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8 Herbert Street

MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS HAVE APPROACHED the concept of family documentation. Usually the reasons for it are despondent ones. However in this case it is more of a perVRQDOUHà HFWLRQRQKLVSHUFHSWLRQVRI FKDQJH ´,QLWLDOO\,KDGQRWLFHGZKDW,WKRXJKWZHUHVOLJKWFKDQJHV in my parent’s house. As I explored the concept more WKURXJKP\SKRWRJUDSKV,WRFFXUUHGWRPHWKDWWKHVH VXEWOHDFWLRQVDQGWUDLWVWKDWKDGDSSHDUHGVRVWUDQJHWR PHDWÀUVWZHUHLQIDFWWKHLUVWDQGDUGEHKDYLRUV¡WKDWKDG EHHQREVFXUHGE\P\OHDYLQJKRPH¾ Within this book Handyside explores the traits and habits RI KLVSDUHQWVWKDWKHKDGQHYHUJLYHQDWWHQWLRQWRR,W follows his parent’s daily lives and touches on both their idiosyncrasies and ailments. )URPWKHLQVLGHORRNLQJLQZDUGVWKLVERRNLVDQXQXVXDO exploration of parental acceptance.



8 Herbert Street - Photo Book  

I created this photographer's book containing the documentary photographs of photographer Dale Handyside. The photographs were of a personal...

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