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The loyal disorder What made us friends Long ago. The best in me and The best in you, Complemented each other. Because they knew, That ever since their lives began Being friends or enemies was part of Life’s Destiny "I do not feel obliged to Believe that the same God Who has endowed us with sense? Reason, and intellect has Intended us to forgo their use." - Galileo Galilei "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." - Plato (427-347 B.C.)

"I do not feel obliged to Who has endowed us with sense, Reason, and intellect has Intended us to forgo their use." Galileo Galilei "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."Plato (427-347 B.C.)

A STORY NOT INLY OF ONE BUT OF MANY As we grow up, we find that those we trust will some day probably let us down Even the people that were not supposed to You will have your heart broken on many different occasions and ones heart feels the pain harder each time. Remember as your heart may have been broken, the feeling You had will be what others may feel as you may break theirs. You may argue with your best friend, or blame someone for What others have done. As time in life passes quickly you will feel the tears in your eyes, And you will lose those loved ones and those friends with in your heart. Life is meant that one should take mental photographs of the Times you laughed and loved as if time was standing still in front of you For every moment of unhappiness is a moment of happiness you have lost There lay a cloth on the Table, where beneath lay a Knife and A pistol. Then you are told you shall live and die with these weapons. This is the way you live and this will be how you will die. With a picture of patron saint in front of you it is lit and burned to ashes, while put in the palm of hands my forefinger is drawn blood. Then surrounding members kiss the new member on the cheek and welcome him into the Famiglia Once you accept the rules of membership, they lift a cloth off a table; underneath is a gun and a dagger. You are told that you now live and die with the dagger and the gun. You die that way, and you live that way. You are then given a card with a picture of a saint on it. This card is placed in the palms of your hands and lit. You shake the burning card back and forth until it is burned down to ashes. They then pinch your finger to draw blood, and then everyone gives you a kiss on the cheek and says, "You are now a member." You will die in the way that you live The front looks innocent enough while in the back room deals are being made!

From a family who’s heritage stems from an Italian village in the south of Sicily, while the elders were feuding over patches of land to make significant power gains. It was the event in one day that brought this poor family out of Italy and made its way to New York America the land of the free. Niccolo Serratella, who was named after a famous 16th-century political philosopher from Florence. The Events of that day would make Niccolo (Nick) avenge the tragic loss of so many with such and the killings that affected his family. Nick vows to those individuals responsible and in a passing business negotiation in the USA (America) he would once again meet them now a businessman he waits for all to be perfect timing for their final demise. ****************** FORWARD

Our parents carried within those ships embarking from Italy ports a cargo of hope and freedom that awaits on the horizon in the United States of America. Those immigrants, our parents, were the descendants of a noble people who, for a millennium, had nurtured, defended and ultimately passed on all that has come to be known as Western Civilization. It is important that we preserve the memory of those original immigrants who made that fateful journey and settled into Chicago’s Little Italy. It is equally important that that we preserve the memories of their first generation offspring, those who were born and raised in this subculture area called Little Italy. The story of our people’s successes and failures

cannot be fully appreciated without the knowledge and understanding of the subculture that had been created for those immigrants and their offspring by the major society into which they were cast. Those first generation Italian Americans, nurtured through the Great Depression and the Great War by their immigrant parents, reshaped and redefined that subculture, enabling future generations of Italian Americans to claim their share of the American dream and eventually to earn a place in the executive suites of corporate America.

We will leave it for future generations to examine and explain that subculture that had evolved for us. For now, we will simply attempt to describe it. Much of that subculture was ordained for us by the larger society via the movies, radio, television, etc. We will leave it for a future generation to examine and explain why Alistair Cook, in a major TV presentation called, “America, the Immigrant,” selected Alphonse Capone as representative of the contributions made by the Italian Immigrant…and why the likes of Enrico Fermi were not selected as representative of the contributions made by our people. Pressing further, they may even demand an explanation as to why George “Bugs” Moran, the Guzenberg brothers, Meyer Nick, Dion O’Banion, the Leopolds and Loebs, and a host of other nefarious characters were not

pulled from the Immigration Files in Washington, D.C., by Alistar Cook, as representative of the contributions made by their ethnic groups. We will leave it for another time and another place to explain the impact this form of psychological genocide had upon the residents of our Little Italy and all of the Little Italys throughout America.…another time and another place to explain how the media had programmed the larger society to think of us as a people. (Many Italian Americans, refusing to remain servants to the American Dream, were forced to castrate the vowel from the end of their names in order to become participants in that Dream.)

We will leave these and other issues for our children and the fullness of time to address. We will also leave it for a future generation to document the journey of the survivors (the children) of this mediainduced plague (psychological holocaust is a label more frequently used by those more astute in the development of human behavior). For now, let us memorialize this phenomenon of a generation and a people who excelled in virtually everything that the larger society had ordained for them—from digging sewers to enterprises in which only the most talented and courageous could excel. For now, let us simply capture, for posterity, the building matter of a “Once Upon a Time” trilogy—a trilogy that must eventually culminate with our children, our posterity, gaining

admittance to and excelling in the executive suites. For now, let us capture, for posterity, a place in time…and its people! And may this Loyal Disorder forever be a part of Questa e Cosa Nostra! Historical Fiction The Way It Ought To Be! The Loyal Disorder by Andrew P. Guzaldo

****************** CHAPTER 1 And so it began eight years of torment and frustration, shunned by the new regime because of loyalty to the once before. He was asked to do things that were beyond his ethics. Once brought in by the famous, this made him an outcast from the people he admired and worked for all of his life. Now they had come to him because they knew that if it could be done, Nick was the one to do it. He related his information to the main office through the crafty woman known by all as “Kim Shawn.” Within a matter of minutes, she was back with an answer and Nick had to decide. Well, this is what he had dreamt of for eight years and now he had a chance to prove his capacity and loyalty. On the other hand, was this a trick to finally destroy the man they feared because of his ability to make those politicians and men beside him loyal until the end? Nick had decided to go because he had a lot of unfinished business as well. He could once and for once and for all find out who it was that had “betrayed him” so many times before. He would not or could not fail. With his passport and tickets in hand, he was on his way.

The next day he arrived at the halfway point. There, he was to meet with who, he believed was his friend, Vito. Nick had passed his information to Vito, and Geraldo began to debrief him on his much dangerous mission.

He had always succeeded and now more than ever, he must succeed. (his nickname was shortened to Gutz and for a reason) and his parents came from a small town in Southern Italy. Niccolo Serratella, who was named after a famous 16th-century political philosopher from Florence. The Events of that day would make Niccolo (Nick). He came to the U.S. with his parents as a young boy. They spent some time in New York and then moved to Chicago, where he was raised in a hard neighborhood of Old Fashioned Italians. Thus, he was raised by the “Old School,� in all of its sentimental ways. When he needed to be tough, he has tougher than any one else. Nevertheless, deep inside he was understanding and wished to do things the right way. Unfortunately, his fortune always drove him to do what had to be done, sometimes doing the wrong things for the right reasons. When he was younger, he always had an interest in law. This led him to believe that when he was older he would perhaps become a lawyer. However, the turn of events in his life led him to the other side of the law. In his heart, he always had a soft spot for the underdog. He saw too many innocent people being

persecuted simply because of their nationality. Usually, their last name gave them away. Their ethnicity seemed to be the only reason they would land in jail. He experienced this in his own family. It would have been easy to just change his last name. Yet, he felt that he had to honor his ancestors. His pride in his identity prevented him from turning away. He needed to carry on the family name. When he was, twenty-one his father began to lose his eyesight. Nick had no other choice but to put his dreams aside.

It was up to him to provide for the family. So began his destiny and his never-ending bout with his conscience. By the time he was twenty-two he had been around the world many times. His so-called missions were problem fixing. Whatever or whoever did not go along with the plan needed fixing. That is exactly what he did. He was the fixer, the best they had. The old timers knew how good he was, but as younger blood entered the ranks, jealousy and betrayal lurked all too near.

****************** CHAPTER 2 Nick was given dirty jobs, the jobs no one else could ever complete. The young blood wanted to remove the threat of Nick. The idea was that in one of these missions, he would not come back. However, they did not expect what was to come; their betrayal would backfire. Nick had been sent to Europe to fix some problems, so to speak. The only thing was, there was only one way to do this, to eliminate the problem. Joe P and Enrique V were two of his best men. They accompanied him on this mission, which was to remove the problem of Pablo Cassavetes. Cassavetes was organizing a move on all of the territories that did not belong to him. He was a wealthy landowner in the eyes of the government, yet he was more than that. With his wealth, he was building a stronghold that included political influence and, slowly, all of the underground businesses. Cassavetes was a careful man. He never walked anywhere without being accompanied by at least four armed bodyguards. He would travel in two cars. He would never travel in the same car or with the same man. He trusted his people, but did not want to give anyone a pattern that could be studied. Their preparation began. In four months they had only one contact. This contact was the only one who knew what they were there for.

Everything seemed to be in line with the plan. Nick had gathered enough information about Cassavetes. Not only was Nick able to gather information like

what time he woke up in the morning, what he liked and disliked, but he was able to compile an itinerary of his daily routine. Time was short. Action had to be taken to get the plan under way. Nick tried to communicate with their contact, but, to his surprise, the contact had left the country that morning. Nick decided that all of the time preparing could not go to waste, so they immediately began the initial stages of their plan. His men separated into their various vehicles and departed for their destination, the house of Cassavetes’s mistress. Within a short time Nick and his men were picked up by the government’s secret police. It was plainly obvious that Nick and his men had been set up. Yet this setup was not so simple. Only two sources could have been the origin of the setup. There were only two other people who knew the intricate details of Nick’s plan -- of course, their contact, but more importantly, and even more complex, was Vito, a top Chicago agent. Nick and his men were taken to the interrogation area at Interpol headquarters. It was apparent that the police knew everything. Right off the bat the police knew that Nick was in charge. They did not waste time separating them all. They initially used excessive force toward Nick. Notwithstanding their

treatment of Nick, the police started interrogating the other men first. Leaving Nick for last was not a coincidence. The leader of the interrogators, Captain Spiro said, “This one is mine, and his suffering will be last.” From the beginning he told Nick, “I want to see you suffer at my hands.” Nick knew this guy was on someone’s payroll.

Nick had never met this man; the fury he showed against Nick could only come from one source, and, of course, that source was “Money.” He began thinking that he had been set up so he would not make it out of this trap. After watching his men one by one walk past his cell and return completely different, it was now Nick’s turn. He was taken to one of the interrogating rooms and tied to an old strong wooden chair. Captain Spiro began by saying, “We know you’re the boss. Your people already gave you up, so why don’t you just tell us everything.” Deep inside Nick knew what this man was doing. Unfortunately, Nick knew from personal experience how these interrogations were done. Nick held firm to his story. He told Spiro, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is an outrage. I am an American and I demand to see an attorney and inform my embassy.” Spiro reacted violently to these demands. He hit Nick on the back of the head repeatedly. Nick showed no sign of breaking from his story. Instead, each hit only made his determination stronger, and he composed himself and stared coldly

directly into the Captain’s eyes. This only infuriated Spiro more. As a result, the hits became harder and harder. Nick became dazed at first, and in time lost consciousness. Nick woke up in a dark and stinky cell, which could not have been any bigger than four feet by four feet. It was cold and wet; the only light was the glimpse of light coming from the crack under the door. That is the only way he could tell day from night.

Nick got up and pulled himself toward the door. Then he began to yell for the guard. As he lay there, Nick noticed that the room had a poignant smell like sulfur that left an after scent. Unfortunately, Nick was too familiar with the conditions of that cell. The sulfur came from gunpowder, which lingered in the air, and it came from dried blood and human waste, which lay beneath him. At that moment all that Nick could do was to think about his men. He began to yell out their names in hopes he would get some response. But there was none.

****************** CHAPTER 3 Nick made up his mind that this would not be the end of him. He also promised himself that not only would he do everything possible to get to the bottom of what happened to him and his men, but also would avenge their suffering. He had to get out and get even with whoever betrayed him. It was at least twenty hours before he received food and water. Even then, it was of no relief. He received a piece of hard stale bread, rancid fish and cloudy water. Nick knew that this was all he was going to get. If he was to survive, he had to accept what he got. His relief of getting something to eat was more psychological than physical, since after he was done, he regurgitated everything back out. The half dead fish just could not stay down. Time passed at a snail’s pace. The only way Nick could keep track of how many days were passing was by watching the sliver of light coming from under the door leading to the cell yard at the end of the hallway. He estimated that several days had gone by. Nick was taken out of his cell and escorted to the shower room. There, without any warning, the guards took out a fire hose, aimed it at Nick, and proceeded to hose him down. It stung his skin, but Nick was too relieved to notice because he hadn’t had clean water for many days. He was also happy to be out of the cramped cell and to stretch out his legs. That relief

was short-lived, however, because almost immediately he was escorted back to the cell.

On the way, Nick was able to see his men in the cells adjacent to his. They were able to exchange smiles and give the thumbs up sign that everything was okay. This small glimpse of fraternity seemed to lessen the pain of the torture and suffering they had been through. Nick knew that his best men, Joe and Enrique, were okay and were holding up their loyalty. Loyalty meant everything to Nick. Knowing that his men had held fast to their integrity made him feel better. The incarceration and interrogation continued for three weeks, but in spite of all the torture and threats to their lives, it proved to be unsuccessful. During all of this time, a commander named Rodriguez befriended Nick because Nick’s loyalty to his cause and to his men had earned his respect. Commander Rodriguez told Nick that he admired his determination and unyielding loyalty. He was soon put in charge of Nick and his men and, afterward, they were thrown into a political and very biased court system. Out of respect for Nick, the commander allowed him and his two best men to present their cases to the court. They were given fifteen minutes to clean up and be ready to be transported to the courthouse. Rodriguez told Nick to just explain that he was there for investment purposes only. Nick should be steady on the point that he and his men were innocent of all

the charges being leveled against them by Captain Spiro. They thanked Rodriguez and were transported to what they hoped was a courthouse. When entering the secure sealed wagon, Nick felt uneasy and could just imagine him and his men being gassed and thrown into a ditch before reaching their destination. At the same time, he was telling Joe and Enrique that everything was going to be all right. As they talked, Joe said he thought he had several broken ribs. This, of course, was the result of the ever-sogentle Spiro. As they rode for what seemed like hours, the wagon finally stopped. To Nick’s relief, they had reached the local courthouse. They sat in a small hallway and waited to talk to the judge. The court system was nothing like the system of the United States. The judge, who seemed to be a kind, gentle man, swore them in and then he started questioning them. When all his questions had been answered to his satisfaction, he said to Nick, “Son, I will release you and your friends and we will keep an eye on all three of you. You are free to leave at any time. It is my duty to warn you, however, that if you decide to stay in this country you will be subject to constant vigilance by the government enforcement units for as long as you remain.” Nick thanked him in words and also with humble eyes. The judge nodded in understanding and they left the courthouse to return to the hotel. As they walked out they were happy, yet confused, to have been released after all the torture and questioning.

Walking down the stairs, Nick heard someone call his name and, to his amazement, it was Manolo, a friend from California. Manolo was, shall we say, an active participant of the organization well known as the CIA. This cleared the confusion. He knew that Manolo had secured their release. Manolo told Nick that he was working in El Salvador when he became aware of Nick’s predicament. Then and there he decided he was not going to let anything happen to his friend Nick.

He immediately contacted the American ambassador in El Salvador and others who owed him favors. Nick’s friendship drove Manolo, for he owed Nick. Manolo only wanted to see Nick clear of danger. He offered to drive Nick and his men to their hotel. When they got there, Manolo said goodbye and warned Nick that he and his men should leave the country. Then he drove away. When Nick and his men entered the hotel, the manager gave them what was left of their belongings: one suitcase with all of their clothing in it. Apparently, the police had searched their rooms and had taken most of their things. Thanks to Manolo they had enough money to get a room so they could clean up and be off. Their plane tickets, which were given to them at Interpol headquarters, and their passports, were still good for the return flight to America.

****************** CHAPTER 4 Finally out of Europe and on the way back to the United States, all Nick could do was think of how to get back at the ones who set him up. But he also wondered if they would get to him first. When they reached Chicago, Nick was relieved to be near his family and friends, and was able to push aside his disquieting thoughts for the time being. The day after arriving in Chicago, he met Salvatore T and explained everything in detail. Salvatore T also feared for Nick’s life. He told Nick that he would meet with the heads and discuss Nick’s predicament. Salvatore T still carried some weight with these men. They respected him and held his loyalty to their cause to be unyielding. In the meantime, all Nick could do was wait. A day or two later, he was in the city taking care of some business when he realized he was being followed by a Ford Crown Victoria. He did not know who it was, but from experience knew it wasn’t coincidence. Nick pulled his car over to the curb and got out. Before he could close the car door, two goons walked up from behind. Nick reacted quickly, giving a reverse elbow to the ribs of one of them and a knee to his groin. Flooring him, Nick pulled out his PPK and disarmed both of them. There was no sense in questioning them because when you fail on a job the only thing that would save you was to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you knew elimination was inevitable. You could rest assured that within forty-

eight hours you would be dead in a trunk or floating down a river.

Questioning would probably be useless anyway. They were not at fault; they were just doing a job. Nick knew this, for he had done enough jobs himself and was fully aware of what it all meant. Nick was always a businessman, a moneymaker, and good at every task and negotiation that he had taken on. What he wanted was for everyone to realize how many possibilities existed, especially in the legitimate world. So many businesses in which they could invest and turn a large profit were being ignored. He was a man who looked at the future with a vision of great possibilities, not limited to the present. He was a man who looked at the past and tried to learn from it. This was the forethought of the forefathers who set the family name in place. Unfortunately, times changed. The minds of many of the elders were still in the past, living in the 1920’s and 30’s, while the minds of the young were just not there. The young were only trying to juice a good thing until there was nothing left. There existed no loyalty or respect for what truly mattered among them. Nick tried to think positive, but it was hard. More than anything he was worried for his family. He had told them to be careful and not to trust anyone. It was a hard way to live but it was the only way that he could live. For seven years the wrath followed him everywhere. He could not get away from them.

Everything he tried, they somehow could spoil. Finally Nick had had enough; he would not stand for it any more.

****************** CHAPTER 5 Due to his government contacts, Nick was able to do some work in those seven years, work that involved Central Intelligence and the Department of Interpol, things that needed fixing and could not show U.S. interference. He was called in many times by an agent named Manny Vello. They had known each other for many years and they trusted each other to the fullest. Nick was taught by the best, and through experience knew to keep himself covered. Strangely enough, most of his informants were women and when he needed them, they were always there. The dirty work he liked to do alone because it was faster and kept anyone else from getting caught. When it was big and involved simultaneous elimination, he would not use any more than four good men, including himself. Elimination, it sounds so neat: waste, dist, dispose, expire, assassinate. That was the bottom line. Unless Nick could make them realize the correct way to do things. There was only one way out; eliminate silently, quickly, and move on. Nick would only do what he thought was right and usually they always deserved what they got. He was a little older, not as fast, but in spite of his age he always kept in shape. He just wanted to prove himself and what he stood for.

****************** CHAPTER 6 Nick met Manny Vello at a small downtown coffee shop in Chicago, where he handed Nick a manila envelope. In it were instructions for Nick, expense money, and half of the fee he was to receive for the job. He never had to tell them how much Nick expected because it would bring him to the favor he would need sometime. Nick’s instructions were to travel to Medellin, Colombia as a tourist, but the real reason he was going there was to locate and keep under surveillance one Dominick Delmonico and a D.E.A. official, Robert Wilkes, who was working with him. Delmonico was a drug lord and a highly feared figure in Colombia. Wilkes’s job was to advise him of the least dangerous routing for his drug trafficking, in return for which he received large kickbacks from Delmonico’s profits from the dirty money. Nick was to take Delmonico down and if Wilkes was in the way at the same time, he would be eliminated as well. The U.S. people would handle the news media and make Wilkes a hero killed in action and for killing a threatening drug lord. Nick felt this would be easy, because he had seen the destruction that drugs had done around the world. He always felt the same; there was nothing lower and dirtier than drug money. Those who have enriched themselves by it belonged to be brought to justice. Not that Nick was any angel, but he hurt those who deserved it, and gave pleasure to those who liked it. This is how he

made money for the family - quite a substantial amount.

He worked in countries where no one else would go. He believed that by being loyal and honest for the people he worked for, in time he would reap rewards. Nick arrived in Colombia at 3:00 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon and checked into the Westin Hotel. He wanted to blend in with the tourists, and this was the best place to do it. He knew he had time to kill because Wilkes would not be meeting with Delmonico until Saturday or Sunday. The next day, he was sitting by the pool eating breakfast when an oriental woman walked by. She was wearing a black silk dress that clung to her exotic body, and she had beautiful long black hair. She walked with her head held high, with elegance. As she sat down, she looked around and their eyes met. Nick had to speak to her, not knowing that she was involved with the same group of people he went to see. Nick approached this oriental beauty and began speaking to her, and with nonchalant ease, sat down next to her. At first she moved to get up, but changed her mind and decided to stay. She told Nick that her name was Nim Yan. A Chinese princess, she belonged to one of the richest oriental organizations of drug smugglers. She was there strictly for business and Nick knew that if she took the bait, he would be able to get close to Delmonico and Wilkes. He summoned a waitress and ordered coffee for himself

and the check for the young lady. The waitress attended Nick immediately because he was known at the hotel for his generous tips. His politeness won Nim over.

They talked for several hours, after which she invited him to dine with her and a local friend of hers by the name of Doc. It seemed this Doc was one Dan Farina, Delmonico’s right-hand man, who handled most of Delmonico’s business. Nick accepted Nim’s invitation and went back to his room, where he reached out to his local contact, Claudia Gonzalez, one of his old loyal informants. They had been attracted to each other from the beginning, but both were married, so they left it at that. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Vito and Geraldo were making arrangements to use, and at the same time get rid of, Nick. They were playing their own games in California and skimming heavy off the top. Without Nick they knew no one would find out, because Nick could not be bought off. They needed Nick to get some old operations working again. They were turned down due to a government overthrow, and neither of them had the balls or the contacts to help. Nick always knew this was the way it was, but he was not able to prove it. This time, though, he did not care. He was going to do what he had to and get back at them for what they had done in the past and were planning to do in the future. At 7:30 that evening Nick met Nim in the hotel lounge and bought her a cocktail. They had a brief

conversation and then went to the restaurant to wait for Doc, who arrived a little after 8:00 p.m. Nim introduced them and at first Doc seemed angry that Nick was there. Nick gave Doc one of his business cards (Norinsa S.A. Construction Co.) and talked to him like a typical tourist. Eventually, Doc seemed to relax and to believe him. Now at least Nick knew who Doc was and what he looked like.

After dinner, Doc excused himself because he could sense that Nick and Nim wanted to talk. Rather than ruin a good thing, Doc made himself as scarce as possible. In Doc’s mind Nick had no interest in his and Nim’s business dealings, but even if he did, Doc knew he could trust Nim to tell him. Nim and Nick spent some time together, and as time passed he found out that Norinsa Construction was just one of the many fronts that Delmonico used to launder money. As Nim was leaving, she told Nick that Delmonico was throwing a large party before he left Colombia and invited Nick to go. He accepted because he knew it would be his only opportunity to do what he had to do. Nick saw Wilkes at the party and told him that he would like to speak privately with him and Delmonico. Wilkes replied that Delmonico was in his office upstairs and now would be a good time. As they walked up the stairs to Delmonico’s office, Nick looked toward the exit to see if there were any guards. As they entered the office, they approached a well-dressed little bald man puffing on a long cigar.

Wilkes introduced them, they shook hands, and Wilkes went to sit down. As Wilkes turned to pull up a chair, Nick quickly took out a gun (a .22 automatic with a silencer) and disarmed Wilkes, then shot him in the chest. Before Delmonico could react, Nick shot him in the head with the gun he had taken from Wilkes. Then he placed the gun back in Wilkes’s hand and the .22 automatic in Delmonico’s hand. That was the best he could do in the short time he had. He left through the unguarded exit to the parking lot, then went back to the hotel.

He wrote a quick note to Nim, saying he was bored and was leaving for a couple of days, but would call her. He grabbed his bags, left the note at the front desk, then rented a car and drove to Bogotá. During the drive to Bogotá, when he had time to think, he wondered what she would think of him leaving so quickly. He had played it cool, but thought it was all too coincidental for her to believe. Nick arrived in Bogotá late that evening. He laid low until the following day, then caught the first flight to Miami.

****************** CHAPTER 7 Arriving in Miami and going through Immigration and Customs without any problems was a relief to Nick. He called Manny Vello to see how he was doing, as it had been a long time since he had seen him. This was their code that everything had gone well. They talked for a short time, then Nick left for Chicago. He felt it was much safer to drive in case there were any reports of the shooting in Colombia and the airports were being watched. He knew that Delmonico had too many enemies and it was still pretty much local news. But to play it safe Nick went the long way around. There wasn’t much you could do if someone was waiting when you got off an airplane. Nick was cautious because he had lost something about four years earlier when he unfortunately fell in love with a girl. She tried to tear him apart with lies. Until this day, not a moment goes by that she is not on his mind. But the Old Sicilian way would not let it destroy him, and he was back to the way he should be. Nick made it back to Chicago without any mishaps and was attending to some business when he received a call from Angelo Rodriguez, his attorney and eyes and ears in the Central American operations. Angelo told him he had some good news and some bad news. The good news was that casinos were finally legalized in the Central American countries they were working with. The bad news was they were given to the Urcuyo Family from Europe, rivals of the Italian Families in the United States.

They were upset that such a thing would happen, as they have been working on this for years. From Angelo’s point of view it was strictly political, and large amounts of money were passed around to the people who were needed to make this happen. This was the usual move on the part of the Urcuyos. They wanted complete control of any and all operations. Unfortunately, Nick was asked to leave the country two years prior. Geraldo & Vito had government officials who were trying to accomplish our goals. And supposedly they were loyal to them. But their real fear was that Nick would get too connected with the countries at hand, and they did not want him to become any more powerful than he already was. However, that was the furthest thing from his mind. He (Nick) believed in working as a team, not as a single unit. Nick always suspected Geraldo & Vito had their own agenda, and it didn’t include the families from Chicago. He was told more than once that his suspicions were wrong and everyone was working for the same thing. Six years ago the heads would not have been so weak. They would have acted upon these accusations and verified the truth. The Don went to jail for six years on an embezzlement charge, which was a setup from the beginning. If his name didn’t end in a vowel or if he was not Italian he would have been out on the street. These were the constant Organized Crime charges put against most of the families. They were arrested and held without bond while awaiting trial. This would not have happened if these heads were not so greedy about money. They should have kept those politicians

happy and when a favor was needed they would get it. Nick, however, had the foresight to see this and he had a number of people on payroll that were always there for him. Nick flew to Central America to meet Angelo and Romero at the Hotel Americana where they were waiting. They had detailed information they wanted to give to him. They explained their plan to Nick to overcome the strength of the Urcuyo Family. He listened carefully and liked the plan presented, even though it was what he planned on doing regardless. He told Romero to get Joe Barrios and Enrique Mengazzo and to meet him the following day at 9:00 am. Romero told Nick that the local officials knew he was coming, however, he did not give them a date or time. Nick replied he did not want to see them until he knew everything that was going on and a decision was reached among them (Nick, Angelo, Romero, Joe, and Enrique), or until such time as he told him otherwise. The following day, Enrique knocked on Nick’s door and they exchanged warm greetings. Nick knew he could always depend on Enrique and that even if everything else failed, Enrique would not. Upon meeting in the restaurant, where the others were waiting, they began planning. Nick told Joe to watch the local contacts who were moving against them. Romero & Enrique were to set up appointments for Nick to speak to government officials. In addition, Enrique was to gather information about the people who were going to work with the Urcuyos, including hotels.

****************** CHAPTER 8 Nick’s work was pretty much cut out for him. He and Joe met that evening and Joe gave him information on new accounts. One important bit of information was that the Urcuyos were using orientals on a big part of their operations, and Joe had given him several names and addresses and their relation to Europe’s organization. Nick usually spoke to his men on such occasions separately, to piece together all parts of the puzzle. If there was any disloyalty, he could figure it out before he came to a solution. Then he would bring together his wall and tell them what to do. A wall is nothing more than one local man giving an order, so that if anything went wrong, the wall would fall before top hands got involved. A week went by and, as ironic as it was, it seems that when you least expect it things pass right in front of your eyes that can open them up quickly. As Nick walked into the hotel restaurant he passed three people, not thinking anything of it until he overheard a name mentioned by a Chinese fellow sitting across from a man and a woman. They were either married or close friends from the way they held hands. Nick figured they were married, judging from the oriental man. He looked Japanese, with the characteristic high cheekbones, and his eyes had an extreme upward tilt. The name Nick overheard was Oscar Molina, one of the names Joe had given Nick. Molina was involved with one of the organizations trying to take over the San Lorenzo casinos. From the way they talked, they

were pretty well planted in the government and were pushing Nick’s people out. The Urcuyo organization was throwing money all around to get what they wanted, and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. Now Nick was to try to get on the government’s side without any money. He would explain just with goodwill how much they would earn with him and his colleagues in the future operating hand in hand. Now, Nick was afraid he had to resort to other ways, seeing how the Urcuyos did not want to talk and there was too much bad blood between them and Nick’s people. Nick discreetly followed the oriental to the parking lot, saw him pull away, and took the down the license plate number. That evening, he gave it to Enrique and told him to check it out and do what he had to do. It was time to begin to break the Urcuyos ring. Nick had to play as they would, because they are nothing but fucking barbarians. The next day, Nick called Chicago and spoke to Joe, the cover man. Speaking in Italian, Nick told Joe to pass it on that he would be busy, and get back to him in three or four days. He told Joe that things were still a little sketchy on how he stood, but that he would be speaking to government officials who were aware of what they wanted, and they were on their side. Joe told Nick to be careful and that he would pass on the message. Enrique found out from the oriental whom Nick had seen in the restaurant that he was Korean, not Japanese. He was a troubleshooter for the Urcuyos and found out that where drugs were involved he was noted for that. That was something Nick and his

people did not mess with, but the Urcuyos seemed to control people with it. Nick did not ask Enrique what he did; he already knew. The information was not easy to get, and Enrique would not leave any loose ends. The Korean would be able to identify Enrique and there was too much at stake. Nick expressed his thanks for Enrique’s quick work and told him to continue to see who else was involved. Then they sat down for lunch and talked about old times. This was one way to keep a clear head so problems could be taken care of without stress. That evening, Nick called Chicago to check up on his own business. His sister Christina worked the office and kept everything in line, and Nick had left her in charge. Nick had left other people in charge before, but Christina watched over the business with a strong passion because she knew how much her brother suffered and worked to build his business. He was involved in the vending industry, a completely legitimate licensed company and he trusted his sister. But, at the same time, he worried about her because there were too many cutthroats waiting for the chance to take it all away. During their conversation, Christina told Nick that Salvano had called and said he had to talk to Nick. Nick told Christina that if Salvano called again to tell him he would contact him in a few days. She said, “I will, Nick. Be careful.”

Nick was upset over Salvano’s call. He knew Salvano was looking for an envelope. He was an enforcer and collected from everyone. It was pretty much the same routine for everybody. Nobody operated without paying tax, no matter who you were. Nick was getting a little tired of Salvano’s ways and felt he better go to Chicago to straighten it out and then get back to? He told his men that he would be gone for a few days and gave them instructions on what to do in the meantime. He told them to watch themselves, and that Romero was to contact him every day with an update. The next day Nick was on a plane to Chicago. He hoped everything would be all right in? It was a very critical position. The tables could turn from one day to the next and Nick wanted to be there when they did because he was sure they would turn his way. Upon arriving in Chicago, Nick called Salvano and told him he would meet him at their usual place. The cloak and dagger talk made Salvano feel more secure. When they met, the look on Salvano’s face told Nick that he was furious that nothing was turned over to him yet. Nick told him that he was doing some traveling for their friends and was set back and had not done books yet. Salvano, swearing and flaring, started to get smart with Nick. Then Nick got up and walked out like a gentleman, telling Salvano to call him when he calmed down. Nick was that way, but Salvano didn’t know anything about being polite; he was a real low life. Nick had more pressing things to do at the moment and Salvano was not a part of them.

Nick then reported and asked Geraldo to get Salvano off his ass. But he knew that in time there was going to be a showdown. The people were happy about the progress Nick made, but there was still much more to do. He told them he had to get back as soon as possible. He got an okay to do whatever he had to do and was told that if anyone could do it, it would be Nick. It made him feel good to hear that, but knew at least three of them where talking out of the side of their mouths. Vito, Geraldo and the third one were still a mystery. Nick handled his city business as soon as possible and was back on a plane to Central America in a few days. When he arrived in Central America, Romero picked him up at the airport. He was very happy and thought the government officials were going to work with them. When Nick had left previously, the President and his aides were interested, except he did not know how many were on the Urcuyo payroll. He was soon going to find out. Enrique was beginning to have doubts about Romeo. He told Nick that while he was in Chicago, Romero liked to make his meets without any of Nick’s men to hear. He would sometimes be gone for a day or two at a time and not report to Enrique. He thought maybe Romero had jumped the fence to the other side. Nick was stunned. Not Romero. It could not be.

But then again, that would explain how Urcuyo’s men knew so much. At that moment everyone was a suspect to Nick. Between the Urcuyos and the Chicago boys, who would like to see Nick disappear, he had to find out. He thought they were all together, the Urcuyos, Vito, Geraldo, and now possibly one of his own men. How ?swift? of them to let him lay on the shelf until they were ready for him. In that time anything could have happened to his men. Nick, in many ways, always kept a low profile with many of his men. He preferred to speak to them by telephone and indicate what was on his mind, or his questions would be in a code that he and his men would understand. But they could have been picked off at any time so that Geraldo and Vito could benefit. After all, Nick did not have the resources they did.

****************** CHAPTER 9 As time went on, Nick began very much to doubt Romero, one of the ways was his eyes. He could not

look Nick in the eyes anymore when he spoke to him. He was always brought up by his father that if a man cannot look you in the eye’s when you speak, you can rest assure that he speaks with lies and deceit. Nick began to set little traps for Romero. The on that clinched it was he had told where the warehouse of equipment was. And, they had to make a move on it. Nick did not want anyone hurt except, Urcuyos shipment. But, if it meant them or one of U.S., then they had to make them down. But, Nick had it planned to where that wouldn’t happen. Nick wanted 4 men, Enrique and himself to go. Nothing was to be said to anyone, least of all Romero. That evening a Thursday, 2000 hours they joined up at Enrique’s place. They took off in 2 cars, Nick in one and Enrique in the other. They where armed with small weapons and explosives. Once Enrique got to the gate and it had opened. They would have 3 minutes to get in and out and 2 minutes upon leaving it would elope. The furthest that Nick was able to get, was about 400 feet before detonating the explosives. He may have gone further but didn’t want to get out of range. Everything want as planned except when they got through the main gate, there was a guard who tried to pull a gun out on Enrique and before he knew what hit him, Enrique broke his neck like a chicken.

The warehouse blew and they where well out of there. They told everyone not to even talk about it around their own people because we did not yet know who the informant was.

Romero came to Nick with a newspaper in his hand. He was nervous and asked if, “was it us who blew up Urcuyo’s Place”. Nick told him not to ask such a question and that maybe it was an accident, or there was someone else involved. Romero nervous said yeah maybe there is someone else. He was in a big hurry and told Nick he would call him later in the day. They knew now what he had to do Romero. He would put him on Urcuyos back, so everyone thought it was a hit by Urcuyos. Nick had to do this himself, because in case there was any more traitors to would fall in our face or they would let him go free to cause more damage. That evening after he heard Romero call his wife, and say he was off going to stop with a friend and then would be home. His wife evidently knew that what he meant, because if he would go with Nick or anyone he would always mention the name of which he was with. Tonight was the night Nick would have to move; as much as it hurt him it had to be done. It was not only business, but now it became personnel. After Romero hung up the phone, Nick asked “Romero to drop him off in the downtown area”. Romero said he had an appointment and was pressed for time. Nick told him it would just take a few minutes more. Romero agreed they and then they got into his car and were off and on there way.

Nick had taken down a dark route, Romero never suspected a thing. Nick pulled out his gun while Enrique was in a car behind them. Romero, “Answer me, Romero who is your pressing appointment with tonight. He hesitated and said I’m sorry Nick. It was Oscar Molina both ends pressed me, Vito was the one who introduced them, and they where paying him for information. And they were waiting for the right time to kill you Nick. They want you bad; there was a soft pop from a gun and two more after. He shot him one in the head and two more times as he stood by the door I’m sorry old friend but I don’t need your help. Nick cleaned off the handle of the car and waved to Enrique to pull up and then he would get into the car and off they went. Nick was hurt for what had happened, but it was the only way. A thought of how close he was at one time with Romero with a watery eye he was touched and then the feeling was gone and left it at that. Enrique dropped Nick off at the Hotel he told him he would pick him up early morning the next day. When Nick had arrived in his room he noticed that things had been moved around his cloths suitcase were tossed on the bed. Whoever it was tried to keep it neat as they could, but they were in a big hurry and a novice. He checked to see if they may have bugged the place or if there was a package lying around that did not belong to him. Since everything seemed clean it was someone close to him trying to find something or set him up. Nick then fell asleep but alert and prepared for any unwelcome guests.

****************** CHAPTER 10 That next morning Enrique picked up Nick and they went to the Hotel restaurant there they met up with Joe he had news for them he heard just moments earlier. His news was that Romero was found dead on a deserted road just outside of the City. It seems that he was shot 3 times twice in the head and once in the chest. He obviously died quick. Both Nick and Enrique saddened by the news had to push forward. He ordered Joe to take care of the arrangements for Romero’s burial along with that he advised him to tell all the boys to pay their respects and be on guard. Enrique made sure that Romero’s death hit the papers as a small time petty robbery. This was an everyday happening in the Central American countries, this would keep the heat off of everything, this is not the usual way it is done but under the circumstances they had to be cautious. Usually it would be a message for all to absorb, as not to do the things as Romero did. That evening as they were paying their respects to Romero’s family upon arriving he met up with Gustavo who had another bit of news for Nick, Julius Sakarov had arrived in town. This was one of Urcuyos most feared henchmen and the boy’s knew damn well he never traveled alone. Nick told Gustavo to gather

all the information on them and verify any of the rumors and where they are staying.

Either the Urcuyo crew was there to strike at Nick or to make sure that things were safe for the arrival of Urcuyo. This is the one that Nick wanted most of all so he wanted everyone to be calm and cool about the way they would act. That is at least until they saw what their next move would be. That evening about midnight Nick was with Enrique and explained that if Urcuyo comes in he wants him to be questioned discreetly, because he needed to get some crucial information out of him. He also wanted 2 guys on Julius’s every move, they must be cautious because he is a pro and he likes what he does and does it well. Nick and Julius respected each other and they new it was business and that was going to come first. Nick and Julius years back did many things together. They met through Manny Vello he was Julius’s C.O. Then he just sort of flipped and it seemed that Urcuyo had this hold on Julius. They met during a Nicaragua C.A. movement, he was in need of the services from Julius and seeing as how he did not have much of a conscience anyway, he took the offer. He has been with him for the last 11 years and he has made a lot of money for the Urcuyo family as well as himself. He did any and every dirty job Urcuyo gave to him. When someone got in his way and did not like someone he would send Julius to eliminate

him or her? Of course he was paid well for his services or else he would not have stuck around. The time was coming near to be only one of them would be left standing. In the end Urcuyo and Julius both were destined for elimination. If not by Nick then one of the other families would do it and

Nick and his crew were not about to lose after all that they have strived for. Nick contacted his people and explained to what point they had reached. Nick’s plan would now be put in action. It seemed he was waiting for Julius’s next move and he was waiting for Nick to react. And his job now was to make things safe for his Boss to come to C.A. it was not important as to what extent or cost it would take only that it would happen. And there was No one that would stop this meeting as long as Nick was around. Julius made a meet with Nick through Joe. There meet was to be alone and they would decide a meeting place together we they would both feel comfortable to meet at. Enrique didn’t want Nick to go without him, but Nick knew how Julius worked and he would not meet with him, if they were going to do anything. As long as Julius knew Nick’s people where aware that they were meeting, he would not do anything. Although Nick did go prepared, just in case it meant going at it one on one. They were going to meet at 5:00 p.m., Saturday in a residential area, maybe in a café or bar. They met that afternoon, after a brief greeting Julius came to his

point. Two out of every Ten men where born to be murdered. Urcuyo wants you and your people to back down, or he will hit every country your operating in. Nick replied that sounds like an order Julius? “Take it the way you want it Nick”. Then Nick replied “Look Julius we are business people and if Urcuyo and his friends don’t want to be our friends, then we can be their Enemies”.

Nick also stated, “Let me tell you Julius don’t Fuck with us or with any of our people”. “And go tell that to your boss, and if there is ever another meet, I won’t meet with the HELP”. “It’s Urcuyo or nobody”. Julius angrily went to jump up at Nick. Nick with his quick reflexes grabbed Julius by the neck and said “You better know what you are doing Julius”. “We came as gentlemen and know we should act like it”. Nick said, “This conversation is over.” They walked up the back way just in case they had a surprise in the front of the building. Julius ordered a shot of tequila and went back to his hotel. Julius in rage called Urcuyo in Europe and told him what happened and asked him would the time come. Urcuyo told him to “Have patience and you will have him in due time”.

****************** CHAPTER 11 Nick was getting disgusted with the way things where going so slow. The Urcuyo threw around so much money; Nick was going to have to wait a little longer for an answer. Because they were about to get what they wanted and they had their pockets full. Nick had to discredit them diplomatically, of course so they had no other alternative other then Nick. Then it happened he was in the Westin Hotel Restaurant and then entered what looked like two monkeys in suits. Definitely body guards with a 3rd grade education and a muscle for a brain. They were the type that was raised in the Jungle usually joined the military at a very young age. Being that they only k new one thing, that is how to take orders and handle weapons. They wound up police, Interpol, or bodyguards for the rich who were able to afford them. Nick continued eating his breakfast when, one continued to stare at him and the other walked in with a man and a woman, who were both well dressed. They were wearing Rolex watches, gold with a lot of diamonds. Yes, it was obvious these people where

loaded. But, they did not look like locals and he was sure they where checked in the hotel. The attendant showed the 2 bodyguards where to sit and it was right next to Nick, with that he got up and motioned to Rafael to speak to the attendant.

They spoke on the side to speak they have known Nick and the crew for many years and they would go out of their way to help in anyway. He always helped them when they were in need and this was a small way of payback. Nick asked the attendant who the guy was with the bodyguards he did not know at first so he went to the desk to discreetly check and see if they were listed. And Nick suspicions were correct it was Urcuyo the one and only Head Chief of the Europe organized drug and arms dealers from South America Central America on to the Mexican border. Nick’s time had come he now knew what room they were in and he was going to get to him some way and talk? And his best way was to get close to the little lady that accompanied him. Nick never really knew Urcuyo personally; he was always hiding in the background. But he was sure he wanted to meet Nick just as much as he wanted to speak to him. That meant that Julius had to be around somewhere nearby, and when he walked in Nick’s cover would be blown. That is if it already was not uncovered.

Urcuyo was about sixty and the woman with him must have been in her early 30’s, more then likely his mistress or one of them anyway. While Urcuyo sat eating as if he had not ever eaten before and the classy babe next to him was just sipping on a martini. When Nick and the babe caught each other’s eyes he began to let her know that she was something he would like to be with and he did not even say a word. While all this eye contact was going on one of the smarter bodyguards noticed there was something going on while his boss was stuffing his face.

Nick then knowing that the guard took notice he calmly got up and walked by and in passing gave her a wink of the eye he noticed that she looked over at Urcuyo and somewhat tried to distract the whole situation. It seems for that moment it was over but he got his message across to her. Nick knew a babe like this was easy and that she was always looking for diversity, yeah he had diversity for her all right. Judging from the way she sat up in her chair and clenched her thighs together in a sexual form of ecstasy. Evidently her sugar daddy was not taking care of business the way she would like. Soon she will get a real man after being around that scumbag Urcuyo and His ways. Nick was sure he could get the information once he got close enough to her to find out He would have to work hard and fast on Urcuyo’s lady friend in more ways then one. As the next

couple of days came he was noticing that she was not escorted by anyone. Seems Urcuyo was taking care of other business if not he would be around with her to show off his young mistress. The time was right as she sat at the pool side he made his move towards her he introduced himself as Paul and asked how she was enjoying the day, she replied by saying her name was Sonya and that her friend who she was accompanying had traveled to a town outside of the Capital on business. With that Nick said he was there on business as well what kind of business is your friend here on.

And then it came out she was definitely not the suspicious type at all, or she was just plain stupid. She said he was a manufacturer they’re on business with some clients, when he asked what he manufactured she replied electronics and things. Just then Nick realized this lady isn’t so dumb after all. With that aside she began to say where she was from, seems she was born in France and spent most of her life in Spain. She spoke English but Nick began to speak to her in Spanish making her feel more comfortable about the discussion. After all the introductions and a few drinks that he bought for her it was time to get up and leave, he did not want the goons to come by and see them together. That evening while she was waiting in the Hotel Lobby for Urcuyo. Nick walked by and she walked up to him and began to talk, while following him towards his room Nick so innocently invited her in for a drink.

She accepted and after that one thing lead to another, and the sexual impact of the moment lusted them as Nick took her in his arms and kissed ever so gently on her lips, with each kiss she began to breath heavier. As she began to sweat with the passion of Nick’s kisses, he realized that it must have been some time since she let herself really enjoy the moment. With that she began to tear his shirt off while he removed her blouse one button at a time, she then whispered in his ear give it to me Paul. For a moment he had to think who is Paul, he then carried her off to the bedroom she clung to him with her arm while the other hand

removed her clothes. They then made love repeatedly throughout the night over and over. As they lay in the king size bed clutched to each other, she told Nick how great he made her feel and that the man she was with treated her as if she didn’t exist. He said well it looks like he takes care of you he said he was sure that all those diamonds and gold she wore was bought by him. She said he was right but there is more to a relationship then material things. Well you have a good point there should why don’t you just tell him what you feel, I have and he beat the hell out of me. Well Nick already knew this guy was a scum and he did not doubt the coward that Urcuyo is that he would smack around a woman. Nick received important information from Sonya she opened up in more ways then one. He told her she

should be getting back to her friend he would be wondering where she was, not to mention he didn’t want the plans that were in the works. Don’t worry she said I will just tell him I was losing his money at the Casino’s in town. She kissed Nick and said she would see you later.

****************** CHAPTER 12 Nick knew now with the help from Sonya’s information that Urcuyo had big plans that included Peru and Venezuela as well. Two of his henchman were on there way in from Europe the infamous Banda and Bodin his top enforcers that were good at scheming and making money for all of them. They did very well for Urcuyo family and they ran their own as well interlinked with the Urcuyo’s. They were pretty much business as always but if they knew that some one was going to step on their toes they would take care of it, and get rid of them in their treacherous ways. They would not do anything unless given an order, but if they knew someone was in their way they

would eliminate the problem. They wanted to hang on to that prestigious life of theirs the $3000 suits and those fancy cars that strutted their wealth. No they were not about to give all that up and their Boss was happy with their work and all the money it has brought to him, and he was not going to kiss that away either. Just another strong spoke in the wheel and Nick was about to remove some of those the spokes and weaken the wheel until it collapsed Meanwhile in Chicago Salvano was upset with Nick and made sure that the crew was on his side. He wanted a meet and he was about to convince the heads of the other crews to put a hit out on Nick.

They met Salvano brought his case forward and they did not agree and they warned Salvano not to do anything. They said he should straighten out any indifference with Nick outside of the table. This meant that they were washing their hands and that. With that one of the Heads stood up Angelo Zantucchi a friend of Nick and his Family for many years. Angelo told Salvano “I know you and I know Nick, and your ways have been questioned at these tables many times. So I tell you that if anything outside of the ordinary happens to Nick you will be the first one we talk to� understand blurted Angelo, yes I do it is clear as he lowered his stone cold eyes to the ground and gritting his teeth. They then asked Salvano to leave and he did so. He was not about to give up his request that easy, at least not in front of them. He preferred that

they thought he was in agreement this now made him furious that they had all seemed to take sides with Nick this would have to be handled, and Salvano was going to do just that. Salvano had enough men behind him to start a War. Many of the family heads wondered if they should get rid of Salvano before anything would happen. While they were thinking of that Salvano was preparing to put a hit out on Angelo while this is a NO No in the Organization, he would have to make it look like an accident, and he had men capable of doing just that, but would they betray their families and the loyalty and honor the swore to? It seemed they were in a position where they would have to listen to Salvano or they would be the first eliminated. Salvano was going to make plans on what to do next.

While Nick was risking his life so the outfit could benefit and Salvano knew if he was successful he would never be able to touch Nick. Nick’s days seemed longer as time went on, every day he would hear more information. Enrique and Joe were waiting for Bodin to come into the country they were ready and equipped to do what they had to when he and his partner arrived. When they did arrive Urcuyos men picked them up, Joe was on watch and then contacted Enrique as he waited in a vehicle with the wheel man he jumped in the back seat and waited for the blue 4 door Mercedes to pull out of the airport lot. As they would

turn onto the main road from the Airport they would finish the job. As they pulled up along side of the vehicle they sprayed it with a stream of bullets from an AK47 and Uzi as they hit their targets the car rolled into a ditch. Joe then got out and hit them one time in the head with a 38, making sure they were dead. They then ditched the stolen vehicle in a parking lot picking up their vehicle that awaited them they then split up in different directions to assure that they were not being followed. Being that in C.A. and S.A. ballistics would check out an AK and UZI which were pretty much used by Military or the Drug dealers so being that this may look like a Government hit or a Drug hit kept Nick and his crew pretty much out of the picture. Enrique reported to Nick and let him know how things went. He was glad to hear it went well and his men were safe. The worst was about to come because Urcuyo was going to hit full force once he figured out who made the hit.

In the business we were all in you could pretty much figure out who did what. According to Nicks sources Urcuyo was going to leave the country and leave Julius Sakarov in charge and he would no doubt be going after Nick first. However he knew they would like to make him suffer so they would no doubt take out some of Nicks men to weaken him and destroy his strength. Julius told Urcuyo that Nick was strong throughout Central and South America, with that Urcuyo replied so do we.

Julius and his men began to hit some of Nicks Gambling clubs just to get things started by upsetting his operation. Now with Nick having to go to Chicago he was troubled about what might happen in the time he was gone. Luckily he would have a first stop in Panama City SA, which was close enough to get him back if the boys needed help. Enrique and Joe thought it best if he was gone for his safety until things cooled down. They felt that they could be replaced but their loyalty to Nick was that he was the important one for the rest of the crew. Nick replied loyalty such as your can never be replaced and that is more valuable then any dollar, and that we were all replaceable NO ONE was indispensable. He let them know where he would be staying and we would communicate daily upon arriving in Panama as was usually the case he would be picked up and passed right through customs. Usually one of the guys that would pick him up were locals and very well connected. In particularly was a one Nick who knew all the ins and outs of the country, while loved by his own people the wise guys despised him as usual they would not like to give credit to anyone.

The boys sent to Panama from Chicago would prefer to sit on their ass in the office and read fictitious novels and daydream. He would see Red in the morning and things would be explained. After everyone left and Nick and Enrique were alone Nick began to pick up his luggage he told Nick

he told Enrique to keep paying on his room in town . This way they would all think he was still around. Enrique would be the only one he would communicate with in Chicago and under NO circumstance can anyone know he left town. When arriving in Chicago Nick was tired and the flight in was a rough one He let Salvatore Calabre know he was in and would need to speak to him in the morning The next day when he met with Salvatore he had Nick Falcone with him he was one of Salvatores top enforcers. He then passed on to him the information as far as things had gotten. However he did not want Geraldo or Vito to know that he was in town. Salvatore as friendly as he was with Nick would always have to be told a second time what to do. Salvatore explained that there are heads that wanted to know how far he has gotten and what success if any has occurred. It will almost be impossible to keep it from them so Salvatore had a plan to tell them that they spoke by telephone and that things were moving along. Nick agreed and then reiterated that Nick could not say anything either. Nick was at the meeting with Nick and Salvatore to bring information about the European Family that was operating in Colombia S.A.. What he had was pictures and data of one of their largest operations in Bogotรก. The Europeans were working together with the Chavez Cartel in Colombia they were very large and very strong. The data was precise at least it seemed to be and after analyzing the data the plan would have to be put into effect.

Nick was to get a crew together from his top men to destroy their operations. He was more then glad to do away with the scum and the business of selling poison. He had NO respect for anyone that was in that kind of business nor did they impress him with their money and connections. This was one of Urcuyos and he would sell to any lowlife and then split up the profits with the Chavez Family. Nick had the information given to him and he was making a plan and at the same time he was memorizing every detail given to him. Such as locations, the changing of the guard and the times as well as any local contacts. Once this was accomplished and he had it in memory he would destroy all the information given to him. And each detail was at hand in his mind, he felt better this way in ca s anyone was picked up he would not have to worry about any leaks. Nick would not be able to go on this one just in case someone that was involved in the Delmonico incident would recognize him. He would brief his men on the assignment at hand and he knew they were quite capable of such a task. They would be met by Colombian contacts that would have anything they would need they were going to use three locals and a so-called tourist. Enrique and Joe were going to prepare them on their upcoming act so that all would move swiftly and without a glitch. According to Nicks plan he wanted their operations to blow sky high. Whatever explosives they would need they would get from the Colombians. Also in play was their laboratories where they were processing the drugs. There was highly flammable liquids there that would make the job that

much easier. After the mission was accomplished they would have to hide in the mountains to keep the Chavez and Europeans looking in other areas. They were not going to rest so easy on this, if it was just an accidental explosion they could accept it but when they found their men dead they would know it was a hit. The plant operation they had was producing 30 to 50000 kilos with an enormous staff to do it. After process it would be sent to various bodegas throughout Colombia depending on where it was heading to disembark. Approximately 75% of this would be sent to the USA. The object to all of this was not only to put them out of business but also to make money on the whole operation. You see after the fall of their processing plant they would be running so wild trying to figure out what happened they would leave all the other business they had neglected. These were all fronts for them usually strong-armed from some poor local trying to make a living. Well this is where the locals came in with all the businesses they had and Nick and the crew would just walk right in and take it over. And give the legit guy who were serious businessmen an opportunity to make money and work together with Nick and his crew.

****************** CHAPTER 13 Salvatore brought the news to the heads, and as always they were amazed at the success that he had with his plan already given their blessing to proceed they never told you how. However Nick knew that the day he would make a mistake he would be on their bad side and all the good would be forgotten. They wanted Salvatore to go to Colombia to speak to Nick personally. Salvatore would not have minded only Nick was back in Chicago he had already left SA. Nick told Salvatore to pack up and get some sunshine for a week and they would not know the difference. This was not lying it was strategy there was a difference and while your at it get a couple of women to calm you down. And this was right up Sals alley he was a funny guy he was married at 29 for about a year had a son and then was divorced after a year. After that he was a womanizing playboy and had more women then he could handle. He never took Nicks advice and settled down he just wanted to play the field. The next day they were on their way to SA Sal was very nervous on the flight. It was his first time to SA and he said it would be the last and he could not wait for that plane to land. Nick assured him that he would change his mind once they landed and he would see how nice it was.

When they finally arrived in they took a taxi to the Hotel as not to alert anyone they did not want to see. Upon arriving at the hotel Nick checked into his room and got another room for Sal. Nick called Enrique and with the way he spoke to Nick things were pretty calm and much the same as when he left. He said he would be at the hotel in the morning early and run some things by him. That next day Nick introduced Sal to Enrique, it is a pleasure to meet you said Enrique I heard a lot about you from Nick. Enrique I want a man with Sal T all the time, make sure he is safe and nothing happens to him. And make sure your guy stays at a distance but just make sure he is there. Sal was insisting that this was not necessary, but Nick told him that he knew what was going on and that is the way it would have to be. Besides your girlfriends back home would not forgive us if anything happened to you. OK Nick will do it your way they all laughed and then said lets go get some food to eat relax, and then we can begin to plan our next objective in Colombia. After Nick told Enrique what was going to occur and he was brought up to speed. He would then get Joe and they would discuss with Nick the crew that was going to be used and if the situation at hand would be feasible. Nick’s mind had already been made up on whom he would use. He wanted his old time friend Zaragosa and his crew to do the job and they could be trusted, Zaragosa

always kept his men in line. He had already put a call out for him and he wanted Joe and three other men to join the crew with Zaragosa in Bogotรก Colombia.

When Joe arrived in Bogota he went to meet Zaragosa at first he was a little hesitant on the whole plan, but after hearing everything while still somewhat skeptical he did not want to go against his friends wishes. They were to rendezvous the following Saturday 20 miles outside of the destination where the plan was to be executed. The reason for this is that on the weekend there were fewer guards on duty then usual. I guess they thought everyone took a holiday on the weekends and those that were on duty were getting drunk. Zaragosa had supplied Joe and his men with small arms and plastic explosives that would be used in areas of the complex. With all the chemicals on the premises they would only add to the destruction of the plant facilities and when

it was over it is doubtful there would be anything left but ruble. With a street value in the millions possibly billions Nick and his crew would be putting more then just a slight dent in Urcoyos operation. The explosives were set with out a hitch the Zaragoza crew took care of the guards and one of his crew was hit pretty bad but they got him out of there safely. When at a safe distance they detonated the explosives and it lit up the sky and there went one of

the biggest drug operations in Colombia and it was burnt to the ground. And what made it even better is that it was the Urcuoyo families operation. Zaragosas men then drove Joe and his men to the Border with Venezuela where they went right through and had their passports stamped then one of Zaragosas men would stay with them and they went to San Cristobal Venezuela where they stayed for two days just until the news got out and then Nick and Sal T were off to meet Joes plane as they came back from Venezuela. At the airport they met up with a Colonel and he took their passports and rushed them through as VIPS seems the Colonel Raul Valdez was indebted to Nick for a big favor he did for him. Nick who had a high-ranking military General recommended that this Valdez be put in charge of the Airport security and all the activities there. He was in charge of them all G-2 Interpol, Customs, and Immigration would jump when he said anything. Although he was a very fair and honorable man he did not do this for just anyone since the Country was always in turmoil with subversives and smugglers he did his job very well. Once the guys got out of the Airport and explained what and how it happened Sal was amazed. Nick was used to this kind of thing with all the international intrigue he was so constantly involved with. He really would not have it any other way because he was used to the adventuress excitement. Sal T was in a hurry to get back to Chicago, Nick wanted Sal T to stay another day and

just relax Chicago would be there when he got back. Sal wanted to get back for a number of reasons but top on his list was the fact that he wanted to speak to the Heads about the success of the operation and how Nick brought the Urcoyos to their knees. Well Sal T did relax another day and Nick and he went over old times and times in the very near future. Sal T took off the next day of course he got the VIP treatment on the way out and he was on his way home. Upon leaving he stressed to Nick to be careful and get back to Chicago soon as possible. Nick replied that when things are in order he would be back. He also told Sal T to watch out for Salvano and if he saw or heard anything strange to let him know and not to let his guard down and tell the same to his crew. They both knew that he was a Scumbag and that he would not keep omerta. He would not be honorable and uphold the vow he took when he became a made man until the end. Upon arriving in Chicago Sal T could not wait to sit with the top guys and give them the brief on the Colombia action. While they were all happy for this success they all thought the same thing this would make Nick stronger then ever that would mean? Is he going to stay honorable or would he soon try to take over their families as well. These Heads always thought that someone was after their seat when all the time the only thing Nick was trying to do was to make them all a little more money and more legit. But these hard heads would not think that way. You know thinking about it the

Youngblood might just be better if they did take over and get rid of these old ways of thinking.

****************** CHAPTER 14 The Urcuyo families were from CA and gained their power in the late 60s. While police pressure was growing and political pressure growing in South America Interpol reports say they soon built drug operations in North and South America and Europe By 1975 Zantucchi was living in Chicago and prior to his leaving he had met many individuals in the same business as he that were very powerful in the USA market. One that he seemed to take very well to be a Jewish businessman introduced to him by one of the Bosses. His name was Red Larner he and Zantucchi spoke about the possibilities of spreading Casinos and Gambling spots throughout all of Central and South America. Red had a lot of confidence in Nick and knew of him and how he was handling the Gambling end of it.

Although Red and his Associates were not involved in drug dealing anyway He did however make Zantucchi realize he could launder his money very well with a business such as Casinos and at the same time deal legally with the politicians in the Countries. However this would mean that he would need the Chicago boys as a partner to get their fair share so he can function on their turf. Sources of Zantucchi told him the Feds were going to arrest him and some of his crew of drug thugs he had working with him. By the time they got around to this he had already Removed his millions of dollars out and had them sent to an unknown Bank account and their plan to seize the moment and all his funds have been moved.

Many Law officials were thinking they had an inside leak that informed him of the whole investigation and how they were making progress. With good reason now they could see why witnesses were having accidents or just vanishing in thin air without a trace. The base of the family's drug operations became South American run where the Urcuyos and his family together now with the Zantucchi family were beginning to socialize with politicians throughout Central and South America. A former President of Nicaragua was a guest at the wedding of one of the Urcuyo’s Sons. After reuniting in South America, the family was now in control of various legitimate businesses.

After the politicians realized what they were up to and thought twice doing business with them or having any affiliation whatsoever they backtracked quickly. With that the investigation from Europe was following them and the plan was to extradite them back to Europe. Zantucchi and his group traveled to Chicago where they thought they Would have safe harbor until things cooled down in South America in the mean time they thought they could run things from there. However they were now bumping heads with Salvano and his family and his strength in the USA was much stronger then Zantucchi. And that is when it happened that Salvano already knowing what Reds plan was So rather then just have him and his crew whacked he wanted to get him back to South America where Zantucchi and political connections would be able to begin a gambling Casino and Slot.

There welcome was noted to be short and they knew that they would have to contend with the 2 strongest families in the USA so they went back and agreed to do business with Red. This had left a bad taste in Zantucchis mouth over Salvano and now was not the time to do anything about it.

Police say Urcuyo heads powerful drug operation

A multi-national task force led by Interpol police erased 20 years of failure yesterday by arresting the last of the old cartel. Or so they thought, Police in several countries were looking for the arrest of mob boss Zantucchi, and his crew. It is said that he is the boss of one of the largest, richest and most powerful drug-smuggling organizations in the world. Now he has been tied to Organized Crime and the Mafia boss and their criminal organization who have an ever unbelievable amount of profits that have been passed on for many years, where first they were smuggling heroin, into South and Central America now were going to smuggle Cocaine and Marijuana to America (USA). The family originally from the town of Caccamo, Sicily created a long arm that reached throughout Italy and all of Europe. There were many investigations that lasted for years with various police and intelligence organizations. But the Loyalty amongst the Mafia heads and their soldiers, which have a code of silence that they know if it is broken they and their

families, could and most likely would be killed. This was an investigation which brought intelligence not only to conduct in Europe but further brought them to Central & South America. And as suspected the USA to the high level of Organized Crime. This drug cartel involved heroin factories in and Cocaine

production in South America, to the laundering of their dirt money with the bosses America USA. Connections included groups and politicians in Central America, which allegedly had a role in the many unsolved assassinations, an alleged liaison with Ernesto Urcuyo South America underworld leader. With strong ties in many countries Interpol and FBI had numerous investigations, not to mention evidence of companies and their financial deposits throughout the Globe, Police in several countries were organized also loyal to the organized crime bosses As the South America Empire was being built, the Urcuyo family was also rearranging their negotiations with the Crime heads. They did not want to be obligated to any one area. As usually the Mafia would work and cut up the pie you might say in areas of interest depending on the specialty of the family, gambling, prostitution, etc and now their drug dealing with Urcuyo and others was on the table for a split and a possible war amongst the families for the greed that is a passion of their corrupt characters So they went to Central and South America and began to proposition their politicians on the idea of

Casinos and reviving tourism for their countries, It was an easy sells since there would be Millions of Dollars past between the Government and the USA Companies .It worked out just as Salvano and the other Bosses had planned.

The Mob would deal with anyone who could put profit in their pockets, and it was more advantageous to avoid any spilling of blood or a senseless war in the streets. In 1994 Zantucchi and some others were indicted following a large seizure of cocaine shipped from Italy. However while the trial was being prepared and he was out on the street he fooled the Italian authorities and disappeared with others of the indicted individuals it is said they are either in the USA or back in South America. Since the USA was not a place they would be welcome it was obvious they would be going to South America and try to pick up where they left off. By this time the Outfit was running like a clock in CA and SA and the respect and political power they gained was hardly going to be given back to Zantucchi. If they do ever return to Italy they would be immediately be put in prison most of the Family is in prison in

****************** CHAPTER 15 With Casinos running from Panama to Chile, Red and Salvano attracted the attention of many different government officials. Some were on the

Mobs payroll others were his enemies. But probably the most powerful government official to be drawn to Red was the Cuban Dictator Batista, at one time a low ranking army soldier who had taken hold of power in the Caribbean nation CUBA just miles south of Miami. In the 1950’s, when Batista seized power, Cuba was known as the Paris of the New World. Europeans and Americans enjoyed the sunny beaches and danced to their Cuban music, drinking and smoking Cuban cigars. Gambling was big in Cuba however Batista had a problem, the games it seemed were crooked and no one was playing. As this was an obstacle to Red and the Bosses the Tourism started to slow down as gamblers were passing Cuba and going to Puerto Rican area and the facility of cruise ship gambling. The ships in Puerto Rico and the fact that the civil war brewing stronger in Cuba made the outfit move even faster and their eyes were on Panama At the request of Salvano and the other heads Nick went to Cuba and immediately began to put things in order with the crooked casino bosses. He kept them all in line even the locals and the soldiers sent over from the States to watch what was going on,

Were also being bought out by the politicians. Nick especially on the main man originally sent by Red. His name was Jimmy T and he was in Chicago at one time Red befriended him and took him under his wing. But now he was going to have to start running things

the right way and the count had better be right. This was a final warning to him and he realized this was now a serious thing and there were only a couple ways to get out of it and the best way was to listen to Nick because he knew it was coming from the higher ups. He made Jimmy T order the dealers most of them American who were known to be crooked to be taught the practice of dealing cards in the right way to make the house bring up the percentage of winnings which was only going into the pockets of the old crew. This task was given to Gustavo a old friend of Nick and a local from the town he would make cheating by the dealer and player a very minimum chance. While Red was building a Hotel in Panama the luxurious Monte mar Hotel, he had long had an interest in putting a casino operation together in this Country and in this elegant Hotel would be his first major move. Red quickly made political contacts and friends throughout Panama, when they would need a room or have a party Red would oblige at NO cost of course, but these luxury suites were going to be for high stake investments to these people, however they did not know it yet. When they saw the action going on in the Hotel Casino they wanted a piece so it was easy for him to get a share of the money that was already poured into the building. Batista endorsed Nick’s idea over the objections of Americans and Businessmen that would not benefit

from such a venture that did not include them. The casino was an immediate success. That spring, Nick began working on his own casino, a called the Riviera. When it opened it would be the largest casino-hotel in the world outside Las Vegas. The Riviera was Nick’s second attempt at building a hotel from scratch. While all this was going on Nick had his eye on another area. It seems another Jewish business friend of his had taken Trips to Central and South America where Red had Political pull and was going to attempt to build a Casino and a large Slot machine operation in Panama City Panama. This was just going to be a start for them. Red LARNER AS "MR. INVISIBLE" Larner was a loyal businessman that brought much success to the outfit with his debonair style and charm he began gambling overseas operations, A brilliant man who was the a real power behind the Chicago Outfit, and friend to Nick would also have to get thumbs up from the Mob in Chicago. Since they were going to get a good cut of the Action and Nick approved of Red they went along with this Business venture. While amongst them in their meetings they acted somewhat indecisive about the outcome. Although as long as it was not their pocket they were going into that was fine with them. The reason for that was they did not want to show Nick and Red how pleased they really were however

Nick was aware of the real reason. Now they could sit in the USA and send out a few soldiers to watch things And then bring the Money home. Many of those, which did not do their Job and this is where Nick came in to straighten out the books. As the saying goes looking for a few good men now the American (Italian) mafia and Nick are also looking for few good men. But loyal fresh loyal young blood is very hard to find. Nick had many plans with Red and he had plans as well going up in years he was looking for a good person to groom so he could have that cushion. Only thing is he needed someone that would be loyal to him and not the other factors. He was a businessman as well as Nick was but when things had to get done he would do them. Of course he himself would not act on anything he would have men like Nick and others do what he wanted. As time passed he seemed more confident with Nick and he was beginning to think about that individual he would trust. This was starting to worry the boys in Chicago and the ones that surrounded him they all wanted to be the ones so they could bring the envelopes home and make the Heads fatter then they already were. Red and Nick thought very much alike that the first ones to be taken care of are the Countries they are operating in. Which only made sense while the others thought their pie should be cut first, well how long can that last before the officials would not need them anymore. However if their war chest would be full and they were receiving what they had coming no doubt they could work for years and not have a problem.

There was always someone in the official lineup that would be

taking over or would be having the knowledge or the friends that would be. This made everything so much easier for the whole function of the operation

****************** CHAPTER 16

Continually overthrown by turncoats, and aggressive law enforcement prosecution of Italians alleged to be involved in the Mafia, across the nation has left the families of Italian Americans depleted in recent years. Traitors and informants alike were selling every one to save their own neck those who have murdered and assassinated for no other reason then to climb the ladder and make more bones for themselves. This was one of the benefits for them, either you were a Moneymaker or just a guy on the payroll that did the whacking successfully. There are many that are unheard of that were unsuccessful that if they did not do their job right, there was always someone to take care of them, Usually being a close friend someone you would never suspect. Now they were offered a deal by the same Prosecutors that were trying hard to put them in jail, however to give a few back to the public and prosecute hundreds of Mafia members was exactly what these officials have done, in fact, galvanized crime families into desperation. As the

saying goes, "no honor among thieves". It seems there's no silence and honor among some of America's toughest Mafioso’s which has given law enforcement, for years, access to penetrate mafia organizations and flip soldiers to break the mafia silence code and betray their masters and bosses.

The Italian American mafia that originated in Italy and was introduced to the USA is hardly what it used to be. The old time Bosses where not without Honor and a form of respect. This of course did not mean they would sit back and let anything be taken from them either. But the rule of Loyalty was one thing and the rule of secrecy (Omerta) was something they held high on their list. Now in the USA there are a number of police infiltrators posing as if they are friends of the Mob and businessmen, when all they were doing was setting up a mole or passing on information to get the Big Bosses Mafia Heads from the past would never stand for the things that were happening. But it was hard to get new young blood and groom them. Many of the Bosses had their children in Colleges and living with a silver spoon in their mouth. So any grooming there was with them was a waste and not help for the new Heads. It was usually a factor to look for someone with Sicilian origin to recruit into the crime family organizations. The demand is high for those that are willing to die for the Code of Omerta code of silence.

They would do whatever needed to do, kill enemies, and take their turf even political and government officials if need be. Many of the bosses had sent recruiters directly to Sicily and recruit those on the bottom of the pot in the Italian mafia. Many of which were good men and would do anything at a chance to come to AMERICA. This was a way to find Honor and a way to organize the Mob the way it was in the Old Country.

Only thing is that these bosses were getting old and many of the Italian Americans with Sicilian Origin were a little upset about this. They felt That they were the ones to decide whom to recruit as to make their crew stronger for themselves to find honorable men to uphold principles of the 'real' mafia. Italian American organized crime investigators indicated the American mafia was recruiting Sicilian mafia criminals because they now believe their counterparts in Sicily are more honorable to mafia principles than Italian Mafioso’s in America. Sicilian mafia criminal’s this has alarmed U.S. authorities. Authorities are concerned the Sicilian mafia, known in the past for gunning down police and killing judges and prosecutors might bring this type of crime into the American mafia. Officials discussed the high-alert topic in Washington D.C. and other states. Recruiting in Sicily was born when American authority's action grew stronger and more effective, which left the heads to go to the extreme and bring in

Sicilians they could rely on, and not have someone rolling over on them. It was beginning to be noticed in Chicago and New York the organized crime commission, Senate hearings were having interviews with FBI Interpol etc, due to the information they had received from these departments while their investigations discovered critical information from informants under the Department of Justice Organized protection program. This is a big reason why the families were recruiting in Italy. Recruiting mafia criminals into Italian American organized crime were discovered

while investigating the mafia soldiers while many remained silent many began to inform and revealed very secret information to Authorities. They also used wiretaps and undercover police confirming many of these secrets and the recruiting of young hard-nosed Sicilians wanting to make a name and place for themselves in the USA. With the crews in, New York Chicago amongst other target states. These phone taps were allowing authorities hear of plans for new arrivals, names and what they were going to do when they had arrived in America. In the beginning it would be that they would commit the act of Killing or beating someone badly enough and then they were sent back to Italy until things were cooled down. However if they did not do as they were told they never arrived any

place again and they vanished. The Justice Department was well aware of what they were doing they would use them and then kill them and bury them. This did not mean that all these immigrants coming to the US were going to leave that easy, they liked the states and many wanted to reach out and form their own families. They have successfully reached into Sicily to bring people over and fill the positions they wanted since the Sicilians are more inclined to maintain the sacred vow of silence (Omerta), most of those coming from did not take part as leaders in the families, even though they were leaders in Sicily they were just happy to have a chance in the US, the fact that they are here, they were getting establishing. It would be safe to say that many of them although young would assume the role of boss in the future. That is why the Law Officials would spend time and money on

the ones they suspected, regardless of the years it took and the Tax Payers were paying their salary and it was plus in their eyes to remove these types from a Decent society. The Italian American Mafia always laid back on the Authorities and did not like to make waves. While the Sicilians came up attacking the Law Enforcement and had no fear of doing this. It also made them feared by the average citizens. While authorities continue to do their homework on the American Mafia and what their next move would be. Investigations such as discovered in the 1980’s,

Authorities discovered a connection between the Sicilians and the American mafia involvement in a massive drug ring called The Pizza Connection. Unlike the Sicilians showing no mercy or restraint, the Sicilian mafia of the 1980s and 1990s launched the strategy of killing anyone brave enough to go against them. Sicilian Mafia History For decades, the Sicilian mafia engrained its glamour, secrecy, wealth, ruthlessness and fear into the culture of everyday life in Sicily, Italy. Throughout history, many stories have foretold the mafia creation. Historical series about the Sicilian mafia on also known as 'La Cosa Nostra', this lingo is an Italian translation called, 'this thing of ours'. These groups joined forces to oust the Spanish invaders of Sicily. It's debatable whether or not if the term 'mafia' traces back to Sicilian vespers in 1282, when the Sicilians overthrew the French occupation in their country and formed their own protection society because they

Distrusted law enforcement. No doubt, through, mafia is a Sicilian word that described organized crime across the globe. Mafia exists in many places in the World with various nationalities. During the twentieth century, the powerful rise of the Sicilian mafia grew into a booming business. They controlled most of the country's economic resources land, agriculture, estates, manufactured goods and even served at mediators for peasants, landowners

and foreign traders. Sicilian mafia dominance was so fearful even the police asked permission to travel into certain areas of the islands, particularly in Palermo, a breeding ground for notorious mob bosses. Their dominance soon triggered a backlash when Italy's fascists rose to power, dictator Benito Mussolini, coveted the territory and challenged the mafia's influence. Mussolini enlisted the help of Cesar Mori to assist an operation dubbed the iron prefect. Mori rounded up scores of Mafioso’s and sent them to prison. Others fled the island to Brazil and America, which marked the infiltration of Sicilian gangsters into the U.S. Two famous Capos, Joseph Bonnano and Lucky Luciano, were among those who migrated to America under the fascist's regime. Earning hero status, Mori was immortalized as the man who saved Sicily from the mafia. But U.S. government usurped Mori's legacy when U.S. Allied troops invaded Sicily during World War II to liberate the island under the fascist regime. To regain political and economic clout, the Sicilian mafia helped U.S. troops to take control of the island. Allied forces upheld their agreement and gave the island back to the Sicilians and mafia criminals. Mafia bosses and their associates became town mayors, administrators and held other political positions to reclaim the island's resources. Until the 1950s, the Italian mafia operation was located in rural areas but subsequently, the operation expanded into the cities, e.g. Palermo. Membership into Sicilian mafia is akin to joining a religion once

you're in it's for life. There is no retirement from the mafia. The only escape is death, Four-mafia groups reign in Italy. The most powerful is the Sicilian mafia based in Palermo. This group has over 5,000 members divided among 186 families, 67 located in Palermo. Additional groups are: in Calabria, Sacra Corona Unita in Apulia, Camorra in Naples. The hierarchy of these families is structured this way: All mafia clans take orders from the boss. The following names were, at one time, Sicilian bosses: Sicilian mafia was so fascinating and revered throughout the world Today's Sicilian Mafia Still unified despite the loss and murder of many members, as time moved forward into a new era, the Sicilian mafia, at least some groups took subtle roles to operate crime enterprises. Law enforcement recalls during the 1980s and 1990s, a series of internecine "gang wars" in Italy led to several prominent mafia members being brutally murdered. Thereafter, a new generation of Mafiosi engaged more into white-collar criminal activity, as opposed to traditional racketeering enterprises. The new Sicilian breed, according to investigators, operates commercial enterprises, securing government construction contracts, owning technology businesses and hotels, It's no secret organized crime and movie making connects. The mix of fame, glamorous lifestyles and financial risks make the stars and production firms, fatally attractive to the mob.

Consider the recent arrest of several Mafiosi's attempt to extort money from an American movie production firm shooting a film called Oceans Twelve in Trapani, Sicily. Under close surveillance, police watched the gang as they mingled around the set where the production team was filming. The mafia boss of was to extract and squeeze money from the American production company; unaware they filmed. The Sicilian Mafia worked off the hard work blood sweat and tears of others they would profit by terrorizing them this typical way For many, Sicily's mafia connections carry a stigma that gives people a misconception about one of the world's most beautiful island. In Palermo, home of notorious crime bosses, the village immortalized in The Godfather, residents are campaigning to change the name of Palermo Village. Campaign Chairman Antonio di Lorenzo said, "We are collecting signatures to petition the council. It's no longer acceptable that the name of Palermo should be associated with the mafia." Mayor Nicolo Nicolosi is against the idea. "It's utter madness. You can't eliminate mafia associations by changing the name." Proposals also include restoring the original name, "You can't eliminate mafia associations by changing the name. We must work together so that we can be appreciated for its fight against the mafia." As Sicily tries to shake-off the mafia image, the Sicilian mafia, perhaps more low-key, yet they remain detrimental to society.

NICHOLAS. A famous bearer was Niccolò Machiavelli, a famous 16th-century political philosopher from Florence. Niccolo, was named after a famous 16th-century political philosopher from Florence.

Niccolo Serratella, was named after a famous 16thcentury political philosopher from Florence. The Events of that day would make Niccolo (Nick)

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