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Picking the Right Hearing Aid for Your Situation Individuals with newly diagnosed hearing loss typically have lots of questions about what the next steps are. Audiologists, hearing specialists, and other hearing aid providers can give lots of assistance through the process. They are skilled at explaining what types of hearing aids are available and what options patients have to start hearing more clearly again. The first step for most people is to choose the appropriate style of hearing aid. Styles range from tiny in-the-canal hearing aids that are almost invisible to the bulkier behind-the-ear hearing aids that connect to a receiver situated in the ear. One of the major factors that affects what hearing aids are even a possibility is the degree of hearing loss, because some types of hearing aids provide stronger amplification. Audiologists can provide hearing aid help to determine what styles are available to each patient. Individuals also need to decide how much new technology they want to have in their hearing aids. Although hearing aids have all come a long way since they were first introduced decades ago, manufacturers are always coming out with new models that incorporate more technology to provide a clearer, crisper listening experience. With the added features comes an added cost, so hearing aid providers can help patients weigh the costs and benefits of each style of hearing aid.

The last consideration is how long the hearing aid itself will last and what sort of services it will need to have performed. For example, hearing aids with plastic tubing require replacement, and all hearing aids have batteries that need to get changed. In addition, children may outgrow hearing aids, so it’s best to choose a model that can be refitted as the child grows.

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Picking the Right Hearing Aid for Your Situation  

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