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Congrats to Ayanna Law for winning this year’s talent show!!

Duct Tape!!!!!!! See how you can earn 5000 dollars from using duct tape

March Madness, see what’s going down in March with our spring sports.

Ask a Ram! If you asked questions this issue find out what we had to say!

by Teylar Bell

Arabia Mountain hosted its 2nd annual black history program, on the 28th of February, headed by Mrs. Sylvia Prater. There were many performances that were outstanding during the event. The fine arts department’s F.A.D.E. performed an African inspired piece “Shango” and another piece called “The Color Section” a civil rights inspired selection that wowed the audience with their technical and graceful movements. Along with the dancers we had the AMHS chorus that performed African song “Zeeahumba” and a Negro Spiritual “Soon Ah Will Be Done” that pleasantly surprised the crowd when senior, Skyla Palmer, took a solo that brought people to their feet! In between each performance there were inspiring poems, about the struggles of AfricanAmericans through each time period. Another outstanding performance was senior, Aric Flemming, who had the crowd in frenzy with his rendition of Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come”. The program was a success and hopefully next year will be even better.

Arabia Mountain’s very own, award winning Reading Bowl team has once again taken the competition by storm, winning second place in their latest competition. Through all of their excitement, they were able to let the RAMpage staff in to learn a little more about this magnificent team. Each year, 20 books are nominated for the GA Peach Award for books; this list is the club’s reading list for that competition year. When they go to compete, there is a mediator who reads questions from a bank of questions, and then the teams are given the opportunity to answer. If the responding team gives an answer that the opposing team feels isn’t good enough, they have the opportunity to challenge the question to give a better answer.

At their last competition, there were six rounds, with the chance of obtaining 100 points per round. After completing the final round against Chamblee high school, our team placed second with a score of 340! The team was very proud of their achievement saying that the competition was “really fun” and “surprisingly easy.”

Grade: 10th Favorite book from reading bowl: God is the Pancake Favorite book genre: Fiction Favorite book of all time: Circle the Soul Softly Favorite pastime: Dance Favorite memory from Reading Bowl: The time I called the “candy striper” “candy stripper”! Why I love Reading Bowl: Its fun and I like to read Grade: 12th Favorite book from reading bowl: Ship Breaker Favorite book genre: Science fiction Favorite book of all time: The Last Chance Texaco Favorite pastime: Be awesomely random

Other clubs: FFA, 4-H, SADD Favorite memory from Reading Bowl: Buzzing and then figuring out the other team has someone who buzzed quicker Why I love Reading Bowl: Because people aren’t judgmental about my loving books.

Grade: 9th Favorite book from reading bowl: Almost Perfect & Beautiful Creatures Favorite book genre: Mystery/ Realistic Fiction Favorite book of all time: I don’t have a favorite Favorite pastime: Write, use the computer Favorite memory from Reading Bowl: The whole experience Why I love Reading Bowl: It is a lot of fun Grade: 10th Favorite book from reading bowl: The Maze Runner Favorite book genre: Fantasy, thriller, romance, science fiction Favorite book of all time: On the Road Favorite pastime: Write, watch classic films, shop

Favorite memory from Reading Bowl: When Alcove High School beat our rival teams Why I love Reading Bowl: I get to have fun and be around people who like to read.

Grade: 10th Favorite book from reading bowl: The Maze Runner Favorite book genre: Fantasy, Romance, Horror

Favorite book of all time: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins Favorite pastimes: Writing and hanging out with my friends Other clubs: Beta club and TSA Favorite memory from Reading Bowl: Going against Chamblee, they were inviting and challenging. Why I love Reading Bowl: It is fun and oddly enough, exciting, especially when we go against teams that are good.

Grade: 9th Favorite book from reading bowl: Franklin of the Rock Favorite book genre: Romance Favorite book of all time: Donte’s Inferno, Jude, The Gray Wolf Throne Favorite pastimes: Football, socializing, computers

Other clubs: Chess Club Why I love Reading Bowl: Beating people

Teacher(s): Ms. Suzette Wheeler & Ms. Juanita Huntley Overview: Healthcare science prepares students for professional life in the healthcare field, it helps students build better business skills, and it also teaches students basic medical terms which also translates into other subjects.

255 Students

This semester healthcare students will be working on completing their internships and shadowing. Each student is completing a different internship in whatever field of healthcare they want to work in. Upon completion of these internships Ms.Wheeler hopes that it will help them to prepare for the professional world and also gain knowledge of how to business side of healthcare will be.

Teacher(s): Ms. Amy Mamane Levels: I.BVP 1st Year II.BVP 2nd Year III.BVP 3rd Year IV.BVP 4th Year Overview: The purpose of the broadcasting pathway is to prepare students for employment entry into college/ technical school in the broadcasting field. This semester the students in broadcasting are learning about detail advanced editing and work ethics. The have also started an internet radio station ( that teaches students the fundamentals of radio. Ms. Mamane hopes that after completion of this pathway student will have skills that go beyond the BVP filed, good work ethic, and learn how to make better home videos.

126 Students

Teacher(s): Mr. Joshua Rogers Levels: I. Basic AgriScience II. Horticulture III. Nursery Landscape IV. Wildlife and natural Resources

124 Students

Overview: The purpose of the broadcasting pathway is to help students learn the basis of plants and science. This semester in agriculture students will have plant sells in the spring and 4 of our very own students will be attempting to get their GGIA certification. Upon completion of this pathway Mr. Rogers hopes that students will learn how to be better consumers in the grocery store in the lawn and gardening section and that they will choose careers in the green industries.

Teacher: Chef Felicia Harris Overview: The culinary arts pathway prepares students of all levels to gain valuable experience in the area of food, safety and sanitation. In May, twenty students will take the State of Georgia ServSafe Management Test. With the passing of this State test, students will hold a certificate that can place them in a management position in the food service industry. Throughout this semester, all classes will constantly work on food safety and sanitation assignments, projects and practice tests to prepare for mays ServSafe test. This year, Culinary Arts II will pilot a End of Course Test (EOCT) to show their proven assessment and skills. This will become a mandatory assessment in years to come. This semester, we are concentrating on cooking styles and methods. FCCLA took seven students to the Regional competition in February and all seven students made it to the State level. Nettie Brown won Gold in the Environmental Ambassador category while Breeahna Gresham, Aiyana Parks and Steven Smith won Silver in the entrepreneurship category, Noely Escorza and Daijah Suggs won Silver in the Focus on Children category and Andre Fields-Rogers won Silver in the Advocacy Junior category. We also have three four students who are competing in State events, they are Taylor Davis, Christian Betterson, Joanna Risby and Phylicia Thomas. Please wish all good luck as we travel to the university of Georgia campus for a two night/three day extravaganza will approximately 3,500 FCCLA students from across the state.

129 students

Teacher: Ms. Erika Gates Levels: I. Entrepreneurial Ventures

329 Students

For the next two weeks, Entrepreneurial Ventures will be learning and engaging themselves in the field of HR (Human Recourses). While the Business Essentials are currently learning the important functions of management. Outside of the classroom Future Business Leaders of America will be heading to State Leadership Conference were we will compete and work hard to ensure we proceed to the national level in various events.

Club Updates FFA

by Kirsten Winston


FFA has been established since Arabia opened. FFA consists of 9 officers who are students and the n compete in competitions and events called rally state conventional area meetings. This semester, FFA has completed in five events: State Finalist, Recycling Campaign, FFA Nutritional Convention, Georgia National Fair and Green Industry Conference. This year was Arabia first time as state finalist. This will go down in history. FFA is looking forward to a new event called the Forestry, Summer Camp, Award Banquet, and State Conventions.

HOSA is known for an interactive and extra involvement of the Pathway. In HOSA everybody has the same vision and takes their club serious. This powerful club conducts blood drive, teaching, reading and becoming a mentor to the Murphy Candler Kids. Coming up HOSA has a competition in Albany Georgia and if they win they will progress to the next round to Nationals held in Orlando Florida. “In HOSA you see the fruits of your labor. It’s one of the hardest clubs and pathways that ultimately prepare you for the work force. Giving you exposure and that extra step an competitive edge”

Skills USA Skills USA is a national organization that encourages leadership skills. “It’s a partnership of student, teachers, and the industry working together to make America have better skills” said Mrs. Mamane. This year the club has been to the Fall Leadership in September in Saint Simons Island in Georgia. At this fall leadership they teach you skills on how to run a chapter and fundraising ideas. An exciting highlight this year is when one of our own Arabia Mountain students Zuheerah Muhammad received a statesman award. Next year Mrs. Mamane is looking forward to developing teams for different competition and competing at state. Zuheerah Muhammad explains,“Skills USA is one of the most respectful clubs that I’ve been a part of and I’m so proud to be the president because I learned a lot of leadership skills as well as engaging fun in numerous competition.”



The inspirational choir has twenty members. Their purpose is to provide to communities and schools through the inspiration of songs and music. This year the inspirational choir has performed at the winter concert and capital building. Some highlights were at the capitol building. “They were applauded for their performance and complimented by many. The dignities in the building were stopping in their tracks looking from their offices and leaning over the second floor rails to see who this group was that sung beautifully” Stated Mr. Vivian. The inspirational club meets on Mondays’ and Fridays from 3:45 to 4:30, some upcoming events that the inspirational club has in store is performing at the Black History Program, and they’re in the process of getting information to perform at malls, churches, and hosting gospel concerts.

SADD is a club that research and inform students on awareness of habits that teens perform. Recently they are trying to gather information on smoking. They want to inform the public about how smoking can cause cancer and other health issues. Past events that the club accomplished were drug awareness during drug free month. For drug awareness they passed out flyers and have students conduct a drug free pledge. SADD is looking forward to have an assembly about drugs and bring in an accident car to inform students, teachers, and parents about the effects of driving and drinking. Arabia is looking forward to see SADD in action.

The choir performs during a recent trip to the state capitol.


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SGA Updates

by Shankay Watson

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! SGA is hosting a day filled with activities that can help you up your school spirit. These activities will keep you on your feet. You won’t have any time to sit and relax because you’re going to be cheering, laughing and enjoying yourself. LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!! Activities will include:   

Battle of the class week Powder Puff Game Spirit competition for freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The date will be set soon, so look out!

The fun doesn’t stop there. SGA is hosting an annual show case for talent on spirit week that will be taking place sometime in spring. If you have any special talent don’t hesitate to contact Mr. McKinney. Candidates, start baking cupcakes because in April, SGA will be electing class officers for the 2012-2013 school years, including:    

Student body president Vice president Treasurer Secretary

Stop The Madness! There have been a lot of rumors going around about prom, but sophomore class president, Kristi Campbell, explains, “The sophomores, to my knowledge, are NOT loaning money to the junior and senior class for prom. Mrs. Andrews however, did decide to include the sophomores in prom activities.” In order to keep the budget under control, Mrs. Andrews asked twenty sophomore males and twenty sophomore females to dress up in costumes and character, to serve food, sing and dance to fit the “All Around the World” theme. If you’re a sophomore and you have any special talent that you want to showcase please contact Mrs. Andrews so you can help make this prom an unforgettable event.

Sticking to Prom By: Laura Hill A duct tape dress?? Not exactly the ideal gown you imagine yourself wearing to your prom, right? However, more and more high school students are taking the chance of making this their style choice at proms all over America in exchange for money for college. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stuck at Promâ&#x20AC;? is a scholarship contest that requires participants to come up with creative ideas for dresses, as well as tuxedos, made of duct tape! Anyone attending prom ages 14 and older can be eligible to receive this scholarship. However, you MUST be creative! The contest begins March 7, 2012 and will run through June 13, 2012. Interested couples may go to the website for more information as well as the official rules for the contest.

Would you be willing to wear a dress made of duct tape to prom for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship?

If I was in dire need of the money, I would. Prom is only a temporary importance; college is important for my future


Kcharedda Harris

Um, I would be hesitant but I would take the risk of being laughed at for that much money if I knew I'd win. $5000 is enough for me to swallow my pride because I'm GOING to survive college. So that would definitely be a financial reprieve and incentive to do it! -

Ariana Treadwell


If I really needed the money, yes because prom is only one night & its $5,000. But otherwise no because I would want to look my best at prom, it’s a memory we'll have forever plus imagine taking it off o.O lol -

Kristi-Ann Walters

Yes, because it seems interesting and if it’s a cute dress, it doesn't matter what the material is.


Jamee Carroll

Taylor Lindsay

Uhhh Yes! Money for college, I need it, and I can just change when prom is over.


No because prom is a time to look your best and a duct tape dress would not do me justice lol. I would look for other scholarships

Deadreana Waters

Sure prom is just one night money will last me a while and goes toward my future plus I don’t care about what people think (: Yes. Prom is only for one night and i could make some duct tape luck good n college is help n 4 do whatever it took to succeed in life. -

Danielle King


Abby Lee

What started off as a simple joke turned into something wonderful! Senior Takiria Tyson volunteered to participate in the duct tape scholarship competition. To test our creativity, the newspaper class decided to see if we could make her the perfect dress. Takiria began to wrap tape around herself, and then the rest of us stepped in to offer our help. The more we wrapped her up, the more the creativity began to flow. We decided to make it one-shoulder, added â&#x20AC;&#x153;removable pockets,â&#x20AC;? and we even found her a date! It might not have been perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good since we did it in about an hour, with one roll of tape, on top of her school uniform!

Takiria’s dress was a hit with her peers! If you are interested in making a duct tape dress to wear to prom, here are some suggestions:  Don’t just apply tape over your uniform!  Buy a simple, cheap, cotton dress in a shape you like and layer the tape of it.  Duct tape comes in tons of cool colors and patterns, so be creative!

OMG! What Should I Wear! Save the Date! Prom is March 30, 2012 By Salayna Bryant

Plan ahead. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s are some tips to help narrow down your options: Outline your budget. Choose between what you want and what you can afford. Decide what color you plan to wear. Decide if you want a long or a short dress. A short dress may be a more affordable option, but you will have to make sure you have great shoes. Decide if you want to match your date. Choose between semi-formal or formal. Find a style inspiration: Trendy, Vintage, Hollywood Glamour, Bohemian, Beauty Queen, or find a style icon. When shoe shopping, consider how much of your shoe will be visible and choose a heel height that matches your hemline.

FOR GUYS: The tux has to be absolutely STUNNING! Its all about the style, pattern, and color, but most importantly, how it feels everything has to correlate and fit together.

FOR LADIES: It’s all about finding the PERFECT dress! The one that fits just right has that unique style and was “made” just for you.

Prom dress shopping and finding the right tuxedo is NOT easy. It takes time and a lot of energy. It can be very stressful, but you have to also keep your budget in mind. The perfect dress, tuxedo, bow tie, shoes, and accessories don’t have to cost you the same as a down payment on a car.

Tips for a Drama-free Prom by Kirsten Winston and Kiara Falcher

 Laugh off any drama  Help him pick the corsage.  Make sure you get your nails done by professionals or paint your own nails. Don’t wear glue on nails that might pop off.  If your date is not from your school, make sure you include him or her.  DO NOT DITCH YOUR DATE!  If some of your plans go wrong  Keep cool, you do not want to remember the night as being mad.  PLEASE SAVE MONEY!!! DON’T BUY AN EXPENSIVE DRESS THAT YOU’RE ONLY GOING TO WEAR ONCE.  Do not let anybody influence you to do something you do not want to do.  Do not stress if you do not have a prom date. Who cares? Just have fun.  If you feel uncomfortable in your dress, don’t wear it.  Do not lie about where you bought your dress because somebody else may have it.  Don’t buy a dress too tight where you can’t move.  Don’t clash with your date; make sure you’re matching.  Do not wear super high heels to the point where you can’t walk.  Please wear correct undergarments!!!!!!!  If you are wearing a strapless, make sure it fits and is supportive around the bust area.  Make sure your dress is not too long so when you dance nobody steps on it.

Fun Things To Do Before and After Prom By Kirsten Winston and Kiara Falcher

Go out to eat before prom: Going out to Eat before prom can be a good way to spend time with your date or even with your friends. (For restaurant ideas, keep reading!

Go out to eat before prom: Going out to Eat before prom can be a good way to spend time with your date or even with your friends. (For restraunt ideas for prom seeHave page ___!) a spa day with your girls: Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an exciting way to get extra hype for prom and chill with your girls.

After Party: Having an after party is a great way to get all of your close friends together and keep the party going all night long

Go to the Hair Dresser: Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s must for girls to go get their hair done and beautify themselves before prom.

Party Bus: A party bus is a great way to get the party before and after prom. With the many accommodations provided on party buses there is never a dull moment.

PROM NIGHT is one thriller that everyone lovesâ&#x20AC;Ś It starts out as the night of your dreams; but then turns into a nightmare that no one expects. Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) has suffered and survived from a catastrophe she been living with for the past year. The night of her dreams is here which is PROM and she wants to be able to remember everything. Will the night turn out as she planed to will there be an unexpected turn? Thriller (2008) PROM is very warming and fun movie. A group of teens in high school who are about to graduate goes threw the process of getting ready for prom and all of the logistics of prom. Nova is a senior as well as the senior president, which is control of PROM and the decorations. A school fire destroys all of the decoration within to weeks before prom. Will Nova safe prom, find a date before prom or is it end up in a catastrophe? PROM WARS is about at Miss Aversham and Miss Cronstall's School for Girls who wants to teach guys how to never take girls for granted and how to always treat them right. The two girls schools gets together and have two boys schools the boys of Easthill's rival private schools, Selby and Lancaster compete with each other to take the girls two their prom. Find out what happens next in Prom wars. (Comedy) Pretty in Pink a 1968 movie tells a story of a complicated love triangle. Andie is an unpopular teenage girl in high school who hangs out with her two best friends. Her friend Duckie has a huge crush on her and wants to ask her out on prom night, but Andie has another person in mind from a different school. Will Duckie ever get to be with his true crush or will she go with Blane from the other school. Find out what happens next. Pretty in Pink is a comedy, romance and drama

Top Prom Movies Are you so excited for prom that you just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hide it? Or are you having a hard time getting in the mood for the dance? Pop some popcorn, invite your friends over, and watch one of these great prom movies and let your imagination run wild!

By Kimberley Baker and Kirsten Winston

1. Carrie (1976)

This movie is about a girl who has special powers but they are evil powers. She is nominated for prom queen but she also makes a seniors nightmare. 2. Napoleon

Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon Dynamite is a nerd who is preparing for the upcoming school dance; this movie is hilarious and will make you laugh all night. 3. Never

Been Kissed (1999)

Drew Barrymore stars as an undercover reporter who is assigned a story on her high school years. She befriends the popular crowd, attends the prom, and ends up falling for her teacher. 4. Footloose (1984)

Starring Kevin Bacon, this movie is about a town that banned public dancing. A new guy moves to town and together with the rest of the high school they challenge the law. This movie is full of music, dancing, and has a lot of energy. 5. She's

All That (1999)

In this movie friends make a bet to turn a nerdy, geeky girl into a prom queen. This is a fun movie and it makes you remember all of the fun times in high school. Plus, there is a great dance scene! 6.

Twilight (2008)

Even though this is not typically considered a prom movie, Bella and Edwardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prom Scene is one of my favorites because it shows the fun and romance prom if you have a special someone.


Fine Dining on Prom Night By Raven White Looking for some fine dining before or after prom? Well here are some very good options.

Azio Restaurant

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant

Maybe before of after prom you have a taste for Cuisine Italian type food then Azio is the place for you.

Tired of the normal traditional food and have a taste for some seafood then head to McCormicks & Schmicks. It is said to be one of the best spots for sea food.

Agatha's "A Taste of Mystery" Dinner Theatre


Want to have a fun time while enjoying your meal? Well to Agatha`s where you may be involved in a comedy murder.

If you want to feel the heat from the fire while your food is prepared Benihana is the place for you. Enjoy the live preparation of you food.

St. Patrick’s Day By Kimberly Baker

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th. Most people associate the shamrock, leprechauns, and green with St. Patrick’s Day. This Irish holiday is always celebrated on March 17th, which is the day that Saint Patrick died. St. Patrick was a priest who when he was 16 was sold into slavery in Ireland. During the time he was a hostage he started having prophetic visions. He also was a missionary who had a strong religious faith. After his escape when at the age of 60 years old, he went to Ireland to spread the word of Christianity. He used the shamrock or as some know it a three-leafed clover, to explain the Christian concept of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. If you find a four-leaf clover, the fourth leaf symbolizes luck. People also give Saint Patrick credit for chasing all the snakes out of Ireland, an old myth that is actually a metaphor for chasing all the pagans out of Ireland.

Fun Facts Green is the color of the shamrock, but St. Patrick’s color is actually blue. Leprechauns are associated with St. Patrick’s Day because they are Irish. According to the 2003 Census, over 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage, which is why the holiday is so poular over here. St. Patrick was actually British – not Irish. He was kidnapped at 16 and taken to Ireland.

By Takiria Tyson The time has come for NCAA March Madness 2012. Let’s take a look behind all of the games and the teams. Have you ever thought about how the NCAA picks the teams for the March Madness? Well, let’s take a closer look into your favorite event in basketball. It’s easy watching the games, but the decision on picking the teams are not so easy. So, starting in November the committee begins to discuss the upcoming basketball season. The conferences are divided within the ten committee members, mainly so they can focus on assigned teams. In January there is the NCAA convention where the committee members attend and they review what they have seen throughout the non-conference part of the season. Here members may exchange and express their opinions. In mid-February a mock selection is held in Indianapolis, which helps members get a feel of what will happen in March and veterans of the committee get a feel of what goes on. The Tuesday before selection Sunday, the committee meets at the Westin Inn Hotel in Indianapolis for the beginning of the selection process. After that, they spend five days voting and debating until they have 68 brackets released on selection Sunday.

Mike BobinskiXavier Athletic Director Bobinski have served as the director of athletics in Akron and an associate director of athletics at the Naval Academy. He has been at Xavier since 1998. Bobinski began working with the committee in 2008.

Jamie ZaninovichWest Coast Conference Commissioner Zaninovich spent five years as senior associate athletics director for external relations at Princeton. He has been the commissioner of the West Coast Conference since 2008. Zaninovich began at the committee in 2011.

Steve Orsini- SMU Athletic Director Orsini started his role as athletic director at Southern Methodist University in 2006. Before SMU, he was the director of athletics at Central Florida in 2002. He then became a part of the committee in 2010.

Doug Fullerton- Big Sky Conference Commissioner Fullerton started out as the athletic director of Montana State University. Eleven years later he became the commissioner of the Big Sky Conference. He joined the committee in 2009.

John Alleva- LSU Athletic Director Alleva began his service in the committee September 2011. Before his service, he worked at Duke University starting in 1980.

Ron WellmanWake Forest Athletic Director Wellman graduated from Bowling Green State. Wellman served as director of athletics at both Mankato State and Illinois State. He was appointed to the

Lynn Hickey- TexasSan Antonio Athletic Director

Jeff HathawaySelection Committee Chair

Joe CastiglioneOklahoma Athletic Director

Scott Barnes- Utah State Athletic Director

Hickey was elected to the committee in fall 2007. She was the head coach for basketball at Kansas State from 79’ to 84 and then at Texas A&M from 84’ to 94’. Before title in coaching, Hickey was an All-American for Ouchita Baptist’s nationally ranked basketball team. She also was a member of the 1973 USA National Team.

Hathaway started in 1990 as the senior associate athlete director in Connecticut. From 2002-03 he went to Colorado State University serving as the director of athletics. He later returned to Connecticut and served as director of athletics from 2003-11. Hathaway was elected to the committee in 2007.

Castiglione was appointed to the committee November 2011, replacing Dan Beebe, the Big 12 Conference Commissioner for the rest of his term throughout 2013. Castiglione serves as the vice president of intercollegiate program and director of athletics in Oklahoma.

Barnes joined the committee September 2010. He was the SR Associate Director for Advancement, responsible for all external operation for the athletics department, at the University of Washington State. After that, Barnes became Utah State AD in 2008.

Automatic Qualifiers: 31 conferences will place an AQ in the tournament field. At Large: The tournament expands to 68, so now there are 37 at-large spots after the AQ’s. Seeding: The committee seeds a list 1-68 which shows the balance amongst the competitive teams.

Building the Bracket Step One: Before selection weekend, each committee member receives an "initial ballot" which have two columns listing all eligible Division I teams in order, alphabetically. Each member will submit the ballot by a specific time on the first full day of selection meetings. The committee selects the 37 best teams to fill the at-large berths. There is no set limit on the number of atlarge teams the committee may select from one conference. Step Two: The committee creates a seed list, 1-68, which is used to keep record of the top four teams across the four regions of the national championship. The seed list also shows the sequence order of each team’s placement in the bracket. When the seed is done, it does not change and the bracket is assembled. Most important, various bracketing principles may prevent a team from being in its true seed on the seed list. Step Three: One of the top priorities for the committee is to achieve reasonable competitive balance in each region of the bracket. So, 16 levels are recognized in the bracket that cross the four regions, which permits evaluation of four teams that are on the same level. The teams on each seed line should be equal. Step Four: After step three, the committee goes through the seed list and places all teams by seed starting with the four Number 1-Number 4 seeds. After the top four seed lines have been assigned, the committee checks to see if any severe numerical imbalances exists. They do that by adding the true seed numbers in each region. The lowest and highest totals should not be separated by five points or more. Step Five: Additional considerations: Things that should be avoided in the second and third rounds: Rematches of regular-season games Rematches of previous year’ tournament After examining the previous five years’ brackets, teams, or conferences will not be moved out of its natural region an excessive number of times.

Spring Sports by Takiria Tyson

Arabia Mountain Spring is in season, and the Arabia Mountain sports teams are giving the community a reason to come out and watch. In season currently are the following teams: baseball, gymnastics, soccer, and tennis. More updates on other spring sports will be reviewed in the next issue.

Baseball: Meet William Jet William Jet, known as Jet around the school, carries the role of outfielder and pitcher on AMHS’s baseball team this 2012 season. Jet met his first love, baseball, at the age of four, and been playing ever since. Jet’s expectation for this year’s baseball team is to go to state again, and with his high confidence he wants to bat .300. He said that the Arabia Mountain community can expect the team to go to the regional championship and have the highest record. When asked what motivates him, Jett replied, “The person behind me. Everybody doesn’t play. If I do bad he get to play. If I keep doing good, I get to keep playing.” The team gets along; they are really close, like brothers. If there is a loss, Jet takes it cool, saying, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Gymnastics: Meet Camille Cassar Top overall gymnast, Camille Cassar is injured with a broken wrist as the season begins with the first meet Tuesday, March 13. Camille feels this season can use more improvement but knows the team is willing to work harder. When asked what the AMHS community can expect this year, Camille responded, “Well, when I get out of this cast, we are hoping to place higher than last year and place in county again.” Camille’s expectation is to win first. When it comes to competition, Camille takes it hard because she feels she can work harder, which is also her motivation. Camille really enjoys gymnastics; she has been doing it for thirteen years now. Gymnastics is fun to her, and it’s the only thing she really knows. Stay tuned to the gymnastics season, all meets will be here right in the gym.

Soccer: Meet Charles Joel-Smith Charles Joel-Smith, a senior this year, has been playing soccer for fifteen years now. Currently, his position is starting mid-fielder and varsity captain. Charles is very confident but knows there is a lot to work on. He feels the season will be really good. They are starting off slow and have new players, but they are playing better than he thought. Other than new players, there is also a new coach, Coach Wallace. The boys on the team look up to Charles, he respects them and they respect him. The fact that Charles can play a sport and have no worries motivates him. He wants to be great. When it comes to competition Charles take it very hard, “but I wouldn’t worry myself over it, I will look forward to the next game, no worries, wouldn’t tear up myself, myself, or my team,” he explains. Charles loves soccer, especially when he watches it, so knowing he can play excites him. Arabia can expect a hard fought season with lots of growing together as a team. The team expects to make it deep into the region and state playoffs. Charles expectations are to get better and make the people around him better. “SET COUNTY RECORDS, in all caps,” he shouts excitedly. Tennis: Meet Rashad Paynes Rashad Paynes, class of 2012, a returning tennis player, does not feel too good about this spring season. Rashad is confident in himself; however, he is still unsure of what the season holds. Despite those feelings, Rashad has known a lot of his team members since age 10. Either they all played together in camps or they are returning members so they have good relations. Rashad is very passionate about tennis. When a match is lost he only takes it hard if he lost to someone he know he can beat him, rather than someone who he knows who can beat him. Once Rashad steps on that court, his opponent is what motivates him, whether they are good or not. Since this is his last season, he explains, “I just expect to have fun my last year. I’m not going to play in college, so I’m going to cherish it,” he says. He said that the AMHS community can look forward to the team at least getting past the first round of regions.

Over the past few days, every form of social media has been flooded with millions of #STOPKONYs or #KONY2012s. This began with one man, who uploaded a video to YouTube, telling about the story of Joseph Kony.

By Laura Hill

Over the past 26 years, over 30,000 children have been abducted by Joseph Kony, who has turned them into soldiers in his army LRA, and also used the little girls for sex slaves. In 2003 film maker, Jason Russell, made a trip to Africa where he met a young boy named Jacob. Jacob had escaped from LRA along with some other children and together they were now on the run for their lives. After meeting him, Russell made him a promise that he would stop Kony so that Jacob or any other child would no longer have to worry about being abducted at night, and he plans to fulfill his promise. Since meeting, Russell has been working to get US Military Forces to Africa to assist in the capture of Kony, and after finally being successful; he now needs our help to keep them there until Kony is captured.

#AMHSKONY2012 Movement Activities Coming Soon!!

So what can you do? Join in the movement!! The Invisible Children Organization is taking donations, but really they just want your help in getting Konyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name out there! Not to uplift the things he has done, but to make others aware. Order your Kony Action Pack, and on April 20th join forces to help put up posters around your city! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be there, will you?

2012 Kony Action Kit

Underground Talent

by Takiria Tyson

Lorenzo Moore - TrulyABeast A young aspiring rapper, Lorenzo Moore, sophomore at Arabia Mountain has broken his shell. Associates from Cedar Grove and South West DeKalb have heard this rapper’s tone however not so many from the Arabia community. He started rapping at the age of six just for fun. For his father DJ Capricorn Kid being a DJ, he had lots of time to practice. He records in his father’s studio and write his own music. He has performed in a few talent shows around. Lorenzo feels like he is in another zone and he can express himself when he is rapping. He has other options in life, but if he really wants to take rapping as a career he would take it high. So to him it is both a hobby and something serious. Amazing times Lorenzo has reached is when performed in a Black History program and every one was hype for his performance. If Lorenzo decided to take rap to the serious level, he would definitely. Although he is not 100% serious about rapping as a career; Lorenzo is very passionate about rapping. “I feel like if we all get together, we can show these other schools that Arabia is not just preppy and uniforms, there is lots of talent,” Lorenzo explains. Lorenzo feels he have completely progressed over the years. He says, “Back then it was like Dr. Seuss rhymes, looking cute for the family, now you get a feel to the game and get a better use of metaphors.” So check Truly A Beast out for yourself and also DJ Capricorn Kid website as well. Stay tuned!

Follow Him on Twitter! @TrulyABeast!/TrulyABeast Check Out Truly A Beast “Thinking About You” Cover feat, Monique Boyd Check Out DJ Capricorn Kid Site!

Arbor Day Fun Facts About Trees Georgia’s state tree is the Live Oak. The largest Live Oak in Georgia is in Waycross. It is 86 feet tall and nearly 10 feet in diameter. In Athens, there is a tree that owns itself. The tree has legal ownership to itself and all land within an 8-foot diameter surrounding it. In fact, the road juts strangely to go around it! The tree was legally emancipated sometime between 1820 and 1832 when its owner, W.H. Jackson, legally deeded the tree to itself. The oldest tree in Georgia is thought to be a Crepe Myrtle in the Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta. For a list of historic and landmark trees in Georgia, visit: s/landmark-and-historic-tree/.

When J. Sterling Morton created Arbor Day in 1872, he proclaimed, “Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future,” meaning most holidays are times of rest to reflect on the past but Arbor Day is a time to take action for the future. Arbor Day is a holiday that focuses on the importance of trees. The holiday is celebrated on different days in different states so that it can coincide with the best planting season for the region. In Georgia, the best time to plant a tree is from November to March. Georgia observes Arbor Day on the third Friday of February. On Friday, February 17, Mr. Burr and Mr. Rogers took a group of twenty students to the Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve to plant trees. The group hiked 2.4 miles into the preserve to the site of an historic barn where they observed old growth fruit trees before planting three new fig trees. Ranger Robby Astrove accompanied the group and explained that Georgia’s Arbor Day is celebrated earlier than other states due to the warm climate. Trees need time to take root before the hot, summer months. Did you miss Arbor Day? Visit to join The Grove, an organization that encourages Georgia residents to plant trees and protect our urban canopy.

Camille Cassar proudly shows off a newly planted tree

Students are thrilled to have a hands-on field trip.

Philip Henderson poses with his seedling.

Ranger Robby recounts the history of Arbor Day.

Ask A Ram

You have questions; we have answers.

Q: How do you know if a Q: Hey Rammy, girl likes you? How do I am kind of in a bad you "talk" to them? position here because I am LAME all I want to be is cool There are no really clear signs, every a have friends and like just girl is different the only way you can walk down the hallway and know for sure is if you can get the have plenty of people courage to go up and talk to her. And saying “wassup” to me. as far as talking goes, just be You shouldn’t worry about What do i do?! yourself and if she likes you then she what people say about you. likes you if not then at least you Being “Cool” isn’t all that. I know you tried. think a homework assignment for you would be watching Love Don’t Cost A Thing. Well first of all you shouldn’t Having too many friends can call yourself a loser. Girls like cause many problems, it’s not confidence in guys, and you worth it. should be sure in yourself and the girls will notice you. You have to be creative in the way that you talk to her, find a reason to talk to her, such as corny jokes that can make her laugh. Q: I like a really super-hot girl and I’m a complete loser with no life and she doesn’t even know my name or know I exist but I’m in her grade Are you sure that he is level. How do i get her to ignoring your phone calls? DON’T’ DO IT!!! That notice me? Maybe he’s been busy lately, can be a huge or been having a rough time. disaster!!! And if you How often are you calling really care about your him? Because overly needy best friend then you girls can be a turn off to most Q: Why does my would leave her guys. If he is having a hard boyfriend ignore my boyfriend alone and time then just give him, his phone calls? How do I just be happy for her. space and he’ll come to you make him talk to me? when he’s ready. And if he IS ignoring you maybe you Q: How do I take my best should talk to him face to face friends boyfriend? and see where your relationship stands. *The content of these letters was edited to remove identifying details. The RAMpage loves to hear your thoughts, but we do not want to call anyone out.

Are sure you’re not over exaggerating maybe he is just talking to the other girls just as friends. You should trust your boyfriend because if you don’t it can cause problems, and if he tells you he loves you than you shouldn’t worry. Q; My boyfriend says he loves me, but flirts with other girls. What do I do? Q: I used to love school in 9th grade when I had a great teacher who taught well and actually took the time to make sure I learned and taught well. But now in 11th grade, I can't deal with some of my teachers.. This is the most important year of my life, and I do not want to fail because I am not getting the proper tools I need to succeed. When the student teacher started teaching, my grade dropped tremendously, and it's not just me - it's almost everyone else as well. I can't get a tutor right now. But the semester is halfway over and I'm practically failing. What should I do?* You should be the change you want to see at Arabia Mountain High School. Be the leader and not the follower. Once you set the example and everybody see your maturity level, they will get the picture that this is how an Arabia Mountain Student should act. Don’t back down. Be true to yourself, and also be assertive with your teachers. Do what you have to do to get your grade up talk to your teacher and the student teacher or get your parents involved. You have to take the first step.

Q: Why do so many young relationships fail?

So many young relationships fail because we are still in high school and many teens are not worried about having a serious relationship. Teens want to just explore different options for example it’s just like sampling different foods at a taste test. Have fun in high school and live your life, wait for having a serious relationship when you get older.

You should approach your teacher after school and tell her your concerns. After school, they’re less stressed out and more willing to listen. If she still can’t find a way to talk to you after school you can email her or get your parents involved. Another thing you can do is talk to the student teacher and asks for help on the material. Also get a group of your classmates together and have a study group.

Q: What school has a fire drill at 3:15? A teacher attacked by students? A teacher on DeKalb Mugshots every other week? Teachers who care more about what you're wearing than your learning capacities and capabilities? Teachers who take the lazy way out assigning work sheets and book assignments instead of teaching, and then they complain about how slow we're learning, if learning at all? How much more pathetic can Arabia Mountain High School get? I came here for higher learning and advanced education. I could have stayed at my home school if I knew it was going to turn out like this.* Sincerely, Disappointed 11th Grade Student

*The content of these letters was edited to remove identifying details. The RAMpage loves to hear your thoughts, but we do not want to call anyone out.

As senior year comes to an end lockers are becoming covered with acceptance letters. Here’s an update on a few college acceptances. Mitchell Griffen- Hampton Aric B. Flemming –Morehouse Kadarius Featherstone –Liberty University; EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University; Florida Institute of Technology

Jumoke Evans –Fairleigh Dickson University Taylor Davis –Oglethorpe University Tiffany Corzealious- Georgia State University; Mercer; Oglethorpe University Xenia Jackson- Benedict College; Brenau Women College Desmond Caulley –Georgia Tech

Kyle Woumn- Georgia Tech Kirsten Winston –Tuskegee University Kevin Williams –Valdosta State University, Georgia State Andrew White –University of Illinois, Georgia Tech Ke’Mayriah Milton –Georgia State University, Valdosta State University, University of West Georgia, Westwood College Tahir Upshaw – Southern Polytechnic, Alabama State University Takira Tyson –Johnson & Wales University

Salayna Bryant –Tuskegee, Uuniversity of Alabama, Tennessee State University

Xavier Henderson –Auburn University, Purdue University, Central Florida University, University of Florida

Matthew Chung- Mercer, Georgia State University

Akil Hodge –Florida Institute of Tech.

Deneen Hodge - Mercer, Georgia State University Nicole Barkley –Drexel, Saint John’s University, Western Carolina University Jordan Chappell- Morehouse College, Auburn University Jordan Duhart –Tennessee State University Kiara Falcher –Prairie View A&M University, Texas Southern University, Johnson & Wales Raashida Howard –Valdosta State University, Georgia State University , Liberty University, Savannah State University, Brenau University

Shannon Hunter –Georgia Southwestern University Michael Lee –Western Kentucky Joe Lindsey – Drexel University Tamera Martin –The University of Georgia Tevin Martin –Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Taylor Lindsey –Tuskegee University, Georgia State University, Hampton University Javion Melvin –Clayton State University

Maurlia Upchurch –Duke University

Nia Perkins -Florida Institute of Tech., Alabama State University Amber Owens –Jacksonville University, Alabama State University, University of Alabama Clennette Reid –Louisiana State University, Georgia State University, Howard University Kane White –Louisiana State University Shanakay Watson- Georgia State University Kchara’edda Harris –Georgia State University, Alabama State University, ST. John University, Agnes Scott College Chinua Rose -Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Georgia Southern University

Jamila Pagues- Emory University Jenise Waldrop –Westward College Ariana Treadwell – Georgia State University, Spellman College Sasheller Toussaint- University of West Georgia Ch’Bree Robinson –Georgia Gwinnett Jaylen Prince –Tuskegee University Kierra Thrower- Southern Polytechnic, Georgia State University Lauren Owen –Howard University Mialiisa Nurmi –Brenau University, Southwestern State University Imani Harris Gram –Albany State University Frederick Hartville –University of Illinois

Congratulations to all of the seniors. We are so very proud of you!

Love, The Rampage Staff

Thanks for reading!

To contact The RAMpage: Email or Please check out our website at: ml If you have a question for Ask A Ram, fill out the form on our website!

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AMHS's student newspaper for March, 2012.

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