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Amanda Hansen Fashion Journal


Table of Contents Entry 1: Cosmetics page 2 Entry 2: Business Article page 3 Entry 3: Vogue page 4 Entry 4: Fashion Observation page 5 Entry 5: Store Visit page 6 Entry 6: Store Visit Reinforcement page 7 Entry 7: Fabric Swatches page 8 Entry 8: Trend Projections page 9 Entry 9: Visual Displays page 10 & 11 Entry 10: New TV Show page 12 Entry 11: Favorite Design page 13 Entry 12: Position Responsibilities page 14 Entry 13: Fashion Don’ts page 15 & 16 Entry 14: Possible Career Opportunities page 17


Entry #1 Cosmetics September 10th 2013 Article

The article I chose is about the launch of Coach’s new fragrance that was released back on Valentine’s Day. The scent furthers Coach’s brands mission to address all sides of a woman’s personality. This particular scent is intended for the more romantic side of a woman’s personality. The company’s print advertising came out a month later in March in fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. They have also created short ads and ads for Facebook tabs. I personally really love this scent. I have yet to own it but I hope to one day. I already own one of the Coach’s perfumes and actually love it! The scent lasts all day and they are not too strong but not too weak. I also love the design of the bottle it is really chic and feminine.



Entry #2 Business Article September 17th 2013 Article The article I chose is about schools adding mobile technology in the classroom. In this specific article the writer, Glen Tullman, is arguing that we should incorporate mobile technology, such as smartphones, into everyday learning instead of teaching the “old-school� way. He also states that students, like it or not, are avid consumers of multimedia and electronic content and we should embrace that and hopefully enhance their learning experience. I agree with Tullman that instead of fighting with the kids to not use their smartphones that we should find a way to incorporate them into the curriculum. I think that it could only enhance the children’s learning with a more interactive hands on approach. Maybe the kids would be a lot more engaged and excited to learn.


Entry #3 Vogue September 24th 2013 Article The article I chose is from the August issue of Vogue. It is about the wide-brimmed hats that are trending right now. Everyone from musicians, models, and a lot of celebrities are wearing these big floppy sun hats. I personally really like these hats and have been on the search for the perfect one for myself. They look so chic and can really dress up any outfit.



Entry #4 Fashion Observation October 1st 2013 One trend for fall 2013 that I see everywhere is the color emerald. I see my peers in classes wearing this color, I see it in almost every fashion magazine, and I see the color being used in so many ways at different retail stores. I’ve seen the color in handbags, scarves, pants, tops, and even nail polish.

Entry #5 Store Visit October 8th 2013 6

The department store I decided to observe was Macy’s. There were a few trends that crossed over in a few departments. One major trend was pastel colors. I noticed it in the women’s, teen’s, men’s, and even in the house wear section. I noticed it in plates and in pillows in the house wear section. I also noticed a lot of leather in teens, house wear, and men’s. There was a lot of leather clothing and leather couch’s and chairs. I also saw a lot of floral prints in home goods, teens, and women’s departments. I saw a lot of retro inspired pieces as well. I saw a lot of round frames in the sunglass department, and a lot of black and white checkered items in the home goods. Different shades of blue were also something I saw a lot of in almost all the departments. Especially in the home goods department I saw a lot of blues in plates and glasses the most.

Entry #6 Store Visit Reinforcement October 15th 2013 7


On WGSN I found an article talking about how neon pastels are on trend right now, so that would explain all the pastel colors I saw at Macy’s in womens, teens, girls, and house wear. I am also seeing leaher upcoming trend reports all over the WGSN website. But it was really cool seeing leather in many different places all over Macy’s. The one trend I saw everywhere in Macy’s I can’t seem to find it online which is floral print. I saw it in clothing in womens and teens departments but I also saw floral print in bedding, table clothes, and platewear. Now for the retro trend I saw at Macy’s the only similar thing I saw on WGSN was a lot of black and white in clothing and bedding as well.

Entry #7 Fabric Swatches October 22nd 2013 8

One current fabric trend I found was Organza. It is orginally made with silk, but also polyester or nylon. The country of origin is France. Another fabric trend I found is Mousseline. Mousseline is made of rayon, silk, cotton or wool. The country of origin is Mosul, Iraq. And the third fabric trend is chiffon. It is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. Chiffon is from France. Chiffon Mousseline Organza

Entry #8 Trend Projections October 29th 2013 One big trend I saw emerging in Tokyo is plaid patterns. Another trend I saw a lot in Barcelona was a lot of Jeanswear. It was in shirts, jackets, and even dresses. And the last trend I saw all over Hong Kong is faux fur. It seems that everyone is wearing it over there. Based on these trends, one of my trend predications for the next two seasons is going to be pastels. I feel like this is always a spring/summer trend. It has those pretty light colors that we haven’t seen in awhile due to all the dark winter colors. My second prediction is flannels. It has been such a huge trend for the winter I think they will carry over for the next two seasons. But I think they will be a bit lighter in color compared to all the dark colored ones you see now. And my last trend predication is going to be maxi or ankle length skirts. They were so big in the summer I think they will absolutely come back.



Entry # 9 Visual November 5th 2013


The first two sets of pictures are a display from Anthropology. I always love the displays they put up so as soon as I read this journal entry this is the first place I went. I especially like this one because they have clothes suspended from the ceiling. What makes it even more appealing is the photos of two different areas they set up behind the clothes. It’s definitely something not a lot of other stores do so that makes it even more appealing to me I think.


These two displays are featured in Macy’s stores. I don’t really like how they did somewhat of the same displays near the two entrances to the store. I think they should have two different displays near the two entrances to mix it up and not look the same at both ends. I think the bright colors will really draw the consumers into the store though. It did that for me!



Entry #10 New TV Show November 12th The new TV show I decided to watch is called Reign. It follows the early years of Mary the Queen of Scots in 1557 France. Since it takes place very long ago I think there are a few trends that will emerge from this show. But I think the one that I liked and stuck out the most is the head pieces. Mary has worn one almost every episode and I absolutely love them they look so pretty.

Entry #11 Favorite Design November 19th 2013 The designer I chose is Marc Jacobs. The season is Spring/Summer 2014. I think some retailers that might sell this designer’s assortment would be Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Barney’s. What I particularly like about this design is I love black and white so that is what originally drew me in. But I am a huge fan of this print! I absolutely love it! I also really like the little tassels that hang off the bottom of the shirt. I’m not a fan of the matching Bermuda shorts but I just really like the top.




Entry #12 Position Responsibilities November 26th

A fashion designer has many responsibilities. The biggest one would be creating an idea in your head and then designing that idea by hand. Another one would be keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics or colors. You would also have to work with others such as a design team, buyers and forecasters. You also have to know how to produce patterns. And have to know how to buy fabrics, trims, fastenings and embellishments. A buyer as well as many responsibilities. The biggest one would be analyzing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends. Buyers have to be able to react to changes in demand and logistics. They have to meet with suppliers and negotiate terms of contracts. They also have to maintain relationships with existing suppliers and creating relationships with new suppliers as well for future products. As a product development manager there are many responsibilities. One big one would be understanding the brand’s current and evolving business goals and translating them into a maintainable product, vision and roadmap. They have to define the company’s new product objectives and initiatives. They have to hold relationships across levels of the organization to ensure successful testing and management.


Entry #13 Fashion Don’ts December 3rd 2013

The two don’ts I chose are socks with sandals and a suit that is way too small for you. The picture on the left is a don’t because he is wearing a suit that is too small. He is flooding in those pants and it looks like the button is about to burst because it is being pulled together. The picture on the right is a don’t because he is wearing socks with sandals. I don’t think anyone should pair socks with sandals. I also think that guys shouldn’t wear sandals in general unless they take care of their feet.



The two don’ts I chose for women are buying clothing that doesn’t fit and exposing your bra. Women usually don’t know how to dress their body. They often buy shirts a size too small to feel better about themselves even if it doesn’t fit. The picture on the left the woman has the whole back of the bra exposed. It’s never a good look to have your bra exposed. It gives the wrong look and it’s flattering on no one.

Entry #14 Possible Career Opportunities December 6th 2013


The first career opportunity I chose to explore was a retail buyer. I think this would be a good fit for me because I think it would be so cool to buy and predict trends for a career. I think they are a few challenges that come along with this job such as traveling a lot and possibly working a lot of hours but overall I think I could overcome those challenges and really enjoy it. The second career opportunity I chose to explore was fashion designer. This would be a good fit for me because I love to sew. Sewing is kind of like my little escape from everything it’s therapeutic. I think the only downfall is it isn’t a safe career to chase. I don’t want to have to worry about money in my future. The third career opportunity I chose to explore is styling. I think it would be the coolest thing to be stylist to the stars. But I don’t think that you really need a degree to become a stylist so they can’t get paid much. And I don’t want money to be an issue for me. But it would be awesome to experience at least once.




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