Page 1 “Social Networking with a Purpose!!” What makes unique? We were asked this question frequently as the site was being envisioned and executed. The answer is contained within our guiding philosophy that social networking should have a purpose… a reason to be, aside from the notion that people need a website to post photos of children and pets. is a social network where one can interact with real people, those with big hearts and a thirst to improve the world. It is a meeting place for folks that believe they were destined to meet. It may lead to friendship, love, business or just to provide a smile when times are tough.

Welcome to the Neighborhood is conceived as a “neighborhood”… a friendly community where you will meet people on a shared journey to share wisdom, experiences and a desire to help humanity. It may take the form of encouraging words, a prayer, perhaps a donation to a worthy charity, a job offer or just an exchange of thoughts and ideas. While is not a religious site, many users will share posts about their spiritual beliefs. We encourage this, as we are all looking for answers to the larger questions in life. We can all learn from one another, to build bridges over cultural divides, economic circumstances and faiths. We as an organization believe there is more that binds us than separates us. If you agree, join us !! There are a number of unique attributes to, among them being the ability to maintain a list of contact details of the people with whom you have connected with. Also, our users are able to upload photos, resumes and biographies in order to provide depth to their personal profiles. can also be used to source jobs, post jobs and exchange business opportunities with likeminded people… all for free!! We also offer private chat rooms that are “password protected” for designated group meetings. Further, there are no artificial limits on how many connections you may have and no advertisements on the main news feed. has a number of important safeguards in place designed to eliminate “false identities” and improper content. We have a number of links on our site to allow parental awareness and oversight in an attempt to stringently safeguard younger children.

Striving for a better World Among our earliest endeavors was the affiliation with the Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc. (COH). The COH is a US-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization that provides global humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief support. Among their goals is to provide a forward deployed, quick response, sea-based platform that in addition to state-of-the-art hospital facilities, includes an array of multinational medical personnel, first responders, extensive air-lift capability, heavy equipment, emergency supplies, food and fresh water. Sailing throughout the globe as part of a public-private partnership, the COH will support ongoing relief efforts in partnership with a broad coalition of nations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and others. The COH will be able to respond to unforeseen catastrophic events faster and better equipped than any other military or civilian element in existence ( It is also their intent to utilize one of their websites ( as a “charitable funding and distribution channel” to link individual donors with COH vetted & approved NGO projects on a worldwide basis. This concept is designed to augment partner-NGO projects and provide a direct link between financial sponsors and those charities working in the field. For example, an elementary school class seeks to fund an Africanbased orphanage in Chad as part of an annual project. The class will be able to search the (COH) database of (approved) active missions for a matching project. The class raises money locally and contributes their funds through the COH NGO-partnership system; thus providing the funds through approved (COH) banking channels to the orphanage. COH will deduct a small percentage (TBD) in order to cover organizational expenses and wire transfer fees. The class will receive a monthly update (via a COH-sponsored webpage) from the NGO orphanage and are able to access posted video or (if enabled) on-line chat directly from the facility. The COH goal is to build sustaining relationships within this format so that the experiences will endure in the minds of our youth. It is hoped that by beginning this global interaction at such a young age the COH will foster the legacy of "Engage, Educate, Inspire and Act" and help build the framework for global understanding and peace. The website will seek to augment these efforts and drive awareness of this charity and other charitable organizations that seek a presence within the platform. Just another example of how we strive to differentiate ourselves in the world’s crowded “social media” marketplace. “Social Networking, with a Purpose!!” What makes unique? We were asked this question frequently as the... “Social Networking, with a Purpose!!” What makes unique? We were asked this question frequently as the...