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The AMHS redevelopment is centred on improving the experience of students and teachers alike. The school is using this opportunity to build upon the facilities already available at AMHS to enhance the learning environment for everyone. The Project will replace redundant and ill maintained buildings that are no longer fit for purpose with new accommodation, entrance and brand in a high quality purpose-built block. The new block will bring the total area to current standards. Considering the brief and the requirements of the school, some key issues were identified: · Specialist accommodation for 25 SEN places within the existing school · New multi–functional hall · More flexibility of teaching spaces to improve transformational teaching and learning · Spaces for training/one to one/flexible uses/peripatetic staff · Spaces for community / multi-agency working · Improvements to toilet accommodation · Covered social area · DfA2 Compliant lifts · Upgrade to some existing facilities This Project incorporates all the key issues raised above and seeks to achieve as a result a much more accessible and inclusive space to provide outstand care, guidance and support to the students. The development will support activities such as: Presentation Space (staff or student-led) Collaboration working (small groups, leaderless, egalitarian. Individual (informal learning/social space/ICT rich) Outdoor learning Display Spaces Resources - Improve functionality of the school by adding flexible learning spaces. - External covered area - SEN and inclusion unit needs to respond to the diverse and challenging school population. - Improve accessibility in the exiting building - Improve SEN drop off area and visitor parking - Enlarges play area.

The purpose of this project is to create an inclusive school that: · Provides a high quality and inspirational environment for young people and community alike. · Reinforces the School as student-centred, learner-centred, learning communities and community-focused. · Competes with the academies · Enhances the Dining experience · Provides new teaching spaces for core curriculum subjects. · Provides new ASD centre · Improve connections with the remaining block

Lower Ground floor (Level 1) general arrangement plan

The Abraham Moss High School is an open, ambitious and selfcritical organisation that sets itself adventurous but realistic challenges. There is a clear focus on individual pupils’ needs and the central importance of teaching and learning in order to achieve the highest standards for all. The school is the centre of learning for the community. It provides a range of flexible learning opportunities for young people, their parents and other adults. It is a resource that prepares young people for life and work. It supports their well-being and learning enabling them to attain highly; fostering their strengths and transforming their weaknesses.

Ground floor (Level 2) general arrangement plan

At the heart of the school is the Learning Centre that provides a wide range of digital and analogue teaching and learning resources. The architecture and interior design of the Learning Centre reflects the many cultures of the schools’ pupils. The centre houses flexible accommodation for the wide range of support agencies, teachers, mentors and support workers who support the pupils’ educational, social, emotional, behavioural and medical needs. Teaching and learning resources in the centre are organised and cared for by librarians/information officers who catalogue and issue analogue resources. They also upload and catalogue digital resources that are available within all classrooms, in partner schools and at home for pupils via the web. The Learning Centre is a flexible space in which innovative approaches to eLearning are developed. The Learning centre also provides learning resources and on-line courses for adults working in the school A large, imaginatively designed hall reflects the cultural diversity of the school. The whole school can gather together here for cultural events, celebrations and assemblies. The hall area is designed in such a way that it can be used for a wide range of activities. For instance, it can provide a conference facility for large groups of pupils working together when the timetable is suspended.

First floor (Level 3) general arrangement plan

The eMedia studios provide state of the art facilities in which pupils following art, music and media courses can use creative digital applications to make music, images, multimedia art and video. The new build provides workshops and other vocational environments suitable for work related learning. Throughout the school pupils follow personal learning programmes and become independent learners. There is a broad, flexible curriculum that meets all children’s needs. There are systems within the extended school to support the children academically, emotionally, socially, and medically. Parents and other members of the community use the school as a learning resource. At times pupils and parents will learn together.

Second floor (Level 4) general arrangement plan

North Elevation The entrance is currently away from the natural flow of pedestrians and to a degree introspective. This has been addressed by relocating the entrance, main reception and main hall to a prominent position to the North of the site. Glazing and brickwork provides a welcoming yet robust finish. A projecting canopy at Level 4 provides shelter and a strong statement, giving an identity and a sense of place. This is further enhanced by large lettering confirming your destination. The entrance faces onto a plaza that includes external planting and seating. The footpath from Crescent Road is lit and enhances the pedestrian/vehicle separation. An external staircase and cascading planting connects the plaza with the public realm and footpath through the site at Level 1.

1. Aerial View from the North

3. North Elevation

2. Plan of steps and entrance plaza

South Elevation The south elevation provides an entrance for pupils at morning time taking advantage of the breakfast club facilities. The dining space opens to an outside area with fixed seating and an external canopy. Extra dining locations are defined through the use of planting. There is a 2.4m high fence to west elevation providing protection and softening to the elevation. The brick wraps around from the west elevation providing a robust finish to the area for dining. At upper levels the cladding is continued returning to Level 3 adjacent to the existing block. The building is set back at this point to provide a visual separation between old and new.

1. Aerial View from the South

3. Proposed canopy location

4. South Elevation

2. Plan of playground and external dining space

West Elevation The west elevation or street elevation runs north to south through the site. At level 1 retail or business units are proposed as part of the master plan. In the interim it is suggested the zone below will provide space for presenting school or community art work. This would be fixed to secure boarding protecting the space from weather and intrusion. The school is elevated from this position at level 2 – 4 and is to be wrapped in a warm rain screen cladding to contrast with the austere and cold concrete panels of the Abraham Moss Centre. The windows are expressed within the cladding as long ribbon style windows as a contrast to the punched style openings within the brick finish. At Level 1 an entrance is provided for: · deliveries to the kitchen via a goods lift, · A secure entrance for people coming to the school from the South of the site with access requirements. · A location for bin storage is included. The bins will get moved each evening to the central bin storage facility located elsewhere on the site. This is treated elevationally with brick to demonstrate the function of the space and provide a robust finish.

3. West Elevation

1. Aerial View from the West

2. Level 1 controlled entrance plan

Community Use The school wishes to stand out as a readily identifiable building and as a significant contribution to the community and surroundings. The architecture of the school may usefully express the value of education in the community and give a positive image of the school. The school will be welcoming and designed to make the visitor feel good and want to find out what happens inside the building. Attractive landscaping around the buildings can create an inviting entrance frontage, with a welcoming reception area that is immediately identifiable and feels safe and secure when visitors, pupils and staff arrive.

External dining view looking North

Street view looking North

Main entrance view looking South

AMHS BSF Build  

Plans, pictures and text about the new build at Abraham Moss High School

AMHS BSF Build  

Plans, pictures and text about the new build at Abraham Moss High School