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portion of your FIT10 workout can be very helpful.

SETTING GOALS A commitment for life With fitness, as with any other discipline in life, to successfully reach your goals it is important to first write them down. Spell out exactly what you want to accomplish with the FIT10 Ten Minute Exercise Program. If using FIT10 as your primary fitness program it is important that you do the full ten minutes 5-7 days a week. You may miss 2 days in a given week, but try and not miss 2 days in row. You will also want to increase the intensity of your exercise to where you are exercising with full-effort through the entire ten minutes. Next, begin to chart your progress. Record, after each exercise session, what exercises you completed. Give yourself a number between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest), indicating the intensity level you achieved. This can prove very helpful when you find yourself slipping with your commitment. If it is written down you can always look back and see how far you have come, and what you have accomplished.

FIT10 Instruction Manual  
FIT10 Instruction Manual  

Instructions for how to do each exercise in the FIT10 ten minute exercise program