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The Edinburgh Festival

Why Edinburgh?

• Childhood and university memories • Everyone knows about London!

Scotland’s capital • The geography • Statistics • Why the festival is famous

• 17th - 28th June • Britain´s best-loved film festival • The start of the summer festivals in Edinburgh

Outside showings


The Blues and Jazz Festival

The festival celebrates international jazz musicians and new Scottish talent with big shows and parades

The Art Festival

• To mark the end of the festival season • Largest visual arts festival • Sculptures and free exhibitions are everywhere during September

The Military Tattoo

The Peace Festival • 9th – 31st August • Peace and harmony within the communities in Edinburgh • The International Food Fair

The Book Festival • Outside book market in Charlotte’s Square • Celebration of Scottish and International authors

The • My favourite festival! • The Number 1 tourist attraction in Great Britain • Established in 1947 • In 2008, there were 2088 shows and 31,320 performances


The performers…

•A festival of comedy, theatre, dance, music, and exhibitions •Anyone can perform, you just need the confidence to do it!

The scary performers‌

Street theatre

The incredible performers‌

Why go in summer?

Princes Street Gardens

Why go in summer?

The “End of Festival Party” and fireworks!

Edinburgh has a beach!

OK, this is really Edinburgh’s beach…

IF you’re lucky and it’s nice weather…

Arthur’s Seat

AND in winter‌

Enjoy Christmas time in edinburgh

The Christmas Market

To enjoy the snow all year round‌

And if you’re feeling brave…

The Edimburgh Festival  

Presentation made by Sadie Parker,one of our Language Assistants 2009-2010 Thanks a lot. IES Auringis-JaÞen

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