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Political Editorial Re Elmwood Park Il Election April 9 , 2013 By Amici Journal “Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being Lost” –Thomas Jefferson

The VOICE party Platform

WHAT ELMWOOD PARK RRESIDENTS EXPECT!! It’s seems like yesterday, but in 2011, the Village Voice Party slate lost to Elmwood Park Village President Peter Silvestri’s candidates. Narrowly edged out by a slim margin of about 200 votes, the “Voice” slate included Phillip Marcantelli, Anthony Del Santo, and Sandra Gorney for the trustee spots. But if the colorful political yard sign battle is any indication, it won’t be the signs that vote. Instead waging an aggressive and very noticeable fight, for Silvestri’s position of Village President, are Joseph Ponzio, the Elmwood Park “VOICE” Party together with his slate, Diane Marchetti, Rocco Carrozza, James Pape and Elvis Hernandez and Elmwood Park“Voice” Party, we feel in the end will be victorious. The ex-Village Voicer’s, Anthony Del Santo and Philip Marcantelli, that in 2011, almost defeated the Unity Party slate last time around are now on the other side. Is this possibly a case of an opportunistic defection or was it something else that brought this about? Maybe, this is just another political move, on the part of The Choice Party Leader? Nonetheless, Del Santo and Marcantelli are the same two candidates that just 2 years ago, that with their feelings towards the past administration Unity party, rallied, to the residents of Elmwood Park against the way the Village was being run under the Unity Party reign! The Village President post is a part time position and Silvestri’s Cook County Commissionership is a full time position. However this part-time Village President position still receives an annual salary, then again, this leadership role of Village President is not a 24/7 job and interestingly enough, the Village does require a Village Manger to conduct its daily business, Elmwood Park is a home rule community. Home Rule communities, by law must be run by a Village Manager. In essence the Village Manager is to run the town and, the Village President and Trustees are part time policy making positions.

Silvestri, the 24-year

incumbent Village President of Elmwood Park and longtime Angelo “Skip” Saviano ally, didn’t come to a decision until December of 2012. The Old Switch around was quite imminent, since Saviano has lost some of his political influence, nor is he capable of using it, as he once did. Saviano does however have the benefit of sympathy regarding his recent defeat, as a State Rep it also leaves doubt in the minds of the residents of Elmwood Park. Saviano is an Elmwood Park insider who, if successful in his bid, will use his position to grease the village’s incumbent political machine. Nothing will change. It will be the same old policies. Posturing as the candidate, Saviano coerced Del Santo and Marcantelli to join him on his “Choice Party” slate. He then completed his slate by adding Gina Pesko as the village clerk candidate. In what Saviano thought, was a political master strike, he tried to neutralize the “Village Voice Party’s” slate and message, with the hopes to hurt the future existence of the Voice Party! After the old political switch act of Saviano and his Party which was rebranded the People’s Choice Party. This only means that the name changed but the Village will get more of the same failed policies. Marcantelli and Del Santo believed this was opportune move to Saviano? However word has it that Mercantelli, gave up his trustee spot, in a failed attempt to break up the Voice Party. It has been indicated, that he also has been promised the Village Manager position with Angelo Saviano The Voice Party.

BOTTOM LINE Despite their move to the Saviano camp and whatever deals if any at all with the People’s Choice Party Ponzio does not hold anyone in ill regard, towards his former allies Joseph Ponzio The VOICE Party, has made it perfectly clear that his promise is to the residents of Elmwood Park. As he says “It’s time for new ideas, new principles and new solutions, for Elmwood Park,” and that’s exactly what he plans on delivering!

Village President Elections Elmwood Park Il  

Joseph Ponzio The VOICE Party, has made it perfectly clear that his promise is to the residents of Elmwood Park. As he says “It’s time for...

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