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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT HE WAS GONE HE COMES RIGHT BACK. Angelo “Skip” Saviano emerges to run As Village President, against Joseph Ponzio in Elmwood Park

ELMWOOD PARK - If you've been wondering what happened to House GOP's Assistant Leader Angelo “Skip” Saviano, well, wait till you hear! A number of high level Democrats decided that the newly-drawn House district that Saviano represented would be better off with a Democrat at the helm. So last November, they pulled every trick in their arsenal until their Democratic challenger Kathleen Willis ousted Saviano. At first glance you may think that this is a case of the Big Fish “The Illinois Democratic Machine” is gobbling up the Small Fish “Saviano”. Nonetheless, this “small fish” appears to not be such a small catch after all. Recently it was reported that Saviano’s final salary as a lawmaker was $81,953. However for each year he served in the legislature he accumulated $125,000 in anticipated pension benefits. This will leave him $2.5 Million in Pension Benefits. Not many people have part-time jobs that offer pension benefits, while fewer still receive ones as generous as these Illinois lawmakers provide themselves. You would assume that with this kind of legacy, and bounty you might just want to call it a day. Nonetheless, Saviano didn’t just disappear. He has returned in hopes to show these high level Democrats, that their effort to make him go away did not really work. He definitely is not finished, not by a longshot! He is now running for Elmwood Park Village President and as some have said, “the polls are in” and it’s definitely a done deal. Saviano is not a newcomer to Elmwood Park. He has been a close friend and confidant of Elmwood Park’s current Village President, Peter Silvestri! Yes the very same Elmwood Park Leaders who, Andy Shaw, BGA president and CEO, said. “At the very best … (have) a conflict of interest” and that “A good reform ..." is needed. One can only assume, that Saviano as Village President will be more of the same as before. There is no question that he is affiliated with the same people running Elmwood Park for years. We all know what these folks gave us, unfulfilled promises that one can only assume will continue as part of the "People's Choice" slate. Leading this slate, Saviano is hoping to regain political power, especially in the contract-lucrative area surrounding O'Hare Airport. Apparently, Illinois' bi-partisan combine continues to flourish while the state's unknowing taxpayers pay the bill. For the residents of Elmwood Park, this will mean more of the same in the village of Elmwood Park. Well, “more of the same is just not good enough.”

Angelo “Skip” Saviano “People’s Choice” will be running against Joseph “Joe” Ponzio “The Voice Party”. Joe Ponzio is a very charismatic candidate, not to mention, probably the most qualified choice to properly manage the “Cash-Strapped” Village of Elmwood Park! As a financial adviser and author, Ponzio began writing investment articles that appealed to common sense reality of our current economic landscape. His views and expert opinions were quickly noticed by influential members of the Global Financial Media. Ponzio’s financial articles were picked up by CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Financial Planning Magazine, as well as other well-known outlets. In 2009, “Wall Street” book written by: Joseph Ponzio's is a “No-Nonsense” Approach to Value Investing For the Rest of Us” stressed the value of long-term, patient, common-sense investing, and made #1 spot as a best-selling business book. The value of his touch of truth landed him a number interview’s on local and national radio outlets and television shows. Ponzio has carefully studied years of audits, contracts, and invoices in Elmwood Park. His stellar background in the financial sector, can easily rival the supposed experience the current Village Manager of Elmwood Park claims as strength. Imagine that a Village President that doesn’t need a Village Manager to do his job of managing the Village. Ponzio has a plan to make Elmwood Park more efficient, less expensive, and safer for all of the residents and their families. Although, this is a promise that all politicians always try to sell us, Ponzio is a husband, father, business owner, author, and lifelong Elmwood Park resident. So, there is no question that his roots are firmly planted in growing fields of Elmwood Park (EP). Ponzio’s roots are a number of generations deep in EP Land. Ponzio is a different kind of politician. At least from those we have seen recently? He is real, he is honest and he is just a neighbor, interested in the well-being of his neighborhood. He is involved with numerous charities and organizations throughout Illinois, a few of which include the Knights of Columbus, Sheridan Carroll Food Pantry, Elmwood Park Neighborhood Civic Organization, American Heart Association, and St. Jude Hospital.

BOTTOM LINE: The residents of Elmwood Park deserve something better than “more of the same”. We deserve a Village President that shows dedication, ability and willingness to use everything at his disposal to further the future of the Village over his own, regardless of how self-lucrative it may be (i.e. state pension benefits or county commissionership). Our new Village President needs to make Elmwood Park better for all and not just for him. So, it would be nice to see these two candidates for Village President (Saviano and Ponzio) to at least have had one debate, however Angelo Saviano declined, WHY? The residents of Elmwood Park deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision of whom to vote for on April 9th, 2013.

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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT HE WAS GONE HE COMES RIGHT BACK. Angelo “Skip” Saviano emerges to run As Village President, against Joseph Ponzio i...