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Newsletter December 2020

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A Warm Welcome to our Team James Allen - National Forestry Sales Manager AMIA are pleased to announce the arrival of James Allen, our new National Forestry Sales Manager. James brings a wealth of experience from the Agricultural and Construction sectors having previously worked at both dealer and more recently manufacturer level coming to us from Bobcat where he was National Sales Manager covering the Southern UK Territory. James will be responsible for the whole Forestry Sector which includes the Valentini Forestry Mulchers, Excavator Headers and the AMIA GL&D Woodchipper range. James commented: “With my background I hope to add value to this highly successful family business and look forward to working with the team. Alan Dennis AMIA Managing Director says ‘As a company James Allen seen with AMIA Directors Alan Dennis, we view the Forestry Sector as a key growth area for the Clifford Dennis and Jennifer Dennis company in the coming years as James recruitment is a key component in us achieving our goals in this sector. We are Contact James on: looking forward to working with James over the coming years'. We would like to take the opportunity to welcome James on board, his experience and knowledge will be an asset to our team.

07841 036064

Kim Turner - Irish Market Sales Support & Administration In addition to James we are also delighted to announce the arrival of Kim Turner to our Head Office. Kim joins us from the well known Merlo Dealership, South West Handling formerly known as CJ Saunders. Prior to that, Kim worked as a legal secretary for 30 years at Stones Solicitors Kim has an in depth knowledge of the Agricultural Industry, particularly the grassland side of things and alongside working for AMIA, runs a smallholding on the edge of Dartmoor. Kim’s knowledge and expertise from her previous roles is a great asset to the company and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Kim Turner at AMIA Headquarters

Welcome on board Kim!

Alan Dennis, AMIA’s Managing Director, says “ We are very happy to add such an experienced, enthusiastic person to our our Administration and Sales Support team, having knowing Kim for many years, we know she will be a great asset to the company over the coming years. Kim says “I’m so pleased to be working with such an enthusiastic and driven team offering a great selection of innovative machinery to the agricultural and other markets.”

If you would be interested in working for us please send a CV and covering letter to


Throughout 2020 AMIA have been searching the world machinery market to find new partners to work with who can provide our customers with innovative machines to enhance and improve efficiency as well as productivity. We are delighted to introduce some of our new partners to you over the next few pages. Team AMIA

AMIA are delighted to announce that they are now the Exclusive UK & Ireland Distributors for the Canadian Manufacturer Honeybees range of Combine Flexible Draper Headers and Tractor Mounted Swathers. The Honeybee Air Flex Flexi-Headers are completely flexible headers allowing you to pick up and increase output on laid crops, increase ground speed and decrease losses. The Honeybee Headers feature a simple mechanical drive and are simple to set up and adjust in the field. In the picture below you can see where the cutter is ‘flexing’ over an obstruction on the ground saving damage to the machine but also demonstrating how the header gets under laid crops. The tractor mounted swathers can either be fitted on the front or rear linkage with reverse drive. These machines have proved to be very effective in UK and Irish fields in 2020 and are great for Organic farmers who have previously struggled with weed invasion of their crops. As the swathers can either feed to the left, right or centre this gives the operator the opportunity to make combining more efficient and potentially reduce the need for multiple combine units. The reason for this is that you can put two swaths into one, allowing your combine to work at full capacity and efficiency. We are delighted to have a number of units out working with customers already in the UK and have tested the machines throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information on the Honeybee range of Combine Headers and Tractor Mounted Swathers please call +44 (0)1363 82928 or email to speak to our Honeybee Specialist

W NE A BR ND Further to the addition of the Honeybee range, in 2020 AMIA have added another Canadian company Highline Manufacturing to their stable of brands. Highline manufacture the fast working, reliable and innovative NT60 E Rock Picker which is capable of collecting rocks from 1.2m wide by 40 cm high, going down to small stones with everything in between. These machines have been trialed and sold throughout the UK and Ireland in 2020 allowing the customers to significantly reduce maintenance costs on cultivation and harvesting equipment. Operators can then generate a valuable bi-product in stones and rocks which they can either use or sell after using the machine. The machine itself is designed with the capacity to move quickly over the ground. You can hydraulically move the machine to the left or right of your tractor if you want to ad-hockly collect stones and rocks from your fields surface. They also provide a great opportunity for contractors looking for a different product or service to expand their service offering. The machine itself has a high lift bin bucket which can be used to either tip the buckets directly into a trailer, into a pile in the field or directly into a large telehandler bucket. Highline also manufacturer hydraulically powered Rock Rakes for rowing up stones.

For more information please call +44(0)1363 82928 or email to speak to one of our specialists

W NE BR DS AN In January 2020, AMIA became the exclusive UK & Ireland distributors for Italian Sprayer manufacturer Caffini. Caffini offer a vast range of sprayers from small 3pt linkages models, Vineyard and Orchard sprayers, Trailed Agricultural models to professional Self-propelled machines. All Caffini sprayers are built with a robust build quality with galvanised components used on a variety of models. Caffini also manufacturer the Caffini Grass Killer which is a highly innovative machine allowing you to completely destroy grass and weeds using a 1000 bar pump with only ROOM temperature water. This is proving to be extremely popular when it comes to rules and regulations for pesticides in the UK & Ireland.

AMIA have a professional range of Woodchippers to suit all requirements. The AMIA GL&D range includes Diesel and Petrol Trailed Woodchippers with the Fusion EVO model having a Turntable design allowing users to work more efficiently. Included in the range are 3pt Linkage models with chip diameter up to 235mm with the Professional line coming with a 2 year standard Warranty. The Titan range of biochippers include hydrostatic tracked models alongside chippers with powerful 23hp engines and PTO models all with a 3 year warranty.

During the course of 2020 AMIA have added the Italian manufacturer of Irrigation tractor mounted pumps Veneroni to our portfolio with there already being several machines out working in the UK and Ireland. The Veneroni machines have incredible pumping power and can also be used to quickly relieve flooding issues - they come with various different additional pipe options including extensions.

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Over the next few pages you will find a display of some of our established brands. Team AMIA


Valentini Tractor Mounted Stone Crushers and Trenching Wheels

Valentini Stone Buriers available up to 12m working width with a variety of Rollers options or Bed Formers as well as optional Air Seeders

Valentini Tractor Mounted Forestry Mulchers and Excavator Heads

i ng i st Ex d an Br s Enorossi Tedders - Mowers - Single Rotor Rakes - Twin Rotor Rakes V-Rakes - Sickle Bar Mowers - Tedder & Rake Combinations

Tubeline 10 Bale Accumulators and Grabbers - Inline Bale Wrappers Front Mounted Bale Processors - HLA Side Discharge Buckets

is Ex g tin a Br nd s SFOGGIA Transplanters - Precision Beet, Maize, Rape Drills Inter Row Weeders - Precision Vegetable Drills - Mechanical Seed Drills

Nardi Gladiator Fast Combination Cultivator with Subsoiler, Discs & Roller Reversible, Mounted & In Furrow On Land Ploughs - Rippers - Cultivators

Alstrong Grassland Rejuvenation Equipment and Aerators

Selvatici Aeroking Vertical Drainage Aerators up to 2.5m - Spading Machines

La st! ks eS to c W hi l

Special Offers on our machines! Treat yourself to a present this Christmas with our amazing Special Offers on some of our IN STOCK machines! Quote code: AMIA20 for a further festive discount on new machines in stock. Call our office on 01363 82928 to speak to a member of our team or email for more details.


AMIA ROLLO Round Bale Unwinder

* Self Loading Spike System with Quick Attach * Combination 3pt and Euro Hitch Headstock

Ex demo demo Enorossi Enorossi Batrake Batrake 12 10 V V Rake Rake 7.4m 6.6m Ex £6000 ++ VAT VAT RRP £7500 + VAT £6600 RRP £7500 + VAT

Ex demo Enorossi Vortex 6 Rotor Tedder £5950 + VAT RRP £7750 + VAT

Nardi Warrior Combination Cultivator £8,400 + VAT RRP £12,500 + VAT

Ex Show Peecon 18m3 Diet Mixer Wagon £22950 + VAT RRP £29760 + VAT

NEW Nardi Chisel Ripper £3,650 + VAT RRP £4,950

Ex demo Enorossi DMC6 Mower Roller Mo-Co - £5250 + VAT RRP £7500 + VAT

Ex demo Enorossi RT9 Side Rake 5.6m £6000 + VAT RRP £8250 + VAT

AMIA GL&D Fusion Turntable Woodchipper £14,950 + VAT RRP £22,150 + VAT

Ex Valentini demo Tubeline Superfight Inline 4.2mBale Stone Wrapper Burier £26750 £34000 ++ VAT VAT RRP RRP £45000 £37500 ++ VAT VAT

NEW AMIA GL&D Titan PTO Woodchipper £3,750 + VAT RRP £5,500 + VAT

Ex demo SFOGGIA Florida Transplanter 2 Rows - £6250 + VAT RRP £9500 + VAT

HLA Adaptor Plates Various ones in stock, call for details

If you would like us to advertise your Livestock or Used Machinery in our next Newsletter please get in touch


Take part in our AMIA Christmas Word Search below and our AMIA Christmas Crossword on the next page to be in for a chance of winning a Fledbag Original OR Fledbag Easy. The choice is yours should you win! Simply complete the Cross Word, snap a photo and email it to us at to be entered into the draw! A winner will be drawn at random on Friday 15th January 2021 Good Luck!


Across 5. Alternative to a Power Harrow or Rotovator made by Italian Manufacturer Selvatici 8. Irish manufacturer of Aerators and Grassland Rejuvenation equipment 10. Way to dry grass 11. Made by Italian manufacturer to make channels in rock, concrete, roads etc 15. Italian manufacturer of Vertical Drainage Aerators 16. Italian grassland machinery manufacturer 18. Company name 19. Canadian manufacturer of 10 Bale Accumulators 20. Great for making or regenerating farm lanes

Down 1. Italian manufacturer of Self Propelled, Trailed and 3pt Linkage Sprayers 2. Type of Rake 3. Way to cut grass 4. Canadian Manufacturer of Flexible Combine Headers and Swathers 6. Made by Canadian Manufacturer Jaylor 7. Italian manufacturer of Ploughs and Cultivation equipment 9. Made by SFOGGIA for putting vegetables, plants etc in the ground 10. Way to collect grass ready for baling 12. Austrian manufacturer of product to allow you to quickly and easily control emptying dumpy bags 13. Way to get rid of unwanted wood 14. Canadian manufacturer of Rock Pickers 15. Italian manufacturer of Vegetable planting machinery 17. Made by Italian manufacturer Nardi



The AMIA Christmas Word Search ● Accumulator ● Aerator ● Aeroking ● Alstrong ● AMIA ● Auctus ● Bale Boss ● Bale Unwinder ● Batrake ● Caffini ● Combine header ● Disc Mower ● Enorossi ● Flat Ten ● Flexi Header ● Highline ● Honeybee ● Jaylor ● Nardi ● Rake ● Rock Picker ● Rollo ● Selvatici ● SFOGGIA ● Side Discharge Bucket ● Stone Crusher ● Swather ● Tedder

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AMIA are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of the FLEDBAG® range of products including the Fledbag Original and Fledbag Easy The innovative FLEDBAG® lets you empty big bags easily, quickly and precisely. For more information call +44 (0)1363 82928.

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