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EXPO 2013

Zimbabwe’s Ultimate Marketing Promotions & Events Trade Exhibitions

14-15 March 2013


Introduction A warm welcome to all our MASXPO Exhibitors for the 2013. Compliments of the new season. Marketers Suppliers Expo is a new event coming to Zimbabwe for the first time. The main objective of this event is to provide a platform for the creation of synergies between Marketing Buyers and Marketing Suppliers. This is the first and unique exhibition targeted to all relevant suppliers for your promotional campaign. You are advised to read carefully and actively participate in these activities to build your brand exposure. It all begins with meeting the customers. Maximising your company's presence at this event will help improve your market visibility. Your contribution is vital for this to be a successful annual event.

Background Due to the current economic situation, most companies are relying on foreign suppliers for their office consumables. Some companies have even lost thousands of dollars in the process, through fraudulent suppliers. Having identified the dire need for bridging the gap between the marketers and the marketing consumables suppliers, MAZ established the Marketers Suppliers Expo to bring the suppliers to the Marketers. Such events are being hosted in several African countries, including South Africa. They have proved to be a success and the Association through established networks believes this event will be a success. The Marketers Suppliers Expo will be an annual two day event. If need arises this can be extended to three days.

Concept Process

Given the interest from several marketing suppliers to exhibit in our events, this event aims at holding an exhibition where marketing suppliers get a chance to exhibit their products and services in one house, thereby getting to meet with our

The MASXPO TEAM Gillian Rusike Loreen A Chari Rebecca Gambiza Killian Chipendo Fungai Mtisi Trevor Farai Munozogara

Secretary General Event Manager Event Consultant Finance and Administration Event Marketing Executive Event Marketing Executive rebecca@xhib�

+263 772 941 357 +263 772 454 767 +263 778 127 502 +263 778 572 959

+263 774 742 797 +263 772859433

SUBMIT ALL REGISTRATION FORMS TO: Marketers Associa on of Zimbabwe 226 Samora Machel Avenue Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe E�mail: Tel :+263 4 776 146/ 293 2213 Cell :+263 772 454 767

Targeted Marketing Suppliers (Exhibitors)    

               

Suppliers of Promotional Material, both local and regional, i.e. SA and Botswana Suppliers of Print Services Material, both local, regional and international, i.e. China Suppliers of Advertising Services, i.e. advertising Agencies, Media Houses, etc. Suppliers of below the line and Above the line marketing material, i.e., Billboards, banners, Stands, Exhibition stands, among other things Suppliers of Marketing/PR Services; e.g. Functions, MCs, PA Systems, Visuals, among others Web designers, and General Designers Corporate Clothing Conference and Exhibition Venues Incentive Travel Packaging and Printing Training and Education Companies Catering Companies Décor and Design Event Planners and Management Entertainment Companies Industry Association Buying and Purchasing Personnel PR Departments, PR Managers Event Coordinators Communication Personnel, Finance Managers, and members of marketing material buying centres.

Targeted Marketing Buyers (Visitors) Marketing Personnel, Managers,  Buying and Purchasing Personnel  PR Departments, PR Managers  Event Coordinators  Communication Personnel,  Finance Managers, and members of marketing material buying centres.  Marketing Students  Event Coordinators  Communication Personnel,  Finance Managers, and members of marketing material buying centres.  Marketing Students

Terms and Conditions ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

Confirma on of stand alloca on is upon payment. All booked stands not paid up by the deadline will be reallocated Carefully read and complete ALL required forms and return them. Carefully read this brochure and complete the forms as they form part of your exhibi on contract All deadlines are as indicated on the relevant forms All stand set‐up should be completed by 07.00hrs on the 14th of March. Set up can be done on the 13th from 18.00hrs No part of your stand or exhibit, corner posts and fi ngs shall project into the aisle. No cu ng or machining will be allowed in the halls a er set‐up me Exhibitors to do own décor in their stands All electrical requirements to be communicated by the deadline indicated on the form Exhibitors should contract own security if there is need to beef up hotel security Removal of all materials from your stand shall be completed by 11.00hrs on the 16th of March 2013. The associa on shall not he held liable for any losses therea er.

The “MAXPO BRAND EXPOSURE FOLDER” The “MAXPO BRAND EXPOSURE FOLDER” is our official guide, a folder with all the information to guide the visitors and the exhibitors.

The Folder will contain: a) Exhibitors List, Contact Details and Stand number – The list will be categorised and all Exhibitors to choose which category they want to be listed under. This list will also be used even after the event since it will have all contact details. a. NB: Listing of companies is exclusive to exhibitors. The first listing is free and if a company wishes to be listed in other category, the subsequent categories attract $50,00 each. Category suggestions are most welcome. b) A detailed floor plan and site map c) Programme of the launch event d) Promotional Fliers e) MAZ Corporate Profile Membership Forms Distribution All visitors and exhibitors and visitors will be given a copy each at the registration desk. Copies will be left for distribution at all Marketers Association Events and other Exhibitions the association takes part in. Advertising Opportunities The will be also advertising opportunities in and on the Folder. · Folder Cover: Front $400,00 · Folder Cover: Back $350,00 · Folder Cover: Inside Front $350,00 · Folder Cover: Inside Back $300.00 · Fliers Insertion in the Folder $100.00 (advertisers print own fliers)

BRAND EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES The MASXPO Marketing Executives will be giving the relevant forms for completion and will be in touch with you if you need further information. 1. EVENT MEDIA PARTNER MASXPO has partnered with Daily News in promoting this event and making sure it's a success story for both Exhibitors and the organisers. a)

Pre-event Publicity The MASXPO will be front cover story in the Daily News to publicise the event on a date to be communicated. The story will also carry the dates and times of the event to encourage visitors to come to the expo. All confirmed exhibitors will receive discounted rates to advertise in this issue of Daily News. The list of confirmed visitors will again be published.


Post Event Publicity The Daily News as official Media partner will also run a th Supplement after the expo, on the 25 of March 2013. This supplement will cover the event with articles on the performance of the event. Award Winning Exhibitors will be profiled in the Supplement. The directory of exhibitors will also be published. All exhibitors, Award winners and affiliated companied will get discounted rates for advertising in the supplement.

For Further information on the media partnership and schedule contact Loreen at Skype: loreen.alutah or call +263 4 776 146/ 772 454 767

MASXPO Zimbabwe’s Ultimate Marketing Promotions & Events Trade Exhibitions

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES There are various sponsorship opportunities which you can take advantage of to get additional exposure for your company. Below is a list of some of the key advertising and promotional activities you can take advantage of to expose your brand and contribute to the success of Masxpo.

Sponsorship Opportuni es Exhibitors Lunches Refreshments Name tags Ushers and Security Wear Guest of Honour

Amount $3000 $1500 $1000 $2000 $600

Tickets Direc onal Signage Décor – Launch Cocktail Venue Sta onary Prin ng

$1500 $1000 $3000 $ 1000

Should you be interested in any of the available sponsorship opportuni es, please contact Loreen Alutah Chari at Marketers Associa on of Zimbabwe on +262 454 767, +263 4 776 146 as soon as possible to enable us to provide you with appropriate details and benefits packages. HOTEL, ACCOMMODATION AND TRAVEL A special rate for Exhibitors has been nego ated with Cresta Lodge. This is where the exhibi on will be taking palace. Accommoda on bookings have to be made through Marketers Associa on of Zimbabwe for the special rate to apply. This service is only being offered exclusively to Exhibitors. The Exhibitors will however have to make own transport arrangements as well as airport transfers.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION A proforma Invoice or Tax Invoice will be supplied upon submission of this form. Stands will be confirmed upon submission of this form All payments to be made by 01 March 2013 All cheques to be made out to Marketers Associa on Of Zimbabwe

H1 – H10 H19 – H26 V1 – V8 D1 – D8 D9 – D17 G1 – G11 H11 – H20






3x3m 3x3m 3x3m 3x3m Table

$1000,00 $950,00 $800,00 $700,00 $300,00

Stand Number

Please ck


(Please ck the stand(s) category you require. If you require mul ple stands please indicate total area required. Refer to site map for stand loca on)

Method of Payment



Electrical Funds Transfer


Tel: ( ) E‐mail

EXHIBITORS DETAILS The Exhibi ng Company should provide names for all people who will be manning their stands. All name tags should be collected by 12.00hrs, 11 March 2013 and these will save as access IDs to the venue Please ensure that these forms are completed and submi ed in good me to have the nametags produced. Exhibitors using their company badges, they will s ll have to produce the MASXPO Name Tag Exhibi on package covers lunch for two (2) people only. Additional people will a ract a fee of $60,00 per person for the two days.

Please Print Clearly NAME: 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 1 MARCH 2013 Full Name of Exhibi ng Company Contact person Fax: ( )

Tel: ( ) E�mail

ELECTRICAL FITTING PLANFORM Electrical Usage/ Consump on




It is important that the electrical contractors appointed to the event know which appliances will be u lised at the event since they need to plan electrical distribu on within the constraints of the venue. Kindly list the electrical equipment you will be using on your stand, plus the power they draw. Should informa on given not be correct, the organisers reserve the right to prohibit the use of extra items of extra items. NB:

Should this form not be return, the electrician will assume there are no electrical requirements for your stand.


1 MARCH 2013

Full Name of Exhibi ng Company Contact person Fax: ( )

Tel: ( ) E‐mail

PRESS RELEASE GUIDE This is a guide line for the provision of materials for a newsworthy press release. The informa on will be used for the Supplement only. Company Details Company Name Address Contact Person Company’s Ac vi es

Date Tel ( ) Email Designa on

Leading Points for your Ar cle The company’s main business main business. Current Product line New products launched Comments about the industry performance Relevance/ importance of the product to the Zimbabwean Market Contribu ons made by the company/ product towards market developments for customers Recent quota ons from the MD/ Execu ve General comments on the trade exhibi ons in Harare NB: Some of these press releases will also be published in the ZimMarketer March Issue.



MARKETERS SUPPLIERS EXPO 2013 Zimbabwe’s Ultimate Marketing Promotions & Events Trade Exhibitions

MASXPO 14-15 March 2013

Sango Conference Centre Cresta Lodge - Harare




Main Entrance



Premium Print Partner

Official Media Partner

Electronic Media Partner

Event Design Partner


Print Excellence Zimbabwe


"We are highly Decorated”



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