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GALLURE IS A leading specialist in the provision of multi-media solutions to the MEDIA industry, offering its clients a wide range of new media services. Built upon a team of 3D modelling, animation and multi-media specialists, with in-depth ARCHITECTurAL know-ledge, we ensure our clients requirements are fully understood to make certain that the multimedia selection is the ideal solution for their 3D construction phasing animation, presentation, video, Interactive DVD or tablet AppS. GALLURE works on projects in the KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN and has an international client portfolio which includes ENTIRE GCC AND INDIA.

Al Ain Ahlia - Dubai, UAE

Al Ahlia Commercial Tower - This project consists of 14 floors of office spaces and commercial spaces on the ground level. The building articula tion is a blend of contemporary and Islamic styles.

Al Dhaid Complex - Sharjah, UAE This project consists of three blocks above a single level podium. There are 80 residential apartments in two bocks and a hotel with 85 guest rooms in the third. The podium apart from having the entrance lobbies for the hotel & apartments has a shopping mall and a hotel management Institute that will function in tandem with the hotel. Parking is provided within the basement and is supplemented by additional surface parking. The roof of the podium is land scaped and has a skylight as a focal point that looks down into the mall atrium.

Centro Hotel - Abu Dhabi , UAE The centro Hotel project in Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi is a project currently under development. The exterior facade follows the trademark centro hotel style that has alreadt been established. The project is currently undergoing review by the local authorites for preliminary approval.

Thumbnail sketches done on Index cards as a part of design exploration and studies on various projects. These quick studies have enabled me to go through multiple concepts and have been a tool to better communicate design ideas among team members and to clients during design meetings.

Architectural sketches and studies that I did for McGill university Department of Architecture during the summer of 2004. These were a part of the series of sketches on Montreal and were featured as a part of an urban design article in

These exersices help us in getting a better feel for the built structure and their underlying concepts. The above sketches have been done using graphite on paper.

Here are some random 3D Models of building interiors and exteriors.

We visualize your 3D requirement and show you a real perspective in software animated 3D models as well as sculpted.

Sample Booth - Stands

Sample Bahraini / Saudi Houses - Similar to the Salmabad, Ministry of Housing Bahrain Projects

3D Vehicle Modelling with exceptional details as shown

Not only do we do fancy 3D modelling, we go in-depth in the design and architecture, to give the engineers a better understanding on the final real life result

Gallure 3D Modelling Profile  
Gallure 3D Modelling Profile