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Auburn Village School Children’s Stage Adventures Permission Slip We are pleased to announce that the Children’s Stage Adventures Theater Company will be producing a Spring play sponsored by the AVS PTA. We are fortunate to be offering two shows again this year - one in October 2013 for grades 1-5 and now in March 2014 for our Kindergarteners and Middle School Students. Auditions for Androcles and the Lion will be held on Monday, March 10th from 2:30-5:00pm at AVS. Rehearsals for the week will be conducted from 2:30-5:00pm and from 5:30-7:30pm every day of the week prior to the performances. Rehearsal schedules for each role will be provided directly following auditions and attendance at all assigned rehearsals are mandatory for participation. Performances will be held on Friday, March 14th at 6:30pm and Saturday, March 15th at 11:00am. In order for your child to participate: • This form must be filled out completely (in print, please) and returned by Friday, February 21st, 2014. • Availability for and transportation to ALL rehearsals/performances from March 10th through March 15th. • Plan to attend a brief parent meeting at 4:55pm in the back entrance lobby at the conclusion of the audition. • Approximately 15 students will need to remain for a rehearsal until 7:30pm on Monday the 10th. We will be providing these students dinner courtesy of the AVS PTA. All other selected cast members will receive a copy of their rehearsal schedule at the conclusion of auditions. • Several important off-stage roles are available, including Lights Coordinator, Assistant Director, etc. If your child is interested in an off-stage role, he/she should turn in a completed form and attend the audition. • For every day of rehearsals and performances, your child will need nourishment for their rehearsals. o A snack for your child to enjoy between school dismissal and auditions. o If your child is scheduled for both rehearsals Tue-Fri, please send an evening meal.

Please send these food items with your child to school each day. We are requesting that food *not* be delivered between rehearsals due to the extremely tight timeframe of rehearsals. Please complete all information below in print and return the bottom of this form to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, February 21st, 2014.

Statement of Consent: I give ____________________________ my consent to audition, and if selected, to participate in the production. I agree to the following: • In case of emergency, I grant the supervising adults the right to authorize medical care, if none of the persons named below can be reached. • The school is not responsible for damage or loss of property personally owned by my child. • The AVS PTA may use my child’s image for the purposes of photo and video related to performances. Please note all medical conditions and/or food allergies: ______ Homeroom Teacher Name and Grade:


In Case of Emergency: PLEASE PRINT Parent/Guardian_____________________________________ Home Phone/Cell Phone Other Parent/Guardian Signature

___________Home Phone/Cell Phone Email Address:


NOTE: Depending on the medical condition of your child, a guardian’s presence may be required for rehearsals.

Children's Stage Adventures | Androcles and the Lion  
Children's Stage Adventures | Androcles and the Lion  

This is the permission slip to sign-up for auditions. Please print, complete and return to AVS front office as soon as possible. Thank you!