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Offensive rookie of the year: rgiii Northern Iowa’s Gifted Scorer: Anthony James March madness: 10 tips for making the perfect bracket


By Alex Miller


ear Sports Weekly Readers, I think we all know this first issue could be a bust, but just like Jamarcus Russel you have to give everyone a chance. With that in mind, we here at Sports Weekly plan to give you the deepest insight into the ever-changing world of sports. Ranging from some- Editor-In-Chief: Alex Miller thing as bizarre as Aaron Rodgers’ ( mustache extravaganza to who you should pick in your work’s March Madness Pool (just a heads up, it’s not Connecticut), we’re here to provide every element of knowledge we have about sports. I hope whatever all of your heart’s deepest desires are can be fulfilled in this first issue. If not, then send us your thoughts and we’ll be sure to make the second issue 100% full of user suggestions (unless it’s an entire issue about Mike Tyson, c’mon guys). Well, that’s just about all I have to say. I hope everyone enjoys Sports Weekly’s first ever issue. Now get after it! Sincerely, Alex Miller 2

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10 Tips on making the perfect bracket 1. Don’t be afraid to pick 6. Shaka Smart & Brad Stevens. Over the past few years, Virginia ComMid-Majors to go deep. With two No. 15 seeds beating No. 2 seeds in 2012, watch out for history repeating itself.

monwealth and Butler have dismantled many brackets. Take them past week one.

7. Ryan Kelly. 2. Bet big.

Power conferences like the Big East, Big Ten & Big 12 always make a run.

3. Tom Izzo.

Yea, Tom Izzo is a reason. He always puts teams in the Final Four and who’s to say he doesn’t do it again?

4. Liberty is going to crack.

We all want to pick this year’s Cinderella, but that team isn’t the 15-20 Flames. Just like the 20-loss Coppin State Eagles in 2008, the Flames are headed for an early exit.

5. Syracuse? Syra-who?

Once again, another man is a reason for you to take a team deep, and that team just happens to be the Duke Blue Devils. Kelly’s 36-point game against Miami and Duke’s 18-0 record with him might just be enough to get Krzyzewski another banner.

8. St. Louis will make a run.

Prior to the A-10 Tournament, the Billikens defeated bubble-bound La Salle by 24. They’ve also notched key wins over Butler, VCU and New Mexico. Watch out for the ghost of Rick Majerus to guide St. Louis on an adventure.

9. Trust your insticts.

As cliche as it may sound, rankings don’t justify the madness.

Losing four of their last five before the Big East Tournament, including a 22-point 10. Don’t pick a 16-seed. blowout against Georgetown, the Orange It’s bound to happen sometime, but this might be sent home the first weekend. isn’t the year for an upset that big.


Heart of a Champion



ifth-year senior, Anthony James, has done more than just help the University of Northern Iowa beat the No. 1 overall seed Kansas in the NCAA Tournament in 2009, James also hit the game-winning shot last season to help the Panthers knock off then-No. 13 Creighton in historic fashion. Looking back at it all, there isn’t one thing the James regrets in his five years as a Panther. “These five years have flown by so quickly,” said James with a smile on his face. Yet, if there was one life lesson James carried with him through these past five years it’s never take a day off. “The hard work and dedication you have to bring every single day is what I’ve gotten the most out of these five years. You can’t take any days off because nobody else is.” By avoiding the negligence that comes around every so often with players of innate talent who have no desire to work hard at their craft, James has been able to develop a level of clutch a Northern Iowa player hasn’t had since the glory days of Ali Farokhmanesh.

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Oh, the glory day of Ali Farokhmanesh. How could any true fan of a constantly snow-ridden campus in Cedar Falls, Iowa forget about Farokhmanesh’s incredible shot in 2010 that sent No. 1 overall seeded Kansas packing? It’s just impossible to forget that moment; it’s gone down as one of the most impressive wins in the history of the NCAA Tournament. It’s also the farthest UNI has made it in postseason play in the history of the program’s existence. When asked about that game, James didn’t hesitate to speak his mind of the momentous game. “Most people call it an upset, but our team never felt that way because every night we play we believe that we’re going to win. We weren’t shocked, but the world was,” and that’s all that really matters. Despite only playing two minutes in the matchup, James will never forget that game. Albeit, the Panthers were riding a high into the Sweet 16, UNI was eventually knocked out of the tournament by Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans, 52-59. After a few seasons came and gone, the Panthers couldn’t quite assemble a team just like that of the 2009 Dream Team. Yet, when 2012 rolled around, UNI laced up their sneakers, ran onto the court and stunned No. 13 ranked Creighton. In the eyes of Creighton fans as of February 4th, 2012, the final four seconds may have been a blur, but for Anthony James it was the moment to prove his worth. As the clock dwindled down, Antoine Young knocked in a big three to put Creighton level with the Panthers, but with only 4.6 seconds on the clock, overtime almost seemed inevitable. Staring up at the clock, James caught the inbound, quickly dribbled up the court, stopped at the top of the key, and with one quick step back and fade the ball was released. Watching as the McLeod Center grew quiet for a brief second, the ball found its way into the net and the crowd erupted; fans storming the court. 9

“I knew we still had some time to come down and get a decent shot off. Jake Koch passed me the ball and I saw a little opening, so I took just enough dribbles to get close to the basket and I knew I was going to at least get an attempt off, and I saw Doug [McDermott] there and I just had just stepped back and elevated and the shot went down,” said James of the buzzer-beating dagger. Down it did; along with the student section that stormed the court to praise their newfound hero. When asked about the greatest shot of his collegiate career, James eagerly said, “That was a huge shot and to see my teammates and the crowd rush the court like that was a dream come true. I’ve always daydreamed about hitting a game-winning shot of that magnitude and just to be able to accomplish that it was huge.”

Aside from the Sweet 16 appearance as well as the game-winning three pointer against Creighton, when it comes to putting the team on his back and leading them to redemption, James does it better than anyone else. With two straight Honorable Mention All-Missouri Valley Conference Teams and a Second Team All-Conference under his belt along with being nominated as the captain of the 2010-11 All-Missouri Valley Bench Team, James knows a thing or two about leadership.

Following an 18-13 season along with a 11-7 record in Missouri Valley Conference play, the University of Northern Iowa Panthers have had a tough year. With a few games refusing to sway their way in the final seconds, James has been able to keep his head up whilst shrugging off any debate of a disappointing season. James claims that he’s just trying “to make sure the guys are all on the same page and have one focus in mind and that is to getting better every single day.” Whether it be better shot selection, tougher defense or even a stronger gameday mentality, James pushes all of his teammates to be the best they can be. “I’m just trying to leave the younger guys something to build on that will one day make them become better men in life and not just for basketball,” said James about the impact he feels he’s had on his teammates. By pushing everyone to better themselves off and on the court, James has undoubtedly proven himself as an elite member of the UNI basketball team. With five years of Division I college basketball experience, James has managed to get himself into the school record books. With a career three point percentage 40.5 percent, James currently sits in seventh place in the Panther record books according to Going off that, James has also managed to become one of the Top 50 all-time leading scorers at Northern Iowa. With 1,224 career points prior to the 201213 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament in St. Louis, James ranks 16th in the Panther history books just ahead of former teammate and 2009-10 Lowe’s Senior Class Award nominee Adam Koch. Nonetheless, with the season still in full bloom, James is looking to bolster is already prominent resume.

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Averaging 12.6 points per game this season, James isn’t necessarily having the greatest season of all-time, but it’s the little things that define his tenure as a Panther. With constant work in the offseason to improve his game, James pushes himself to the limits. After playing seven minutes against Marquette in his freshman year, James got sick and sat out the remainder of the 2008-09 season with mono. However, he applied for a medical hardship after that and was granted an extra year of eligibility by the NCAA. Thus, the reason why James is still a Panther to this day. Nevertheless, James quickly pushed aside the illness that took him out of his first year at UNI and has been one of the Panthers’ essential components ever since. Aside from his past, James has a very unique approach to prepare for big games. He likes to play a game of NBA 2K12 with the Miami Heat because, “it gives me confidence in a way and makes me perform at a very high level night in and night out,” said James. For the record, the Miami Heat have three of the most elite players in the NBA, which is a dream James has had since he picked up a basketball. “After college I have very big dreams and goals that I still want to accomplish. First by making sure that I graduate and have my degree and also to continue playing basketball professionally.” Being a Family Services major who recently graduated, James plans to work with young teens who are having trouble with gang violence in the community. He also plans on having his own agency some day back in Saint Louis, possibly a Boys and Girls club that helps “the youth get off the streets and spend their time more constructively.” According to James, he wants to open up a Boys and Girls Club simply because, “I want to be able to help the kids do right in school and try to keep them off the streets as much as I can and give them hope and help them on their people skills and also help them achieve those goals we know all kids have.” Being a kid in the past and one still at heart, James undoubtedly has the heart of a champion.

Coming to a city near you this summer!



2012: A Year in Sports


There can only be one


Greatest Moments in Sports History

Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points to surpass his own previous record of 73 on March 2nd, 1962.


1970’s Then-known as Cassius Clay defeats former heavyweight champion of the world, Sonny Liston, in 1964.

With a desperate heave to John Fuqua, Steelers’ QB Terry Bradshaw’s errant pass deflected right into Franco Harris’ hands as he ran it in for the game-winning score in a 1972 playoff game.

1980’s Battling a team that had previously defeated them, 10-3, the U.S. hockey team defeated the internationally-dominant Soviets, 4-3, in 1980 that has come to be known as the miracle on ice.

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With an airball falling into Lorenzo Charles’ hands for the game-winning dunk, Jim Valvano’s NC State Wolfpack upset favorites, Houston, in 1983.



21-year-old Tiger Woods dominated the field with a 12-stroke win in the 1997 Masters -- making him the youngest to win at Augusta.

With the clock dwindling down, Michael Jordan hit a crossover jump shot from the free throw line to clinch his six championship as a member of the Chicago Bulls in 1998.

2000’s Trailing world record holder Alain Bernard with 50 meters left, 32-year-old Jason Lezak closed the gap to secure Michael Phelps’ record eighth gold medal in 2008.


It’s more than just an explosion

It’s a supernova





hether he be shaking off defenders with his elusive skillset or rendering defensive backs helpless with his cannon of an arm, Robert Griffin III undoubtedly proved his worth this season for Mike Shanahan. Managing to receive Offensive Rookie of the Year honors while recovering from knee surgery, RGIII silenced the critics with a dominant rookie campaign for the Redskins.

Throwing for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns and only five picks, RGIII backed up his 2011 Heisman trophy with an incredible season. Tallying 815 rushing yards and seven touchdowns on the ground couldn’t help his case anymore either. With one year in the books ending in a playoff appearance that resulted in a torn LCL, RGIII poured his heart and soul out for the Redskins. I guess you could call him Superman. 24



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