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The New magazine, all this time Rochester was waiting for, the cosmic comes with a new format a new way to write things all just here in the cosmic and only for a few dollars.


In this opportunity the cosmic comes with a full close up about: the new Rochester site, all the better projects that the Rochester’s 10th grade had done in the bimester.

ARTERIOESCLEROSIS •  Arteriosclerosis refers  to  a   thickening  and  hardening  of   arteries.  Arteriosclerosis  is  a   general  term  describing  any   hardening  and  loss  of  elas6city   of  medium  or  large  arteries.  It   should  not  be  confused  with   "atherosclerosis,"  which  is  a   specific  form  of  arteriosclerosis   caused  by  the  build  up  of  fa>y   plaques  in  the  artery.   Arteriosclerosis  has  also  been   called  "myocondi6s,"  but  this   term  is  no  longer  in  general   use.  

Arteriosclerosis obliterans  is  typically   seen  in  medium  and  large  arteries  of  the   lower  extremity.  Characterized  by   fibrosis  of  the  in6ma  and  calcifica6on  of   the  media.  The  lumen  of  the  vessel  may   be  obliterated  or  markedly  narrowed.   Medial  calcific  sclerosis  is  seen  mostly  in   the  elderly,  commonly  in  arteries  of  the   extremi6es.  Characterized  by   calcifica6on  of  the  Tunica  media  but   without  thickening  of  the  in6ma  or   narrowing  of  the  vessel  lumen.  A  similar   form  of  an  intramural  calcifica6on,   presen6ng  the  picture  of  an  early  phase   of  arteriosclerosis,  appears  to  be  induced   by  a  number  of  drugs  that  have  an   an6prolifera6ve  mechanism  of  ac6on.  

TV NEWS •  Did you  know  that  the  news  has   changed  the  ways  of  people  to  see   things?  Well  this  is  due  because   nowadays  we  are  able  to  play  with   the  different  elements    that  we   have  at  our  reach  nowadays,  like   the  video  elements,  thanks  to  this   feature  item  the  importance,  or   the  amount  of  people  that  get  the   news  is  higher,  even  the  children   because  they  have  a  kind  of  special   or  different  type  of  reports  in  a   format  in  which  it  is  easier  or  more   likely  in  which  teenagers  and  very   young  people  like  to  see  TV  news,     because  in  the  TV  the  news  can  be   interac6ve  with  the  user  making  it   to  like  it  more  for  the  people.    

In order  for  you  to  know  and  understand   why  the  news,  our  news  that  we  did  are   so  important,  you’ll  need  to  understand   the  following:  we  talk  about  different   topics  that  are  like  for  the  user  to  see,   hear  and  get  informa6on  of.       In  our  cast  news  team  project  there  was   three  members  of  the  classroom,  which   where:  Felipe  Fajardo,  Juan  Sebas6an   Cardona,  and  myself.  In  this  news  we   interview  several  people  for  the  different   categories  in  which  we  needed  to  cover  in   this  project,  such  as:  poli6cs,  interna6onal   news,  na6onal  news,  economics,  sports,   and  the  area  of  shows  and  dance  and   things  like  that.    

Publicity The new earpodes are made for people like you just odder your earpodes pair to tlis number 69 1000 29 and you will get this earpodes with an extra pairs for you children’s.


Rochester school,  is  a  school  in  which  I   study  and  I  am  very  grateful  at  it   because  it  teach  us  many  things   throughout  the  years  you  are  in  it,   RMUN  is  one  of  the  many  events  of  the   Rochester  school,  which  help  you  to   take  out  all  the  shame  you  could  have   or  not,  this  event  the   RMUN(  Rochester’s  Model  of  the   United  Na6ons)  it’s  pre>y  good,   because  it  starts  from  the  eighth  grade   un6l  eleventh  grade  if  you  want  to,  I   must  say  that  I  didn’t  like  this  event,   because  I  felt  shame  or  embarrassed  at   the  moment  of  speaking,  but  that  was   before,  nowadays  in  the  RMUN  XI,  that   just  went  through,  I  think  that  it  is  the   best  event  of  this  I’ve  could  be  in  to,   because  there  was  also  a  variable  that   changed  this  year    

I an  older  and  now  I  don’t  feel  embarrassed   when  the  6me  to  speak  comes,  because  I   proved  myself  in  this  event  that  I  have  a  very   big  step  talked  since  I  started  with  this  process,   because  this  process  starts  from  the  seventh   grade,  you  start  with  a  minimum,  which  is  a   mini  model  of  the  united  na6ons,  this  is  just  for   a  kind  warming  before  you  are  in  eight  grade,   because  it  is  in  eight  grade  when  you  start  with   diverse  schools  all  over  the  country:  Colombia.   For  you  to  understand  why  is  this  made  in  the   school  you  need  to  recognize  that  many   children  are  very  afraid  of  that  what  they  say  is   wrong  and  could  make  fun  of  them?  This  is  an   event  in  which  kids  are  cheered  to  show  off,  I   express:  to  show  how  they  can  manage  a   subject  in  specific  taking  into  account  the   commi>ee  that  they  select  to  be  in.    


In economy  class  we  had  a  subject  to   work  on,  the  companies,  everything   about  them,  ethical  issues,   investments,  etc.  And  this  is  what  we   got  to  with  my  partner.   Our  business  model  creates  a  self-­‐ sustaining  cycle  of  reinvestment  that   drives  con6nuous  improvement  in   vehicle  design,  manufacturing   discipline,  brand  strength,  pricing  and   margins.    As  a  result,  we  have   posi6oned  the  Company  to  be   profitable  throughout  various  business   cycles.    We  also  have  aligned  our   sustainability  model  with  our  business   model  to  encourage  integra6on   between  the  two  and  to  support  a   similar  cycle  of  sustainable   reinvestment.    

We will  do  this  by:  Design:  Leading  in  the   research  and  development  of  advanced   technologies  to  help  reduce  petroleum   dependency,  improve  fuel  economy,  and   reduce  emissions.  Build:  Maximizing  the   benefits  of  opera6ng  our  facili6es  in  an   environmentally  and  socially  responsible   manner.  Sell:  Offering  sustainable  vehicle   choices  to  customers  that  meet  their  diverse   needs.  Reinvest:  Pu\ng  our  financial  strength   to  work  to  ensure  the  economic  viability  of  our   company,  to  be  the  employer  of  choice  for  our   workforce,  and  to  enhance  the  quality  of  life  in   our  communi6es.    


Lessons to twins your tongue like a professional circus actor with the special help of the magic miguelliny


No, is  the  only  one  chooses  to  believe   in  a  magical  world,  making  it  the  only   one  that  you  choose  to  view  the   magical  world,  because  magic  is   something  or  someone  which  always   surrounds  us,  only  that  we  believe  in   the  magic  of  another  name,  illusions,   that  are  not  real,  magic  is  real,  just  as   the  film  is  men6oned,  you  just  have  to   know  where  to  look,  because  not   everyone  is  willing  to  see  if  there  are   more  lakes  in  this  world  because  of  the   convenience  of  the  reality  that  we  may   have.  People  see  what  they  want  to   see,  if  you  want  to  see  the  magic  of   the  world  never  see,  and  but  if  you   want  to  see  happen.  What  evidence  is   there  in  the  plot  of  the  movie  about   the  wearing  world  does  exist?    

The door  Ofelia  draws  chalk  to  escape  when   the  maid  returns  to  look  and  see  who  has   painted  the  door  to  escape  the  guard  or   military,  chalk  the  faun  gave,  as  the  puta6ve   father  destroys  the  same,  the  mandrake  that   was  under  the  bed  of  the  breast,  the  fairy  of   the  principle  that  the  top  of  the  rock,  which  is   one  that  indicates  that  magical  world  where   Ofelia  Fairy  is  coming  to  Mt.  

HUMAN PLANKS •  The lever,  one  of  the  big   five  simple  machines  of   an6quity,  has  been  and   remains  a  core  component   of  our  mechanical  devices,   allowing  us  to  save  plenty   of  effort  into  daily  tasks.   The  levers  we  get  what  we   call  a  mechanical   advantage,  either   mul6plying  our  strength,   increasing  movement  speed   or  increasing  our  accuracy.  

A lever  is  a  bar  that  is  in  the  ideal  case   of  negligible  mass,  and  holding  onto  a   support  (also  called  a  fulcrum).  To   exert  a  force  on  one  point  of  the  lever,   it  is  transmi>ed  through  it,  receiving   modified  at  another  point.  This  force   transmi>ed  and  modified  by  the  lever   is  used  to  overcome  resistance.   Depending  on  the  posi6on  of  the   fulcrum,  the  point  of  applica6on  of  the   force  and  the  point  at  which  the   resistance  is  overcome,  there  are  three   types  of  levers.  


This new book called the reverse train will help you to understand the mystic and the wearness of life

Basketball Training   • 

physical preparedness  gives  the  player   and  the  team  energy  and  vitality   needed  to  perform  the  func6ons   required  techniques  and  tac6cs  for   basketball.  Physical  condi6oning  is   primarily  directed  to  the  development   of  two  systems:  the  musculoskeletal   system  and  the  cardiovascular  system   balance  between  the  central  nervous   system,  the  soma6c  and  vegeta6ve.   Since  basketball  is  characterized  by  a   set  of  acyclic  type  with  discon6nuous   ac6ons  and  efforts,  addresses  the   physical  prepara6on  in  the  sense  that   the  work  under  that  condi6on  athlete,   training  mainly  of  repe66ons  that   provide  resistance  to  the  required   speed.  

The speed  endurance  is  achieved  based  on   anaerobic  exercises  maximum  stress   resistance  in  as  long  as  possible.  Player  is   refurbished  to  achieve  energy  recovery   between  the  period  of  work  and  rest.   The  element  of  force  working  primarily   based  isometrics  tension  but  no  movement   or  isotonic  same  voltage  but  with   movement.  Using  the  medicine  ball  training   is  valuable  for  the  development  of  force.   The  skill  and  coordina6on  will  work  with   basic  gymnas6cs  rou6nes  and  gymnas6cs   with  apparatus  

3rd Bim magazine  

Inglish class Rochester school 10thC Miguel Gonzalez

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