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September 1, 2011

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Dr. LaShawn McMillan is a true blooded ATLien who grew up in College Park. A Banneker High graduate, she assumed she was going to school to become a doctor; however, after attending UGA she decided to pursue a career in education. The mother of three and the wife of a Q-Dog, Dr. McMillan has a warm heart and a great personality.

In her spare time, she loves to read and spend time with her family. This year she will attend sporting events, which is one of her favorite activities. Dr. McMillan has come from many years of experience in education from an Assistant Principal in Gwinnett County to the Principal of DeKalb County’s Arabia Mountain, our school. Here at Arabia, Dr. McMillan is very interested in getting students involved with school spirit and traditions, and hearing what students are interested in doing. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

Mission The mission for Arabia Mountain High School is to engage students in active learning and service through collaborative instruction using the school and community as context for developing understanding of human and environmental interactions while preparing students for involved citizenship in a changing world.

September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

As the principal of a national certified LEED school, Dr. McMillan would love to build relationships with students; her door is always open and you may see her about anything. As for class of 2012, Dr. McMillan’s advice is to make sure early admission is a priority, make sure students take the SAT, have a well-rounded resume’, and visit lots of colleges. She said visiting colleges was something she missed out on and encourages seniors to definitely try to get around. “Make sure you know where you are going to and you visit schools and talk to some people, don’t do it like I did”, stated Dr. McMillan. So, if you see Dr. McMillan in the hall, be sure to speak, even introduce yourself. As for staff, continue to do a great job for Dr. McMillan. And for everyone, remember that Dr. McMillan’s door is always open. As the year proceeds and times become stressful, remember Dr. McMillan’s favorite quote, “Be the change that you expect to see in the world.” -By Takiria Tyson


Learn more about Dr.McMillan Her favorite color is pink, but she absolutely adores green. She was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha at UGA. On her spare time she likes to read and, spend time with her kids. She has a passion for sports. She loves to attend sporting events. She loves all kind of cakes: key lime, red velvet, double chocolate etc.

I am very excited about the upcoming year. Each junior class has challenged the next with top scores in the county and state. I know our current juniors will surpass all expectations. - Mr. Wells

I am looking forward to the school pride increasing here at Arabia Mountain. I’m excited about sports getting notoriety, clubs and organizations getting national attention. I’m excited to be a part of it. - Mr. Davidson

Make every moment count. Your life has value. Don’t settle for less than the best.” - Dr. May

Her favorite food used to be shrimp until she developed an allergy.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.”

She married her college sweetheart.


- George Evans


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

W HAT ’ S N EW AT A RABIA M OUNTAIN ? New Courses Offered this Year Under the sea! “I believe in hands on experiments and strive to bring the ocean to students as much as possible.” This is how Ms. Tan describes what will be going on in Oceanography this year. Oceanography is one of the new courses offered this year at Arabia Mountain. This class will vary from subjects about plate tectonics to marine biology including the components of biotic and abiotic structures. Upon completing this course Ms. Tan hopes that students will have an increased appreciation for the aquatic ecosystems. -Revenna Brown

Say...Cheese!! Arabia Mountain High School now offers photography classes, taught by Mrs. Sheldon, a graduate of Georgia State University. In this course, Mrs. Sheldon teaches the basics, the benefits, and the excitement of photography. Photography explores a variety of techniques and media with an emphasis on developing students’ fundamental skills. Students will gain technical and composition skills in

photography as well as develop an artistic understanding and appreciation of photography as a visual art. Mrs. Sheldon allows students to be creative and express themselves. She thinks it’s important that students are able to observe their world and capture it in a way that allows others to see their visions. When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Sheldon loves to be with her family and read books. Her favorite quote is, “Learning never exhausts the mind” by Leonardo da Vinci. -Kim Baker

Lights, Camera, Action!! “I want students to find out why theatre arts, arts in general, is important to our lives.” This is what you can expect to learn if you were to enroll in this drama class taught by Mr. McKinney. In this course, students will study all of the

facets of the theatre. This means that you will not just be acting, but learning about many things beginning with the history and moving on to box office, production and make-up. However you will put together one-act plays, which will be conducted in the spring. When asked if he thought this was an interesting course, Mr. McKinney, enthusiastically replied, “Absolutely! I am absolutely blown away by the levels of talent and levels of excitement that some of these students possess.” -Laura Hill

Mind over Matter… Have you ever wondered if you were losing your mind? This year, Ms. Whitfield is teaching psychology, an elective course. The purpose of this course is to give students a “better appreciati on of the human mind and behavior.” During this course, students will conduct research throughout the school as well as designing experiments that will CONT…


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

help them out in the real world. Ms. Whitfield says she wants to teach based on information that is tangible now, making this a very hands-on course. When asked if she thought this was an interesting course, she quickly replied “This is my favorite!” So if you’re looking for a fun class designed to help you better understand yourself and those around you, this is the perfect course for you. -Laura Hill

Attention! Chief Master Sergeant Stafford, Sergeant Womack, and Major Baker teach their students the main purpose of ROCT: integrity, service before self, and citizenship. All students should want to be leaders, and in order to be an excellent leader, you must be a good follower. ROCT is not just for students thinking about being in the military. It applies many other career paths as well. In the course, students will do community service such as the empty stocking fund, blood drives, adopt- amile, and Jr. achievements. Make sure you look out for the amazing activities and achievements the ROCT will have this year. -Kirsten Winston

Should uniforms be worn at Arabia Mountain High? This is an example of a question that will be debated in Dr. Martin’s speech class. Students in Dr. Martin’s speech class practice reciting sonnets, giving speeches and havng debates. Dr. Martin also teaches Creative writing. He says about his students “I want them to be better writers and discover that writing for personal experience can be fun”. Along with speech and creative writing Dr. Martin is a 10th grade literature teacher and loves teaching. Additionally, Dr. Martin is a published author. He published two books Paradise Dogs (June 2011) and Days of the Endless Corvette (2007). Furthermore he won Georgia Author of the Year for Days of the Endless Corvette. -Jessica Bailey

Junior News and Dues The Junior Class advisor, Mrs. Andrews, has created a schedule for dues and payment dates. These payments are nonrefundable and will cover all Junior Class activities and events for the 2011-2012 school-year, including junior/senior t-shirts, class luncheon, movie night, Stone Mountain picnic. The total for dues is $125. You may also add $10 for the benevolence fund. Parents and students will be presented with a tentative calendar of events at a later date or check Mrs. Andrews website under Class of 2013 Information. Installment Dates and Amounts: August 11, 2010: $20.00 September 8, 2011: $20.00 October 6, 2011: $45.00 November 3, 2011: 20.00 February 9, 2011: $20.00. Cash or Money Orders ONLY. NO personal checks! Advisor Contact Information: Melaine Andrews Melanie_Andrews@fc.dekal (678) 875-3704


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

S TUDENT L EADERS Senior Football

Shanor Knibb

Case Woodard

“Strive for excellence, not perfection”

“We all we got” Case Woodard, all all-star athlete and phenomenal football player, is a defensive back for the mighty Arabia Mounta in Rams who wears #1. He is ranked one of the best DB’s in the state. Football is his passion, and his love for the game inspires him to make it deep in the playoffs and take his team to the top, make it to the all-state team, and get signed with an elite college squad. Although football is his main priority, he does not let school pass him by. He plans to stay focused his senior year and finish his last year strong, earning multiple scholarships. Case always puts up his best and aims for success. Case gets his excitement to be the best his mother, of course. Case has watched his mother struggle for years to provide him with the best to be the greatest and he wants to in return be able to take care of her and show her that all her hard work paid off.

Shanor Knibb, the star wide receiver/safety for the powerful Arabia Mountain Rams wearing #2, is highly motivated. To him, football is not just a sport, or a hobby, but it’s who he is. Every minute on the field is an opportunity to everyone else that he was born to exceed in this game. This inspiration has pushed Shanor, along with his teammates, to make it to the top in the playoffs and also make the DeKalb County All-Country team. School still plays a major factor in his life. He is determined to finish his senior year with all A’s and B’s and graduatein the top 15% of his class, earning him numerous

scholarships. Shanor’s inspiration for the game to comes from the mere fact that he loves the sport as a whole, along with the wonderful support from he receives from his family and friends.

Cheerleaders Taylor Lindsay “Don’t let opportunities pass you by; take advantage of them when they present themselves” Taylor Lindsay has always the cheerful, eager young woman, which is why being one the top cheerleaders fits her best. Taylor knows being a cheerleader isn’t easy, but she excels in it without missing a beat. She’s a cheerleader for the Arabia Mountain Varsity Cheerleading team and plans to make her team the greatest by incorporating more challenging stunts and partaking in the Breast Cancer Walk this year. Her inspirati on to leave a mark on cheerle ading comes from her cousin, who to her is one of the best cheerleaders. Even with cheerleading being her passion, Taylor plans to do well in her classes this senior year and actually learn to relax a little.

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September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

Cheerleaders “Always be yourself” Vernique T is an enthusiastic individual, which is how she acquired her position on the forceful AMHS Varsity Cheerleading team. Vernique has been doing cheerle ading for quite some time and she wants to incorpor ate all her skills to her team and be of assistance to always showing school spirit and supporting each other. As for school, Vernique wants to graduate with honors and attend a wonderful college. Mainly all her support comes from her mother, who she considers her role model and the person who pushes to be the best in everything, especially cheerleading.

Minnitie, captain of the Jewels, and Raven White and Shanice Wallace, both captains of the Emeralds. They are all excited to start the new 2011-2012 band season, striving to be better than the rest. Some of the highlights of this season include the Atlantic Classic, and the Southern Heritage Classic. Another exciting highlight is that the Arabia Mountain Emeralds are introducing a new element FIRE! So come out and support not only the football team but the AMHS band.

-Raven White

Student Government SGA has a lot of things planned for this year’s homecoming week. Show off your school spirit by participating in the dress up days for homecoming. Be ready for Schwag day, Big Kid day, Gender-Bender day and other fun homecoming events.

The Jewels Dance Team “Without dance there wouldn’t be a Cleo”, says Cleo Byas. Cleo is a senior who is a part of the Jewels Dance Team. She wants to stay focused and energetic in her classes. She plans to accomplish her goals thru out the school year, make good grades and receive a dance scholarship.

Volleyball “What goes around comes around”, says Kim Baker. Kim is a senior and a member of the volleyball team. She plans on staying focused in her economi cs class, as well as getting her GPA up. She also wants to go to state with the volleyball team. – Jaila Lyons

AMHS Funk Machine “ The green, the white, the white, the green AMHS Funk Machine!” as the band’s season begins we take an inside look, from the leaders of the band, who are Brandon Hill, Joshua Stephens, Bakari Green, and Jordan Chapelle. Additionally we spoke to the two auxiliary team leaders, Jazzmine

Do you want to join the stampede and become a part of The RAMpage, Arabia’s student-run newspaper? Join the journalism club! The club will meet for the first time at 3:30 on Sept. 13 in D202, Mrs. Klein’s classroom. Stop by and see Mrs. Klein for more details. 6

News briefs New Late Assignment Policy AMHS is cracking down on late work this year by instituting school-wide late grades. For classwork, projects, labs, and other special assignments, students who fail to submit their assignment on the date specified by the individual instructor will receive the following point deductions: one day late is 11 points off, two days late is 20 total points off, and three days late is 25 total points off. For homework, students have 3 opportunities to submit late assignments. Students who fail to submit their assignments on the date specified by the individual instructor will receive the following point deductions: one day late is 11 points off, two days late is 20 total points off, and three days late is a zero until Saturday school where the highest possible grade will be a 75. If a student fails to attend Saturday school, the zero will remain.

Uniform Crackdown Make sure that your uniform is up to code when you get to school. The consequences for failing to comply are especially strict. For a first offense, students will receive a verbal warning and a parent phone call. If parents cannot bring a change of clothes, the student will go to ISS. For a second offense, students will receive two days of ISS. A third offense will result in three days of ISS. Repeat offenders may face OSS.




September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

Meet the Staff of the RAMpage

Top (Left to Right) Revenna Brown, Laura Hill, Sieara Jackson, Jessica Bailey, Jaila Lyons, Salayna Bryant, Mickel Peace, Sashay Narcisse, Teylar Bell, Raashida Howard Bottom(Left to Right) Shanakay Watson, Kiara Falcher, Evan Phillips, Raven White, Kim Baker Mrs. Trisha Klein - (Publisher)   


Describes herself as creative, intelligent, and compassionate Grew up in Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta In high school she participated in a variety of activities that ranged from Beta Club, Drama Club, cross country team, soccer team, and a club she created, created the Outreach Club. In her spare time she loves listening to music with her husband of three years, Tim, and playing with her dogs Tiger and Cordelia.

“ I believe it is never too late to become a lifelong reader and learner.”

Raashida Howard (Managing Editor)   

)_) Likes to keep to herself Aspires to be a neurologist, “I have a fascination with the brain and nervous system” Started her own community garden in her neighborhood

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. ” — Robert Frost


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

Jaila Lyons (Features Reporter) Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Fun-spirited, ambitious, and independent person Plans to become a journalist or a model and an employee at Forever 21 “Its better late than never, but never late is better”   

Sashay Narcisse (Art Director)   

Talented, bubbly and understanding Enjoys singing and playing soccer; natural born dancer Wishes to open her own dance studio in the future

“Why would you want to be anybody else when you could be yourself?”

Revenna Brown (Academic and School News Reporter) Smart, extraordinary, and goal oriented Doesn’t have a favorite color because she feels she looks good in any color  In the future she sees herself as a doctor and traveling “Have the courage to be yourself”  

Shanakay Watson (Features Reporter)   

Wants to study political science and plans on becoming a lawyer Born in Jamaica Enjoys smiling, laughing, and generally being around people having fun

“Living with the man above can make all my dreams become reality.”

Takiria Tyson (Sports Reporter)   

Loves the color red which she says inspires her personality, on edge and destructive Very active person, she loves to dance and do gymnastics Plans to become an entrepreneur and own her own business

“Why am I dying to live, when I’m just living to die”


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

Kimberly Baker (Sports Reporter)   

Known for being loud and funny Loves playing soccer and volleyball, shopping and going to the movies She wants to major in criminal justice or psychology when she gets to college “Always stand tall never fall”

Teylar Bell (Chief Photographer)   

Plans, to attend Georgia Southern, and major in market advertisement Very family orientated Is a shopaholic especially for shoes

“We do the things we have to do to do the things we want to” -my daddy

Jessica Bailey (Academic & School News Reporter)   

Loves the color orange Has dreams of one day being a psychologist and starting her own clinic one day Participates in FCCLA, Science Bowl, Beta Club, and The Honor Society

“Tomorrow isn’t promised, yesterday is the past so we should thank god for the present”

Salayna Bryant (Opinion Editor)  

Describes herself as a determined, Funny And lost person An employee at Taco Bell She aspires to be a Pediatric Pulmonologist and is really passionate on opening up homeless shelters all over the world

“Live your life for you because in the end you only have yourself”

Mickel Peace (Sports Editor)   

Likes to sleep for long periods of time, eat, and hang with the people close to her Has a passion for dance Wants to go to Howard University and major in biology

“It’s ok”


September 2011

Volume 1 Issue 1

Raven White (Clubs and Organization Reporter))  Loves cheering, dancing, and her healthcare science classes  Jamaican and Native American descent  Desires to study pre-med at Emory University

“Never judge, before knowing”

Laura Hill (News and Features Editor)   

Plans to attend UGA or FSU and become a physical therapist Favorite color is purple Loves to enjoy a good book or a good movie

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” -Gandhi

Kiara Falcher (Clubs and Organizations Reporter)   

Born in Canada Opened up her first culinary business at age eleven selling cheesecake. Wishes to pursue a career in Food Chemistry or become an Executive Chef

“There is no testimony without a test” -Eva Pigford

Kirsten Winston (Reporter)

My interest are swimming, dancing, singing, and just hanging out with my friends.

When I am bored I like to listen to music while I am going through my seventeen magazine books, picking out different trends I Iike.

My favorite food is seafood, pasta, and soul food “Nothing to it but to do it “


Volume 1, September 1, 2011 September

Volume 1 Issue 1

Letter from the Opinions Editor,

This year is going to be very exciting and quite historic. We are kicking off our brand new RAMpage newspaper, which will be filled with so many extravagant and mind-blowing columns & features. Including yours truly, Opinions Column, which will include relationship, school and friendship advice, entertainment/music, fashion tips and so much more. We want to engage our students and readers into this process, being the reason that the newspaper will be centered mainly on our student population. You can submit your questions and tips that you would like to be answered or explained in the newspaper to our overall chief editor, Mrs. Klein at I look forward to an exhilarating year and producing a remarkable Opinions column. So be on the lookout for the new and groundbreaking RAMpage ! Sincerely, Salayna Bryant, Opinions Editor

Letter from the Managing Editor,

Arabia Mountain has launched a new, improved and interactive edition of The RAMpage. Students will have exclusive online access to many of our fascinating columns. They will be able to easily keep up with what’s going on here at Arabia Mountain. In addition to reading the columns, AMHS students can also interact with our columnist through our advice columns, interview, and spotlights. There will also be a journalism club where students can contribute to The RAMpage on a deeper level. Our news, features, and subscribe to The RAMpage Monthly issues. If you have any leads, stories, or tips feel free to contact us at Sincerely, Raashida Howard, Managing Editor For More Info Arabia Mountain High School 6610 Browns Mill Rd. Lithonia, GA 30038

Contact Mrs. Klein at (678) 875-3699 Room #: D202


RAMpage Sept. 2011  

The first edition of the RAMpage

RAMpage Sept. 2011  

The first edition of the RAMpage