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Walgreens Web Pickup Cart Assembly Instructions Front Bin

Top Insert Divider

4500-88 The top insert organizer can be subdivided into four color coded areas. The hanging front bin provides additional storage space. Parts Included: -8 Screws 15/8�

-Front Bin (Assembled) -End Panels w/ Notches -2 Long Side Panels w/ Slat Cutouts -3 Slat Dividers

Tool Needed: -Philips Head Screwdriver

Front Bin

(Fully Assembled)

Side Panels (with Labels)

EEndd P Panels l


(Black/Yellow & Blue/Black) (Y/R, R/G & G/Blue)

Top Insert Divider Assembly fig. 1


fig. 2

Orient one long side panel with one notched end panel, as shown in fig. 1. Insert end panel tab into slot on long panel. Colored side of end panel should face inward. Insert screws through pre-drilled holes on the end of the side panel, as shown in fig. 2. Using a philips head screwdriver, attach end panel with 2 screws. Tighten each screw until head is flush with surface. Do not over tighten to avoid stripping.

2 Repeat step 1 until a complete “box� is created, as shown in fig. 3. Yellow and blue sides must be facing each other inside.

fig. 3

3 With box section complete, put into top shelf of cart, as shown in fig. 4. 4 Divider slats are simply inserted into side panel grooves to match the order in fig. 4, creating color coded areas.

fig. g. 4

Front Caddy Installment fig. 5


Front Caddy is installed by slipping mounting bracket down over front lip of cart, as shown in fig. 5.

Lit # 0083 SM

Walgreens Web Pickup Cart Assembly Instruction Sheet  

Instructions for assembling the Walgreens dividers for on the Rubbermaid cart for their potential new web pickup program.

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