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The VSLA Pigs for Capital Growth and Food Security Project Acknowledgements Above all, I must thank the Kasaali and Kyotera clusters for being so gracious as to welcome me into their communities during these past months. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Kasaali and Kyotera, as well as the staff of the Southern Regional Office of the Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) to bring this project to life. The project could not have moved forward without the direction of Mr. Musinguzi Robert, the Regional Manager, and of Mr. Bagandanswa George, the Accountant. Thank you, especially, to Mr. Kato Joseph Yiga the Former Lead Community Based Trainer (CBT) for his invaluable efforts, among which were helping me to communicate with the communities, transporting me as well as the pigs, and helping to develop and administer the training for the project, and to Mr. Lubega Godfrey for his efforts to locate the pigs for the project and aid in the trainig process. I would like to thank all of the donors to the project for their support and generosity, in particular Ms. Alexandra Mislin and Ms. Gwynyth Mislin who greatly contributed to the project, and Dr. Noel D. Johnson, who contributed both funding and valuable advice on the project design. I would also like to thank Ms. Mago Anita, Ms. Tindyebwa Judith, and Mr. Edward Morgan, for their guidance and support during the project’s development and implementation. About the Project The goal of this project is to provide a feasible and sustainable VSLA-based pig payback program that will increase the capital base of the VSLAs and provide sustainable food security for VSLA members, as well as an incentive for VSLAs to build relationships with other VSLAs within their respective clusters as well as with other clusters. The project was developed during my internship with UWESO, beginning on 23 June, 2008. Implementation began on 13 August 2008 with training on the project and pig delivery in Kasaali and training on the project in Kyotera. Pigs were delivered in Kyotera on 20 August 2008. Recommendations It is our hope that the project will, through its payback system, spread throughout both the Kasaali and Kyotera clusters and, with time and the help of cluster leaders in Kasaali and Kyotera, to the Kyakonda and Kifukamiza clusters once all VSLAs in Kasaali and Kyotera have received pigs and training on the project. We also hope that the VSLAs will be able to make use of the forms in this book to make reports on the project so that they themselves may be able to monitor and evaluate its progress throughout its existence. Kind Regards, Amie Thi Vuong

Intro Page to Training Book - Kasaali and Kyotera  

A training and record keeping booklet was given to each of the VSLAs of Kasaali and Kyotera with acknowledgements, recommendations, details...

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