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A. Meliora’s therapeutic recreation and coaching service offers a means for people to learn how to become more presently engaged in making decisions. Powerful lessons are learned while having fun participating in traditional recreational activities which are created around horses, plants, nature, music and art.  Therapeutic recreation is an effective catalyst that works to empower the person to change how they learn from experience and to behave

A. Meliora Linkages to Care Partners A. Meliora’s Linkages to Care partners are local community and family members, mental health practitioners, businesses, non profits, as well as schools and youth justice programs that demonstrate their commitment the empowerment of individuals and families in Northern California by making our services accessible and in some case affordable to those in need. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Schools and Youth Justice Programs with A. Meliora because we offer field trip group exercises for elementary school aged children that teaches about problem solving, cooperation, communication, and decision-making. Small Businesses with A. Meliora because we can create a 6-week series workshops  that demonstrates how trust and communication are the elements of developing effective management teams. Mental Health Practitioners with A. Meliora because we can work with psychologists, marriage and family therapists as well as social workers so that we can provide the adjunctive services of our therapeutic recreation as a form of assurance that helps psychotherapists assesses the clients needs and define the most effective solutions.   Community and Family Members Community and family members can partner with our Linkages to Care Non-profit Members and create a fund to support those in need (loved ones, family members or couples) of recreation programs that are self-learning focused or psychotherapeutic. 

Dear Partners: AM Experience Directory is going beyond mental health and wellness. We’re on a mission to find the most innovative individuals and businesses that offers holistic health and wellness services and products in the North State. Because we know that our readers are on a progressive journey to better health and wellness, we bring a unique perspective on how these areas influence our readers’ drive for a healthier lifestyle. Every online article honors AM Experience’s commitment to make health and wellness alternatives as well as self-care and self-management approaches accessible to our clients and our readers. With insights from practitioners who offer services and products for the mind, body and soul, we provide a listing of businesses and retreat destinations in the North State. -Make it a great day!

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AM Experience readers are on the road of progressive health and wellness. They are searching for ways to enhance, maintain and augment their lifestyle in the most healthful manner. Businesses like yours seek to be a part of our unique linkage to progressive health and wellness because they want their message to target the right audience. By submitting informative articles and advertisements, you are expanding our readers’ knowledge as well as empowering them to make the most informed decisions on their health. Education is essential to connecting readers to your message.

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2011-2012 Quarterly Blog Compilations Self-Care/ Self-Management Article Topics

Summer 2011 “This first issue is all about letting go of expectations so that you can discover your true “Self” today...everyday!”

Family & Community Health Autumn 2011


“This second issue is about friendship and its benefit to a happy and healthy lifestyle.”

Nutrition Natural Solutions Green Living

Winter 2011-2012 “This issue is about Confidence how to begin the journey of walking the walk. Being confident has nothing to do with being self-centered. It has everything to do with being other centered.

Coming Soon!

New Products Pet Care

Spring 2012 “Out with the old, in with the new!” Isn’t that what we say when spring cleaning? This issue explores the “art of renewal.” Every story honors A. M. Healing’s commitment to make health and

Coming Soon!

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Got Blog? AM Experience’s Quarterly Magazine and Annual Directory is all about connecting our readers to experts in their field. If you are a blogger or wish that you had more time to promote your business and website, we encourage you to submit an article to our blog.

Please be our Guest! Top commented articles on AM Experience will be featured in the online magazine edition; and besides this, the top commented article of each from October 2011 to March 2012 will be featured in the AM Experience Directory and receive $200!

blog and directory submission guidelines Guest Bloggers

Email News Briefs

Bring credibility to your business by demonstrating your expertise by being a guest blogger to AM Experience. Your article submission will increase your visits to your blogsite/website. This is a great opportunity for those who do not post regularly on their blogsite or only have a static website.

Submit your announcements of special events like grand openings, lectures and workshops in our monthly newsletter that is emailed to our online subscribers. Consider this a concise press release that is relevant to the subject matter of our quarterly publication.



Available at no cost to those willing to adhere to the guidelines.

Benefits • Attract highly targeted visitors to your site by submitting a topic post that discusses self-care and self-management. A well written blog article will provoke the reader to click on your byline links. • SEO Benefits and Social Media Exposure: each blog articles is automatically posted on twitter, google+, and StumbleUpon. • Our advanced blog optimization allows your blog to be shown as a related article and gives you additional traffic long after it was published.

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Your article must promote self-care or selfmanagement and follows the premise that education is key to empowerment and in all experiences we learn more about ourselves and others. Therefore, if you are a doctor, or a mechanic, we are certain that you have some words of wisdom, tips, etc… to share with the public. Relevant Content – to maximize the benefits of your article it has to be on one of the topics that falls somewhere in the list of categories in the directory. Your blog article must be unique and exclusive to AM Experience and must not be published anywhere else after approval. If you fail to follow this guideline, your article will be deleted from our database. You can place up to 3 SEO’d anchor tags from your article. You are free to place your tags either in your article or your byline. No Product Reviews Or Blatant Promotion Your author byline – can include your name, an image/avatar., and a brief bio about who you are and what you do. It is recommended that you make one of your 3 SEO’d links present in your byline. Publishing of the blog article is based on number of submitted guest posts. After your post approved – it can be several days or weeks before it is actually published. Formatting – Do NOT copy and paste directly from MS Office. MS Office has code that interferes with formatting an article on the blog. Please submit your article directly by email with an official copy in .pdf. Any submissions made in MS Office will be rejected. Your are required to respond to all comments made on your post once it is loaded on the site. To respond with thoughtful comments is best way to demonstrate your level of engagement with the public as well as your expertise.

Available to sponsors and full page advertisers of AM Experience Quarterly Directory at no additional charge. Length: 50-250 words Due: Two (2) weeks prior to newsletter release (1st of every month) Note: Events must be free to the public, educational and promotes self-learning/self-empowerment. To see if your event qualifies, email us:


Directory Article Submission Your submission is an excellent resource for our readers. It allows the opportunity to show your knowledge and your leadership position in your field. By submitting your editorial, you have acknowledged that we maintain editorial rights to your article and we cannot guarantee that your submitted article will run as it is based whether or not you have received the most thoughtful comments for that month on our blog.


Length: 250-750 words Due: 1st of any month prior to March 2012 Theme: We encourage the practices of self-care and self-management especially as an adjunct to the vast forms of therapy found in the field of health and wellness. Your article must be not only informative, but inspiring and motivational.

Directory Article Guidelines

Just like our bog articles, the directory articles cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of health, inner growth, fitness, earth-friendly living, etc. All of our articles are informative and are written with the purpose to educate and not sell your product. A well written article should inform the reader of a particular subject and refrain from being self-serving to the author. In addition, the article must be written in the third person and statements made in the article must be supported by examples and proof. Therefore, instead of “I find that spirituality improves one’s health”, consider the statement “According to Dr. Jefferies, the practice of spirituality improves one’s health. At his conferences, he shares this message to the audience members who are seeking useful health and wellness information.” Keeping in mind that we reserve the right to edit as necessary, it behooves you to develop a concise article that focuses on an aspect of a subject. Therefore, instead of writing on the broad subject like Compost Technology, focus on an aspect like “Highway Compost Toilets to Green our Highways”.


All submissions t must include (at the end of the text) your name, a 3 - 4 sentence description of your business, address and other contact information as well as an avatar.

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Sponsor a program offered by A. Meliora AM Experience Directory is a free community publication of A. Meliora, a prospective B Corp. entity. A. Meliora seeks to create economic development and wellness empowerment in Northern California communities and in its online communities as well. A. Meliora offers self-learning programs as well as selfcare and self-management workshops to those who have been referred by Linkages to Care members, families and other community service providers. To view a listing of our services, click here if you are viewing this document online or goto Many of the services offered by A. Meliora are private pay; however, for those who qualify, services are made affordable by sponsors like you and those who become Linkages to Care Partners. Remember, advertising is a deductible expense for a business like yours! For only $5,000 you can be a sponsor! Benefits • Designer Notation on your full page ad stating that you are a “Proud Sponsor of A. Meliora’s therapeutic recreation programs that benefit individuals and families of Northern California.” Value $ 3000;

• Primary positioning of business logo and link on AM Experience blogsite in the form of a box ad for 1-year. Value $ 1800;

• Acknowledgement of sponsorship on A. Meliora website’s sponsorship page: Value $ 500;

• Monthly promotion of your business and events on Twitter as well as emailed newsletters: Value $ 1200;

• Acknowledgement of sponsorship status in article on AM Experience blogsite: Value $ 200;

• Acknowledgement in the sidebar of any press releases made by A. Meliora,; Value $ 2400;

• Opportunity to be a part of the Linkages to Care Network! For more information about A. Meliora’s Linkages to Care program click {here} Value $ 350

Sponsorship Value: $9,450

Half Page Vertical _____________________________ With a small additional fee you can purchase images that best convey the message you want to send to our readers.

y l l a c i n a g r O ! s u o i r u x u L

If you offer your customers who are veterans a special discount that is 10% or greter, on your products and services, let us know and well will earmark your ad for our readers at no additional cost to you!

Northern California

Yoga Studios

Your ad space: Full Page ...hey did you notice that “Northern California Yoga Studios� is hyperlinked??? If you are online, feel free to give it a

Eco Paints

Half page advertisement for companies that want their product or service to standout... Advertise with us: 530.270.9095

Holistic Living

NorCal EcoHomes

age Eighth P ent m e s Adverti

residential homes

â…› page advertisement bold statements crisp images ...and clickable hyperlinks for online version of directory Visit:

Page Quarter ement Advertis

John Smith, DO Talk about your products and services and include your contact information. Your address, number, email and website will fit in this space. Your website will be hyperlinked on our online version. You have up to 40 words for your listing. Juli Shyd, ACT For an additional fee, you can list in multiple categories in this directory. In addition, consider positioning yourself as a leader in your industry by submitting an informational summary of your field.

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$3000 E Z ________________________________________________________________________________ ” 11 I S 8.5”x ver ack Co B________________________________________________________________________________ bleeds) $2825 or full f " 8 1/ s u l p ( 8.5”x 11” ________________________________________________________________________________ r e v o C k Bac ont or side Fr n I ________________________________________________________________________________ bleeds) or full f " 8 1/ (plus ________________________________________________________________________________ color) $2675 ges (4a P r io r ________________________________________________________________________________ Inte ” 11 8.5” x $1440 7” .7 4 x ge 7.53” ________________________________________________________________________________ Full Pa : ) l a t on $1440 e (horiz 1” .1 alf Pag 10 H x 3.51” ________________________________________________________________________________ : ) l a $725 (vertic ” f Page 4 l a .0 5 H ________________________________________________________________________________ 3.51” x $400


.43” Quarter ________________________________________________________________________________ 3.51” x 2 e:


Pag $2 ________________________________________________________________________________ Eighth s max) word ting (40 Line Lis

$125 ________________________________________________________________________________ g e Listin (1-2 ad


ie Lin categor ________________________________________________________________________________ ditional $95

________________________________________________________________________________ ting Line Lis ories) al categ n io it d d (3-5a ________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________


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n o t e s

✦ 10,000 total directories printed ✦ Distributed in high traffic retail and professional locations. ✦ Distributed throughout Shasta, Siskiyous, Tehama, Humboldt, Butte and Trinity Counties. TARGETS

✦ Targeting households with combined income of +$50,000 ✦ Targeting the primary educators of health and wellness of their household ✦ Targeting the primary customers of health and wellness products and services ✦ Current and past issues posted on:


Position your business as… ✦ the leader in offering health and wellness related products and services ✦ a cost-effective solution to preventive health care ✦ a key player in the development of sustainable communities in the North State

Call Today! “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

About AM Experience Magazine and Directory AM Experience is a multimedia publication that offers questions, comments, and exercises for personal reflection. It is a publication that encourages the exploration of one’s self without judgement and without any expectations. It exists to encourage you to live and love the best way that you can everyday, to learn from these experiences, and to share your wisdom with others.

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