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Riccardo Santos D’ Alfonso, Distinguished Artist The Vineyard

Neda- Child...cries for Iran

A City in Flames

Gypsy Dance Flames


By Andrew Guzaldo

iccardo Santos D’ Alfonso is of Spanish Italian decent; he was born in Rochester New York. He has been studying art since the early age of 8. And his actual skill to paint started at the age of nine. At that early age, he watched his father creating a wonderful fresco (mural painting) of the Sacred Blessed Mother. His Father made Ricardo, an apprentice in a hospital. It is there he viewed a potential to follow him in the Visual Fine Arts. Artists, have went back in his family, bloodline for generations, even centuries. Through this artistic bloodline in the D’Alfonso family, which has left its mark in Spain, France and of course Italy. The D’Alfonso family is in various parts of Italy in Abruzzi, Pezcara, Sardagna. And after found them in Sicily. That is where the Medici family inquisition and extinction. Ricardo says “ I prefers to leave that behind, and not go into details” The families’ art trade goes back many more centuries then Ricardo has researched, so he looks at the current art and its progress ascertained in America. The D’ Alfonso family arrived in America through the Ellis Island shore. It was Ricardo’s Great Grandfather that kept the families together to maintain a relationship, and maintain a family element, in the great country of America. It wasn’t until the younger D’Alfonso’s moved on as they got older, they separated and headed in to many different directions from California to New York, and Canada to Mexico. It wasn’t until their move to Mexico that the family became prosperous and made headway in business and Entrepreneurship, one of the D’Alfonso relatives opened a fruit shipping company, that in later years was purchased by the now very successful Dole corporation. Others of the family were involved in diamonds and various gemstones. Also Restaurants, and politics were of an interest to the D’Alfonso family, and that is where they made their career. Since the D’Alfonso family was so proud to be in America the Military was choice of many, they fought in battles, in the first and second World War, as well as Korea and Vietnam. And the children of the D’Alfonso members have also chosen a Military life as well. However, Ricardo has chose the world of Art, artists, and artisans, it is filled with a mixture of self-teaching in the artistic arts. He has found that music plays a big role in art, well at least for Ricardo it is, he has found Flamingo music and dance has enriched his paintings, in his Ancient Spanish, Sicilian and Romanic-Arabic culture. This something, that Ricardo says, “The instinct and Soul is in me something I have yet to understand, but keep on searching internally, and I do believe to have grasped this through my Artworks and Music.” Ricardo has studied and researched many of the great masters in history, for which he has also been deeply inspired, for their deep passion in the arts, and sacrifices of contributions they made to Society as a whole. And have enriched the artist in his daily routine, in their paintings. And this does not just include Italy, there are Spanish, Venetian, French Dutch as well as Russian masters of the art that have made the art world of today a much easier task, since their sacrifices have added to our mental capability to put on canvas, what the felt in their daily lives. One thing is for sure, Ricardo D’Alfonso is an artist, and it is demonstrated in every one of his masterpieces. Amici Journal advises those art lovers to go to his website, and in viewing you can realize what an Artist Ricardo is. And feel free to, purchase one of those extraordinary pieces, to decorate your home with the knowledge and History of a real Artist.

Riccardo Santos D’ Alfonso Distinguished Artist  
Riccardo Santos D’ Alfonso Distinguished Artist  

Painter Riccardo Santos D’ Alfonso Distinguished Artist