Mills: Photography & Program Production Michael A. Wilder: Typesetting & Program Production

“Dr. Craig in his Scuplture Garden”

Dr. Randall J. Craig, Sculptor


September 10 - 30, 2009

Gallery Hours

Amos White, IV Gallery of Art

Opening Reception: September 24, 2009 5:00PM - 7:30PM

Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

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Thursday: 10:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 7:00pm

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Bowie State University

Selected Bibliography Degrees * Ph.D Art Education, University of Maryland, 1973 * M.F.A. Painting and Sculpture,Tyler School of Art, Temple University, 1963 * B.S. Art Education, Morgan State University, 1955

Additional Formal Training * African Art, Music, Literature, University of Ghana, 1969 “Artists Parents”

Commissions Honors

Introduction The Department of Fine & Performing Arts of Bowie State University proudly presents the artwork of “Randall J. Craig, Sculptor”. Dr. Craig is a native Marylander, born and raised in Baltimore. He graduate from Fredrick Douglass Senior High School, the same high school that also graduate such as Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Danial Comegys, Clarence Mitchell Jr., Cab Calloway, Anne Brown, Dru Hill, Kweisi Mfume, Parren Mitchell, Pete Rawlings, Chick Webb, and Juanita Jackson Mitchell, to name but a few. After high school, Dr. Craig attended and graduated with honors from Morgan State College. He then continued his education, recieving an M.F.A from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland, College Park. Throughout the years, Dr. Craig always maintained an artist’s studio which allowed his artistic production to continue forward. Dr. Craig’s work experience included being Supervisor of Art for the Philadelphia School System, and being an art professor at Rutgers University, Morgan State University, and the University of Maryland, College Park, where he concluded his teaching career.

* Sculpture Portrait of Dr. James Forrest for new H.S. in St. Mary’s County Md. * Sculpture of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Howard University School of Law. * Conshohocken Art League First Award for Sculpture, Philadelphia PA. * Commercial Museum Civic Center Award for Sculpture, Philadelphia PA.

Dr. Craig is in the company of a small, but elite group of artists still living and creating in the United States. Dr. Craig’s work not only speaks to realism, but also to one’s soul when looking at social issues. His portraits capture the “real” person, while his social commentary makes the viewer “feel” the rape of humanity because of inequities, both past and present, that still plaque our world. I hope you enjoy this major art exhibition which allows access to the many facets of Dr. Randall J. Craig.

E. Clark Mester Guest Curator

“Boys of the Sahel”

Art Works in Show 1. “Woman of Malata”, Fiberglass & Resin 2. “Collision Course”, Mixed Media 3. “Woman with Wine Glass”, Plaster 4. “Gladiators II” Fiberglass & Resin on Wood 5. “Mate in Two Moves”, Mixed Media 6. “Artists Parents”, Fiberglass & Resine on Wood 7. “Portrait of Fern”, Hydrocal 8. “Boys of the Sahel”, Mixed Media 9. “Portrait of Caren”, Fiberglass & Resin 10. “Portrait of Tina”, Fiberglass & Resin 11. “Multiple Self Portraits”, Fiberglass & Resin 12. “Woman In Red Drapery”, Plaster 13. “Black is Black”, Fiberglass & Resin 14. “Portrait of Pat”, Fiberglass & Resin 15. “U.S. Justice System”, Fiberglass & Resin 16. “And I Will Follow”, Fiberglass & Resin

“Dr. Craig in his Study”

17. “Portrait of Michael”, Fiberglass & Resin 18. “Harry Lore”, Fiberglass & Resin

Artists Statement

19. “Woman With Wine Glass”, Fiberglass & Resin

African-American artists have not only made important contributions to the cultural life of America, they have also given vitality and considerable direction to the arts in their handling of the various forms, themes, processes, and materials. In fact, the rapid and far-reaching achievements made by African American artists, who developed from the most oppresive beginnings, are one of the great American stories.

20. “Wisemen at Their End”, Hydrocal 21. “Portrait of Dr. Adkins”, Plaster 22. “Two Woman”, Fiberglass & Resin 23. “Portrait of Joy”, Plaster 24. “Venus”, Fiberglass & Resin 25. “Les Recidivists”, Plaster 26. “Gymnasts”, Plaster, Mixed Media 27. “Portrait of Randall Jr.”, Plaster, Mixed Media

Randall J. Craig

27. “Woman in Green Blouse”, Fiberglass & Resin 28. “Woman in blue with Wine Glass ”, Fiberglass & Resin 29. “La Folle 2 Lier”, Hydrocal

“Portrait of Fern”

“Mate in Two Moves”

Welcome from the Director As an artist Dr. Craig has worked as a painter and sculptor but gained the most notoriety as a sculptor. His works can be found on the grounds of the University of Maryland at College Park among others. His subjects have included Fredrick Douglass, Malcolm X, and Patrice Lumumba. His interpretations of Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall adorn the campuses of Howard University and our own Bowie State University. Other subjects reflect the genre of everyday people.

“Black is Black”

“I am still working to learn my craft.” Randall J. Craig

Dr. Craig’s style is based on realism in the tradition of the academy. His works echo a spirituality that is timeless. His keen observations of scale, proportion and texture imbue his works with remarkable mimesis. Gallery visitors often have to take a second look when viewing Craig’s work due to their lifelike quality. The varied treatment of his surfaces recalls the works of Rodin and Bernini, sometimes raw and at other times smooth and refined. Craig has mastered the media of modeling and casting by all standards but his quick to say that he is “Still learning his craft.” In addition to the traditional media of plaster and bronze, Craig has experimented extensively with more contemporary materials such as fiberglass and hydrocal giving contemporary interpretation to the human figure. His work provides an enriching and inspiring vision that celebrates the essence of the human form and the human condition.

Clayton Lang Asst. Professor of Art, Gallery Director

Dr Randall J. Craig, Scultptor  

This is the brochure design for the art exhibition of Dr Randall J Craig, Sculptor. He visited Bowie State University in the month of Setpem...