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Midwest Dining

Giuseppe’s La Cantina Italian Tradition with Family

By: John Conenna


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ince 1963 the story of two families came together to create Nick’s LaCantina. Hard working, countless hours and dedication, have made this Des Plaines restaurant a treasure. Located at 1062 Lee Street, in Des Plaines. The restaurant, which opened in 1963, still stands to this day. The original owner, Nick Amelio, and Giuseppe Brunetti, had a dream of a small restaurant. The restaurant started off as a small pizzeria, and grew into a large restaurant, with five dining rooms plus banquet facilities. By the late 60’s and early 70’s, the fruits of their labor began to pay off. If you ever lived in Des Plaines in those days, the line was wrapped around the building. People waited in hour-long lines for the mouth watering La Cantina menu. To this day, their pizza that is their trademark is second to none. The menu, which has changed over the years, has always had the finest qualities. The original recipes of this fine establishment are still used to this day. The success of this fine eatery has been hard work and dedication 365 days a year. After a split in the early 90’s, the restaurant changed its name to Giuseppe’s La Cantina. The Brunetti family consists of Mary Tomasello, Vito Brunetti, Antionette Demma and Joanna Brunetti, and they have never stopped working. The restaurant to this day is in the same spot 45 yrs. later. This is a huge accomplishment in the restaurant world of today. The growth of new restaurants, competition, of all shapes and sizes, the growth of Rosemont Illinois with hotels and new eateries, food cost, plus the expansion of down town DesPlaines, Giuseppe’s LaCantina, has stood the test of time. To the original days of Nick’s La Cantina to the Giuseppe’s of today, the restaurant is a Des Plaines landmark. It truly has that Italian style, from pizza to pasta. It has a relaxing feeling when you walk in. A day does not go by where the Brunetti families do not put a thought into their preparation of the menu. To this day, Giuseppe Brunetti’s wife, Domenica Brunetti, has to stay in tune as to what is going on in the daily operations of the restaurant. The Brunetti family knows service and quality and that is what has put them on the map since 1963. Let’s face it, we are in the era of fast food, and we are on the go, no doubt. If you are ever in Des Plaines and have a taste for any kind of pizza, and I do mean “ Chicago style”, like when you were a kid. You may want pasta, a veal dish, or attend a banquet event, or even try their catering menu, then come to Giuseppe’s La Cantina, and you will be treated like family. Giuseppe Brunetti left us a great tradition of a family restaurant that has never stopped serving family, friends, and customers. I know for a fact Giuseppe Brunetti would be proud of his family and what he started. His legacy and hard work live on. For other fine features and menu items for Giuseppe’s La Cantina, please visit their website at

From Left: Mary Tomasello, Vito Brunetti, Domenica Brunetti, Giuseppe Brunetti, Antionette Demma & Joanna Brunetti 20 AMICI / Winter 08/09

Mario Batali  

17th Edition

Mario Batali  

17th Edition