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eople will do almost anything for a healthy diet that is not only nutritious, but also tastes as good. Every day it seems there are a host of new and outlandish methods to win the battle of the bulge. The Cabbage Soup diet, the Fat Flush diet and the Blood Type diet are some of the more unusual, yet even the most ridiculous monikers do little to preserve your overall nutrition. The reason why fad diets typically don’t work, according to sports and lifestyle dietitian Molly Kimball, RD, is that they aren’t designed to succeed in the long term. “In reality, a successful diet is one that doesn’t ht . sacrifice flavor, taste or nutrition and incorporates nig orm d your favorite foods every day -- such as tortillas and an he n up t in me t pice wraps.” So scratch the word “diet” out of your voh s nig co to cabulary and follow these four tips for fresh, healthy er, ls be sure n eating: din ea is ed Keep calories in check. “Even if you exercise an er , ng ess m that uté s i r a l t o e S lov sing e ip c b hour every day, there are still 23 hours where you t f e y s e ta Salt to taste ec d o bj an lea can negate it,” says Kimball. “You still have to sam ull, sh r be es su tice a p r and e a s fi d l n h 2 tablespoons blac t t keep an eye on what you’re eating.” She at ha ppe on tab o e k peppercorns of ’t le is c advises that you spend your calories on rns Vege ure t atfish e pe o 2 ri ed Don ry th tab les c h po s on t s r wh T ite peppercorns foods high in fiber, protein and healthy ,t pe ick re d C th t? 2 tablespoons gree ou tead ht. Pep chst hat a aise y wi fat. Since the body takes longer to digest t g n pe s l t ppercorns i h R In r n wit Ma ors rm- less these nutrients, you’ll be left feeling fuller, 2 tablespoons red u h d v a w o n peppercorns y tfis fla S. F fla longer. For a snack, try a quarter cup of reha 2 tablespoons mus Ca inac ds to e U. ends duced fat cheese melted on a La Tortilla Factory tard seeds Sp te bu . Th at bl . 3 tablespoons cano Whole Wheat 100-Calorie Tortilla. Low in caloe s s h la oil ta spic te t vor ries but high in fiber and protein, this snack keeps a s 16 ounces fresh sp of d ta le fl in ach you powering until the next meal. l mi etab 1 clove garlic, min Fill up on veggies. Instead of ham, turkey and g ced ve roast beef thrown between two slabs of bread 1 teaspoon crushe d red pepper flakes with cheese and extra mayo, keep the lean proMatchstick vegetab tein and incorporate loads of vegetables (raw, les grilled or roasted) into a low-carb, high-fiber Season catfish fil lets on both sides with salt. tortilla. “You’ll be slashing calories but still Grind all pepper get the satisfaction of eating a full sandwich, corns and mustar d seeds in a coffe along with loads of fiber-rich, nutrient-dense e or nut mill. Spread pepperco rn mixture on a sm vegetables,” says Kimball. all pl ate . Pr ess one side of each fillet into th Choose healthy fats. Olive oil and fatty fish e peppercorn mix ture. get a lot of attention for a reason: they’re both Heat oil in a large sauté pan over m filled with healthy fats. The monounsaturated edium heat. Whe hot, add fillets n oil is fat in oil and the omega-3’s in fish not only peppered side do help to keep hunger at bay; they also boost wn, cooking no m ore than two or th your heart health by raising HDL (“good”) time, depending ree at a on size of pan. Do cholesterol. Get your fill of both with an Exnot over crowd pa all ow pan to cool wi n or tra-Virgin Olive Oil Soft Wrap from La Tortith each addition. lla Factory smeared with cream cheese and a Sauté catfish for about two minut little bit of salmon. es to form a crus t. Carefully turn fillets an Lighten the foods you love. The bottom d cook for two m or e m in utes, or just line is calories, but is giving up your favorite until the fillets ar e semi-firm. foods worth it? Of course not, instead of a Sauté spinach, ga rlic and crushed massive burrito stuffed with cheese and sour red peppers in on tablespoon canola ecream, use a La Tortilla Factory Hand Made oil. Style Corn Tortilla and pile on lean protein Arrange equal po rtions of sautéed and grilled veggies for an authentic Mexican spinach and matc sti hck vegetables on meal that tastes great. Add more flavors with each of six plate s to co ve r a chipotle-flavored tortilla. th e bottom of the plates. Place catfish fillet s peppercorn sid up on top of vege e tables.

American Catfish and Peppe rcorns


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USa News part 2

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