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As we end the year of 2008, and the holiday seasons ap-

proaches, there is no better time to think of travel plans for the year 2009. It is usually right after the holiday season travelers begin to make their traveling plans. Whether it be for business or just that leisure vacation. So many people after the beginning of a New Year like to plan that one BIG TRIP in their life. Whether it is a cruise to the USA, Mexico, or Europe itself. My recommendations for this coming year of 2009 are ITALY. With the economy status we are in today, travels to Italy have a lot of options to offer. You are probably saying that maybe I do not know what I am suggesting and why Italy? Well why not? After all it is Europe that has so much to offer from its regions, north to south, or just the great traditions Italy has to offer you for an everlasting experience. There are so many different itineraries to facilitate the region you would like to visit. In the years of selling travel abroad, this is still the one trip that I would like to take north to south. Yes, I have been



to Bari Italy. This is the region where my father is from. I have the opportunity to travel to Bari numerous times; just imagine a 21-day tour of Northern Italy, seeing Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, or going to Naples, Calabria, Abruzzi, and Bari. Then winding it down to Sicily near Taormina or Cefalu. There are so many interesting and unforgettable sites to see, great beaches with spectacular views. As I have said so many times before, in planning this type of vacation, you need a professional to do it right. Again, there are wholesale companies that deal with professional travel agents to make your trip the very best. With these types of vacation packages, air transportation, lodging, insurance, transfers, and meals are included. When thinking about that big trip abroad, something different with family or your spouse, Italy from north to south could be the hottest ticket for 2009. You will definitely be pleased but its culture, history, and serenity, but most of all, you will be surprised by it value.

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Mario Batali  

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