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Diaper Drive Breastfeeding Clinic Diaper MO: 1st &Drive 3rd, Wed. Breastfeeding Clinic Virtual or in-person MO: & 3rd, Wed. Call: 1st 816-541-3718 Virtual or in-person breastfeeding support Call: 816-541-3718 Diaper Drive Breastfeeding Clinic breastfeeding from a lactationsupport KS: 2nd & 3rd, 4th, Wed. MO: 1st & Wed. professional from a lactation Virtual or in-person KS: 2nd & 4th, Wed. Call: 816-541-3718 913-980-2779 Call: professional breastfeeding support Call: 913-980-2779 Spanish speaking Call appointment fromfor a lactation Spanish speaking KS: 2nd & 4th, Wed. Call for appointment professional Appointment only Call: 913-980-2779 Appointment only Spanish speaking Call for appointment Appointment only

Doula Services Doula Services

Sister Doulas are Sister Doulaslabor are professional Doula Services professional labor support persons support persons trained to provide Sister Doulas are trained to provide physical, andlabor professional physical,persons and emotional support emotional supportive care and trained to provide supportive care and birth education physical, and birth education emotional

Chocolate Milk Cafe Chocolate Milk Cafe Virtual | 4th Sat. Virtual | 4th Sat. where A sacred space Chocolate Milk A sacredthat space where families are partCafe of families thatDiaspora are part of the African can Virtual | 4th Sat. the African Diaspora can besacred supported and A space where be supported empowered toand families that are part of empowered to breastfeed the African their Diaspora can breastfeed their children. be supported and children. empowered to

Donation Drop Off: Wednesdays 9-11am supportive care and breastfeed their Donation Drop Off: Wednesdays 9-11am children. birth education

MO: 816-541-3718 | KS: 913-980-2779 MO: 816-541-3718 KS: 913-980-2779 Spanish speaking? Contact|Kansas office for assistance Donation Drop Off: Wednesdays 9-11am Spanish speaking? Contact Kansas office for assistance

MO: 4232 Ave., KCMO | KS: | KS:913-980-2779 1234 State Ave., KCK MO:Troost 816-541-3718 MO: 4232Spanish Troostspeaking? Ave., KCMO | KS:office 1234 Ave., KCK Contact Kansas for State assistance MO: 4232 Troost Ave., KCMO

| KS: 1234 State Ave., KCK



our mission:

to celebrate the inherent beauty, creativity, & spirit of EVERY woman. to provide a forum for women to share their stories. to create a local print & online community resource/re-SOURCE for women seeking to live an authentic & abundantly creative life. to strengthen our community by supporting women in our diverse endeavors! PUBLISHER SheBe, LLC

love letter from trace: Dearest Red Fruit Readers (novice and wisened alike)...

I am Trace. If you do not know me, I would love to meet you in person—look into your depths— and whisper the truth to you:

you are worth loving.

The Red Fruit: A Woman's Musepaper is a love letter (and an invitation) to the women in my community: fierce young bleeders seeking your tribe, mommas in your juggle wishing to raise wild woke children, wise women in your effervescent dance, winged womxn in your courageous transformations—all real women: every size, shape, age, color, culture, depth, breadth and identifier.

If you do not find yourself in these pages, let me know and I will scooch over and make room in the circle. The Red Fruit: A Woman's Musepaper was birthed while I was pregnant with my youngest in 2002. At her height, The Fruit had over 44,000 readers in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas. After the death of my father, my marriage and my delicious wholistic spa, The Fruit (and I) went dormant— but she has ever since been tugging at my attention. I was not ready.

Tug. "please?"

EDITOR Trace Shapiro

Not yet.


I am not 'there' yet.

NO! There are other things I want to do... (crazy things like attend medical school in my 50's.)

*heavy sigh* Okay. I am ready.

JUICY WRITING redfruit Circle SUBMISSIONS: Please peruse our guidelines online at You will be notified if your piece is selected for publication. We are not seeking any new columns at this time, but we are always open-minded. Please feel free to contribute your works for review & inclusion. All submissions are currently on a pro bono basis. Thank you for your creativity and contributions! PRINTS: We at the redfruit love our one-and-only Earth. We won't be printing on paper until and/or unless our readership supports this format and we find an eco-friendly option. If you would like prints or t-shirts of any of the original art in an issue, just let us know! 100% of the profits from Trace's original works go directly to local causes.

Tug. Tug. "now?"

Tug. Tug. Tug. "are 'we' there yet?" Tug. Tug. Tug. Tug.. "it is time."

It gives me great pleasure to introduce (or re-introduce) to you... The Red Fruit: A Woman's Musepaper Trace Shapiro editor




© 2021 all rights reserved Reproduction—in whole or in part of this publication— is a strict no-no without the written permission of the creatrix. The opinions expressed in these pages are those of the opinionated. Ruminate on what pleases you and compost the rest. The Red Fruit is a musepaper, not a doctor, nor a counselor, nor a financial advisor, nor nor nor. Find your heart and use your discernment.

APRIL 2021

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mixed fruit note from a reader

siren song

by KooMarie

Rise & Shine! Breakfast Anti-Service Dear redfruit...

I serve early-morning meals to hangry folks at a well-respected breakfast eatery that boasts amazing authenticity around food-sourcing and eco-awareness. They even have super-charged internal support networks for the wellbeing of their women employees! Unfortunately, this restaurant chain and others are "failing" at honoring their servers in the face of vitriolic customers! We are told to "smile and take it or get fired." The more vile the patron treats the staff (eg: the more F-bombs the customer drops) results in more free food and subjugated-managerial "sorry's" showered upon them! WTF?! In contrast, the well-known policy of one mom-and-pop breakfast shop I managed actually invited poorly-behaved patrons to leave and never come back! The establishment boasted a "Wall of Shame" sporting unflattering photos of the Unkind! Didn't seem to cost them any business, so why are the big box breakfast chains kowtowing? Thanks for listening. ~A.N.P.

Siren Song is a Saturday morning music show celebrating emerging local, national and world artists, as well as musical legends from around the world. From 11:00—13:00 (CST) every Saturday on KKFI 90.1 FM or live-stream online at

Awaken the Warrior

in the leaves... by Trace

Waking Up White

Raye Zaragoza —Fight Like A Girl

by Debby Irving

I was assigned Waking Up White during an antiracism bookclub offered by Mama Hakima of Uzazi Village. At first read, I learned a few novel historical facts, but I found myself annoyed by the author's "aha!" moments.

On multiple occasions I caught myself judgingher journey, only to be reminded that I myself am only a "toddler" in my anti-racism wakening. Humbling. I listened* to the book (again) on a cross-country roadtrip with one of my daughters. This time, we paused the recording with every posed question and talked about our experience(s) growing up Jewish American and white, how I could have been a more inclusive momma, and how we were waking up to our whiteness more and more every day—all the while diving down rabbit holes to learn more. I believe our open dialogue about the contents of this book—both in bookclub and on our mother-daughter drive—was the most healing part of reading this book.

Ani DiFranco —My IQ (live)

Good Morning, I Love You by Shauna Shapiro, PhD

Full disclosure: Shauna is my niece. Only after watching her Ted Talk on "What we practice grows stronger" did I feel compelled to include her book here. She reminds us that we are always practicing something! What we choose to practice on the daily dictates the wiring in our brains and bodies. I was affected by her humility and candid exploration of self-kindness. The science of mindfulness and wisdom of self-compassion included in her pages speak to each of us. We hear so much about how meditation is an integral part of health, but for anyone who has ever tried to meditate and failed miserably, and then criticized yourself for not being able to sit still or focus your mind, this book is for you.

* 4

Corinne Bailey Raye —Put Your Records On

Beabadoobee —Coffee

Libby is an app that gives you access to free audio books through your library. Amazing resource! (especially for those of us who do not like or have time to read!)


APRIL 2021

mixed fruit morning ritual: warm lemon water


• Increases metabolism & reduces fat accumulation.1,2 • Loaded with Vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant with too many benefits to list!3 • Supports glowing-as-we-age when used inside and out.4,5 • Reduces stress and increases alertness.6,7 Lemon water has been touted in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda for thousands of years. Time to catch on!

original artwork "Wedge" by Susan Foster 1 Fukuchi Y, et al. (2008) "Lemon Polyphenols Suppress Diet-induced Obesity by Up-Regulation of mRNA Levels of the Enzymes Involved in beta-Oxidation in Mouse White Adipose Tissue." J Clin Biochem Nutr. 43(3):201-9. 2 Alam MA, et al. (2014) "Effect of citrus flavonoids, naringin and naringenin, on metabolic syndrome and their mechanisms of action." Adv Nutr. 5(4):404-17. 3 Iqbal K, et al. (2004) "Biological Significance of Ascorbic Acid (Vitoamin C) in Human Health—A Review." Pak.J Nutr. 3(1):5-13. 4 Dan-Bi K, et al. (2016) "Antioxidant and anti-ageing activities of citrus-based juice mixture." Food Chemistry. 194:920-927. 5 Tang SC, Yang JH. (2018) "Dual effects of alpha-hydroxy acids on the skin." Molecules. 23(4):863. 6 Kandhasamy S. (2015) "Effect of olfactory stimulation of isomeric aroma compounds, (+)-limonene and terpinolene on human ele troencephalographic activity. Eur J Integ Med 7(6):561-566. 7 Dosoky NS, Setzer WN. (2018) "Biological Activities and Safety of Citrus spp. Essential Oils." Int J Mol Sci. 19(7):1966.

answer the call

APRIL 2021



calling ALL women writers, poets, artists, musicians, business-owners, community-members, & not-for-profits... please share your goods! redfruit


maiden voyage ...when I was 13 years old I woke up one morning Thighs covered in blood Like a war, like a warning That I live in a breakable takeable body An ever- increasingly valuable body That a woman had come in the night to replace me Deface me.... ani difranco "my IQ"

womxn wings Since 1989, The Tenth Voice radio show has documented and informed the LGBTQIA Kansas City Community. The Tenth Voice is the Kansas City area’s only weekly broadcast created by and for LGBTQIA people in our community in the Greater Kansas City area (and online around the world). Producers and hosts include: Fiona Nowling, Rachael Cady, and Una Nowling. Each week, the 10th Voice Team presents interviews, information, music, news and features especially important to Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgender and Allied collective communities.

The name of the show comes from the early Dr. Kinsey sex studies* which used a scale that determined that 1 in 10 people are homosexual. Although this number has changed over time, the show keeps their name. Listeners can tune in each Saturday at 1:00 PM (CST) either on the local radio at 90.1 FM. Or online at *Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior of the Human Female (1953) are known collectively as the Kinsey Reports.

momma manna Students at Sudbury schools will tell you they like going to school, and are even excited to get up in the morning! But what distinguishes a Sudbury school from our American standardized education? At the core, the two defining qualities of a Sudbury school are: • EVERYONE—faculty, admin, students and family members— are treated equally, and • There is no authority other than powers granted by the consent of the school community. Each day, each student engages in deep and important learning based on individual curiosities and interests towards self-directed education, while also building a true aged-mixed community based on democratic processes.

EQUITY. FREEDOM. REALITY. In Kansas City, Missouri, local Mom and visionary resilience-educator, Beth Sarver, has co-founded Kansas City's own school inspired by Sudbury learning environments: The KC Restoration School (KCRS).


"Now is the time to reckon with the truth of education in the USA. At the Kansas City Sudbury School, we are building a democratic learning environment that is a community of practice. Youth and Adults in the daily school program collectively govern the business and daily activities; through the practice of consent-based democracy, restorative justice, equity economics, youth entrepreneurship, and design thinking." Passionate about leveraging the science of interpersonal neurobiology in the dance of restorative culture, Sarver teaches mindfulness through play, creativity, and the arts. While specializing in trauma-informed care, trauma-sensitive schools, and resilience education, Sarver guides students and families to deeply-embodied transformational learning.

"Our mission is to activate the learning journeys of our community." KCRS invites community members to register for online evening presentations, Mondays at 7pm (CST), or to participate in live-and-in-person "Work Parties" on Saturdays from 10am—3:00pm (CST). For more information, please visit their website:


• Create a restorative model of K-12 education with a community culture that is anti-racist, trauma-informed, and rooted in equity-based economics. • Nurture and protect a healingcentered environment for lifelong self-determined learning for children from 4 to 18 years old in the Greater Kansas City area. • Create pathways and curate spaces for learning that foster self-empowerment for all people.

Greenberg, Daniel (2016). A Place to Grow. Sudbury Valley School Press. Mimsy Sadofsky; Daniel Greenberg (1994). The Kingdom of Childhood: Growing Up at Sudbury Valley School. The Sudbury Valley School Press.

The KC Restoration School sets children free to learn through selfpaced exploration, purpose discovery, and engagement in an opportunity-rich learning center. All while providing an educational environment that fosters the natural joy of learning within a consent-based democracy.


APRIL 2021

dance of the wise woman


eve's body Q: What does sleep position say about you?

Waking Rested: Sleep Hygiene 101

Ayurveda—one of the oldest and most comprehensive/wholistic forms of human medicine— teaches there are two primary energetic channels in the body. The left side of the body is associated with the energetic channel called the pingala (solar nadi) and the right side is associted with the Ida (lunar nadi).

இ Make sleep a ritual priority (wake at the same time, shut-down at the same time) இ Establish a dark & cool room reserved exclusively for sleeping (&/or sex)

If you are sleeping mostly on your left, you are activating your digestion and may even increase your metabolism. Anatomy and physiology of the human body supports this as there will be increased blood flow to organs on the left side of your body (eg: stomach, pancreas, and even the left side of your brain).

இ Avoid stimulants (eg: caffeine, nicotine, exercize, and eating, etc.) before bedtime

If you are sleeping mostly on your right, you are engaging the calming, lunar energy of your body, infusing these right-side organs with increased blood flow which induce calm and may facilitate detoxification (eg: liver, right-side of the brain).

இ Reduce screen time &/or blue-lightemiters that dirupt pineal gland function

Most healing systems recommend avoiding sleeping on your stomach/face, and instead training yourself to sleep on your back—to equalize blood flow through the entire body.

Q: How can I remember my dreams when I wake?

இ Unplug anything with an on/off switch and remove your cell phone from the bedroom

You stir into the day with a delightfully vivid dream at the surface of your consciousness—filled with insights and inspirations— only to feel yourself chasing smoke as the visage slips further away with every waking moment. You even have a notebook and pen at your bedside ready to preserve the nighttime wisdom! All gone.

இ Request your four-legged babies not to sleep on the bed with you

According to Dr. Denholm Aspy, PhD, an expert in lucid dreaming, the average person spends at least six years of their lives dreaming. "It may be possible to use lucid dreaming for overcoming nightmares, treating phobias, creative problem solving, refining motor skills and even helping with rehabilitation from physical and psychological trauma."

இ Replace the alarm-clock function of your smartphone with a gentle alarm clock. Some options include:

In order to effectively dream lucidly, dream recall is essential. One international study they conducted showed adding more vitamin B6 to your diet could be one way to do this. Food sources of B6 include: carrots, spinach, sweet potato, green peas, bananas, chickpeas, avocado, cowmilk, whey (like in ricotta cheese), salmon, tuna, eggs, chicken liver and beef. Their research found that taking high-dose vitamin B6 supplements before going to bed helped people remember their dreams.* Participants said their dreams were "clearer and easier to remember," and they retained "lose fragments [of the dreams] as the day went on." Dr. Aspy added: "Vitamin B6 did not affect the vividness, bizarreness or colour of their dreams, and did not affect other aspects of their sleep patterns."* *Aspy, DJ, et al. (2018) "Effects of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and a B Complex Preparation on Dreaming and Sleep." Perceptual and Motor Skills. 125(3):451-462. *The Editor of Perceptual & Motor Skills warns: According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health (as promulgated by

PubMed), very high doses of vitamin B6 of 1000 mg/day have been associated with neuropathy, and there have been occasional reports of toxicity at 100-300 mg/day. B6 dosages obtained naturally through foods are needed and beneficial, and this study's use of a pyridoxine hydrochloride dose of 240 mg translates to a typical B6 dose of less than 200 mg/ day and was limited to five days. Use of a B6 supplement at any higher level or on a more prolonged basis is not recommended outside of an approved research study or without close physician oversight.

APRIL 2021


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juicy middle

APRIL 2021




Waking Up Next To A Trump-supporter by Lee H.

PRYING OPEN MY MIND I attempt to withhold judgment. I gather information. I engage in non-charged conversations in an attempt to grock their reasoning. I truly try to understand their positions, but all of their justifications for supporting someone so repugnant to me reflect a fundamental difference in our prioritization of values. Ultimately, it seems we all differ on what will "Make America Great Again." Sure, I believe in shrinking the size of government, but I value human rights more. I believe in governmental fiscal responsibility, but environmental responsibility and preservation are higher priorities for me.

STRANGER IN MY BED In the dim blue light before dawn, I roll over to face my sleeping husband of thirty years.

in on itself. I am looking at a stranger in my bed. (No, not an extra person we picked up at a bar last night for a playful one-night-stand.)


We have shared a lifetime of intimate giggle-fests and sob-fests, a roller-coaster of child-rearing, cheesy movie marathons and Netflix binges, supportive embraces following trauma and loss, shared The outcome of the 2016 presispiritual explorations and evoludential election shocked the nation. tions... decades of connection to proWithin days of the results, one of my tect our partnership through all the former professors quit their teachtaffy-pulling of any relationship. ing job mid-semester and spiraled On this morning, as I gaze into a deep depression, bordering on through the dark to find the face of suicide. One of my friends separatmy beloved, I cannot see beyond the ed and divorced her husband after chasm between us. My heart feels decades of marriage because of his hollowed-out and my stomach turns Trump support.

"I was sick and tired of explaining to my white husband what a dangerous world Trump's leadership would and did create for me and my children." ~MSP Even now after his term is over, a few in my women's circle still wax unapologetically in favor of Trump's leadership. In response, I cannot help but furrow my brow in confusion, curl my lip in unquellable disgust, question their sanity, impugn their humanity, and wonder where they have been hiding their "clan hood" all this time.

I admit, in my youth, my apathy for politics originally overshadowed my appreciation for the torture and abuse incurred by suffragettes to win women's right to vote. I do not squander my voice now, even though I find the majority of politicians objectionable. Trump-supporters inevitably excuse their vote because "no candidate is without a dark side." This does not assuage my revulsion for the 45th president of the United States, and this gut-churning response has inadvertently oozed out onto people I know who voted for him.

As I try once again to conjure my unconditional love and acceptance for the important people in my life, I wonder if they forsaw their vote for Trump would stimulate a resurgence in social activism, a record-breaking voter turn-out in 2020, and an unprecedented number of women-of-color now seated in local, regional and national posiLiving in a country that would tions. These inspiring results, I susput another public misogynist and pect, are not why people voted for glorified racist at the helm, cata- Trump. lyzed and polarized our community.


Witnessing people I love and deeply respect choosing him as their leader still feels like a bewildering betrayal. But their love and acceptance for me has not wavered.

Suffragettes marching for the ratification of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, June 2020. AP


Why do I then feel so conflicted in unconditionally loving them in return? I struggle not to "other" my husband, friend circle and work colleagues.


APRIL 2021


by K + C + T

*WARNING! this article contains material about il icit substances and use TRIO of SISTERHOOD


She then thoroughly nibbled bit afeshesia, but devoid of any "mystical" insights or feelings of euphoria. ter bit of the stipe (stalk/stem) and A Buddhist widow, a well-respected Not long after their ingestion, each then the whole, hoping beyond hope The broken hippie mom found that Businesswoman, and a broken "hipthis "trip" would give her some an- sister had their own unique journey. which she was seeking: a deeply pie" Mom woke one Summer mornswers. profound spiritual connection to the ing and wandered into the woods toThe Buddhist widow sat in zazen Universe, accompanied by a pervadgether. They had been planning this awaiting a reaction, but felt nothing ing and unshakable sense of "everyday for over a week. outside of her normal Zen calm: no thing's gonna be alright," along with According to Jeff Lebowe, editor of visuals, nothing. healing answers to her questions. Each of them carried a small clear Psilopedia: Magic Mushroom Enplastic bag of silvery shrivelled Psi- cyclopedia ( The successful businesswoman was Each sister had a distinctly individlocybe cubensis magic mushrooms P.cubensis mushrooms are tout"tripping balls" with an intensely ual subjective experience, and yet that some man monikered "Penis ed to have the highest level of psyvivid visual experience, forcing her all three shared an unencumbered Envy" (PE). The three women each locybin of any mushroom species to close her eyes, complete with syn- mushroom daytrip. reached into their unceremonious worldwide, as well as a legendary satchels, held up a single 'shroom, "origin" story, featuring high-profile tapped them in a "toast to awak- psychedelic mycologist, Terrance For more information about how psychedelics affect behavior, mood, cognition, brain function, and biological markers of health, the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins medical school is ening," and proceeded to chew the Mckenna, and boasting a plot of in- performing research to determine the effectiveness of psilocybin as a new therapy for opioid addiction, Alzheidried twisted fungi. ternational smuggling, genetic mu- mer's disease, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (formerly known as chronic Lyme disease), anorexia nervosa and alcohol use in people with major depression. tations, theivery and murder! The Buddhist widow chewed her selection with curiosity and conscious This popularized story leaves out the If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, contact the Substance awareness, swallowing her sample amazing María Sabina (1894-1985), Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline with a water chaser. curandera and herstoric leader of at 1-800-662-4357 for support. If you are looking for peer support during or


veladas: healing sacred mushroom after a psychedelic experience, contact Fireside Project by calling or texting ceremonies in Oaxaca, Mexico. She 6-2FIRESIDE. contributed crucially to the popularization of indigenous ritual use of entheogenic mushrooms among colonizers. Also ommitted are the unnamed indigenous shaman who shared P.cubensis with McKenna as well as the indigenous name for the The broken hippie Mom inspected species itself. her thin, wrinkled stalk for a bit, Since its original scientific study, admiring its pearlescent shimmer. the P.cubensis species has underShe said a little prayer: gone extensive genetic isolation over decades of cultivated growth, Please little mushroom... resulting in 60 distinct strains, with Show me what I need to be PE having 50% more psilocybin shown. I am open and ready to than most other P.cubensis strains— receive your wisdom. having been artificially "evolved" for increased potency. The Businesswoman gagged hers down with a face like she had just licked a stale cigarette butt dipped in vinegar, proceded to chug her water to cleanse her palette, and laid her body down upon the blanket they had arranged as she stared into the tree canopy.

APRIL 2021



features Although we have been told to "eat a rainbow" every day and at every meal, the American Chemical Society1 declares out of the inumerous color choices of fruits and vegetables available, Americans get the majority of their antioxidants primarily from black/brown coffee (black tea and bananas come in second). With every breath, our body metabolizes oxygen. This process naturally creates "free radicals" that steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage to cell membranes, vital proteins, lipids and even DNA. Antioxidants are the organic substances that neutralize free radicals, and prevent them from wreaking havoc in our bodies! The more antioxidants we consume, the fewer available free radicals bouncing about causing problems: – Accelerated Aging – Asthma – Atherosclerosis – Degenerative Eye Disease – Heart Disease


a major source of antioxidantsa

– Inflammatory Joint Disease – Liver Disease – Senile Dementia – Some Forms of Cancer

Dandelion roots are great for liver health. And yes, I do dig them out of my backyard (no chemical pesticides/ herbicides) and even grow them in my garden on purpose!

50% of redfruit readers surveyed report drinking any coffee in the morning. Other popular morning imbibements included: – Water/Lemon Water (most popular) – Green Tea (second most popular) – Protein Shake &/or Smoothie – Black Tea – Matcha – Yerba Mate For those of us who cannot drink coffee (due to health challenges, candida, adrenal and/or thyroid issues, etc.) or cannot stand the bitter taste without tons of milk(s) and sugar(s), or are looking to cut back on the caffeine.... but still want a mega-dose of antioxidants, there is still hope!

1 American Chemical Society Meeting & Exposition, Aug. 27-Sept. 1, 2005.




A coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.Cacao • Masala Chai • Turmeric • Sea Salt • Cinnamon • Chaga • Cordyceps • Reishi • Lions Mane + Nothing Else


(AKA: The Chagaccino) A delicious organic, dairy-free, keto and vegan-friendly boost (even add it to your coffee) featuring the highest grade medicinal mushroom, Chaga, and adaptogens like raw cacao, Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascan vanilla, and monk fruit. Super clean, smooth, and healthy, too!


Pull the dandelions. It's best to pull dandelions right after a good Spring rain so the soil is soft. Grab the dandelions directly below the leaves— gathering all the leaves in your hand—and pull straight up to get as much of the dandelion root as possible. Dandelion root can be more than 2 feet long! Cut the leaves from the roots. I use the leaves in salads &/or freeze them for use in soups & smoothies later. Wash & Chop the roots. Gather the roots into a large bowl and cover with water, agitate, dump water, refill, repeat-repeat-repeat until roots are clean! Then chop into 1/2" —1/4" pieces and spread on cookie sheets. Roast the roots. Roast at 250° for one to two hours, using a spatula to stir the dandelion root every 15 minutes or so. Once dry, be sure to monitor carefully so they do not burn. The dandelion root color will change from tan to a deep brown, coffee-like color. Store & Prepare the roasted root. After cooling completely, store it in glass container, grind as needed, and prepare like coffee in a French press or coffee maker!

APRIL 2021

features KCMO

COMMUNITIES Coffee origins trace back to at least the 10th century of human herstory. Coffea arabica (a.k.a. Arabian coffee), the predominant strain of coffee imbibed around the world, originated in the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and the mountains of Yemen. Debate surrounds who first discovered the benefits of imbibing the beans in a drink. One yarn features a Sufi mystic from Yemen, who sampled the berries in Ethiopia after seeing their energetic effect on birds there. A second story stars a 9th century Ethiopian goat-herder who shared berries with a monk, who tossed them into a fire and released an enticing aroma. A third tale involves a disciple of a Sheik, who discovered the magical beans after being exiled to a desert cave in Yemen.

Regardless of which origin story rings true, coffee is steeped in ritual worldwide, and in some circles, even mystical ceremony. From its original cultivation in southern Arabia, coffee consumption gradually made its way into Europe, India, Indonesia and, eventually, the Americas with over 2.25 billion cups consumed every day, with beans harvested from trees cultivated in over 70 different countries with 60% of coffee produced on small farms.* The very process of roasting and grinding fresh beans, brewing a pot, and sharing an aromatic cup with others elicits ties to the Ancients—invoking a communal ritual that dates back more than 500

years and spans our entire planet. Gratitude and awreness are essential in honoring all the hands that bring you a single cup, from farmers to pickers to roasters to baristas. Here in the Heartland, almost every block of commerce boasts at least one coffee shop, but how many of these truly cultivate community? We at the redfruit are excited to feature the following three—locally owned and operated by a diverse group of women and families. Each of these spaces brings people together in cause and celebration.

*Rushton, D (2019). "Map of the Month: Bringing Smallholder Coffee Farmers out of Poverty. (retrieved April 2021)

Café Corazón

Equal Minded Cafe 4327 Troost Avenue, KCMO 64110

Firebrand Collective 1101 Mulberry Street KCMO 64101

This place is a reflection of the people, places, smells and colors of our childhoods. It is a homage to our culture, our friends, families and our heroes.

We provide resources, opportunities, connections, and services for the surrounding communities that would not have them otherwise.

In Vietnam, coffeeshops are places where people go to chill, dog. Let’s sit, people watch, and just be. The baristas treat you like family, making sure you have a place to sit, something good to drink, and know all the T.

1721 Westport Road, KCMO 64111

We are inspired by our father, Alberto, a multitalented artist who immigrated to the US from Buenos Aires, Argentina and our grandparents Felipa and Aniseto who came from Guadalajara, Mexico—all of them celebreated their heritage with flavor and tradition. We focus on the flavots that come from regions in Latin America where coffee is grown. We use premium organic direct trade chocolate and beyond fair trade artisinal coffee beans. The best Yerba Mate from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. We are a proud family-owned business and we promise to make your time with us authentic, warm, and full of life. Wherever possible, we source from other KC businesses to keep our beautiful city strong. Con todo nuestro corazón. ~Miel & Curtis

APRIL 2021

Promoting the revitalization of the Troost Corridor and dissolving the Divide that Troost, and other redlined streets, create within our minority populated communities. Providing a safe, and all-inclusive space in a place that has seen less fortunate events for a very long time. Everything we do is affordable to the people nearby. The list goes on from things like: Healthier food, quality coffee drinks, event spaces, dance/yoga spaces, co-working spaces, offices for lease, a Black-Owned and Fully staffed Montessori Daycare, and many more services within the events we do in our space! A majority of the people we partner with are minorities, because we believe in promoting ownership within minority communities, specifically East of Troost. ~Dontavious Young


Cafe Cà Phê

Shop owners often sit down and enjoy a cup with you. The Vietnamese coffee experience is one that is incredibly comforting. The time, the care, and the hospitality that goes into coffee experience in Vietnam is honestly, legit. We at Cafe Cà Phê want to bring this familial experience to you. Not only does our coffee and our flavors SCREAM authenticity, but damn homie, we want you to feel like you always have a place to kick it. You can always chill and feel heard here. That’s how family works. And you, are now part of the Cafe Cà Phê family. ~Jackie Nguyen



Waking before the


by Karla Giminez

I turn my head to look at the bedside I did not come to this place of surrenclock. 3:12 am.... an uplifting of my der to early mornings easily. When I heart, a smile and the mantra: entered my menopausal years more than 15 years ago, my pre-sunrise * morning awakenings were a source of angst, frustration and even anger. beats through my mind to greet the new dawn. My daily morning rituals My “ritual” at that time was of imcall to me—wise, loving friends—set- mediately calculating the number of hours I had slept, and predicting ting the tone of my day. the terrible cost it would inflict on I easily move onto my zafu and my day. After all, didn’t all the “exzabuton—cushions for my breathing perts” tote the need for eight hours and meditation practices. When the of sleep or your body (and, possibly, timer brings me back to this world, your life) would soon slip into deI start my French press coffee ritu- cline?*** al, which consists of dancing to tribal music while my water boils and I began scouring the research for cures for this situation. I tried it all, my grounds steep. with periods of relief, only to find In these dances, I honor the four myself staring at another cycle of directions in an imaginary medi- pre-morning wake up calls.

These nudgings transformed my time into explorations of meaning, of using the teachings I had learned over years but had boxed up, labeled “Someday…When Ic Time.”

cine wheel and move on to a loving kindness dance to another song. My friends, family, challenging situations, and someone I do not know­ —who I only came into contact with recently—are greeted, thanked, and sent loving intentions.

I do not know how many years it was before I noticed a shift of energy into surrender and acceptance. I didn’t immediately start filling this time with ritual but, instead, sat in the emptiness, the darkness, of the night/morning hours.

* "Happythankyoumoreplease" (movie) written, directed and starring Joshua Radnor.

My coffee is ready and I continue the practices which most connect me to my inner longings: morning pages,** inspirational readings, and physical movements (yoga, Qi Gong, hand weights, etc).

It was a relief to release the volatile emotions I had identified with waking before the dawn. I soon became more aware of my thoughts and body trying to communicate with my soul.


This transition from anger to surrender/acceptance and now, to gratitude, took years. It was not a linear process but that spiral path which we come to recognize as the natural pattern of life. It is also not concrete but breathes into what shows up as necessary to my growth. The impact of my daily morning awakening rituals permeates my actions throughout the day. I am humbled every morning that such an abundant gift was given to me. It was always there, waiting for me to wake up.

** The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron *** "You need as much sleep as it takes for you to stay awake and alert the next day, without caffeine.” Nathaniel Watson, M.D.,



Magnesium (Mg)

Over 50% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium—a mineral that serves as a crucial nutrient in over 300 bodily functions!1 Among these, Mg aides in GABA production—a neurotransmitter essential for relaxation. Supplementing with Mg: • decreases sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep once you start trying to) • improves sleep efficiency (how well you sleep when you want to), and • increases total sleep time.2

Beautiful thing about Mg: taking too much gives you diarrhea, so don't (but at least you know when it's too much!). Redfruit's favorite Mg supplement is Jigsaw's MagSoothe— not the cheapest, but well tolerated.

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum)

Tulsi (AKA Holy Basil) is another Redfruit favorite, and a remedy used regularly for insomnia (and other things) in Ayurvedic medicine. Determinining the root cause of insomnia is essential prior to supplementing with this tea, as some folks actually experience stimulation instead of sedation!

1. Rosanoff A, et al. (2012). Suboptimal magnesium status in the United States: are the health consequences underestimated? Nutr Rev. 70(3):153-64. 2. Behnood Abbasi, et al. (2012). The effect of magnesium supplementation on primary insomnia in elderly: A double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. Res Med Sci. 17(12):1161–1169. 3. Hornyak M. et al. (1998). Magnesium therapy for periodic leg movements-related insomnia and restless legs syndrome: an open pilot study. Sleep. 21(5):501-5. 4. Prajapati ND, et al (2003). "Tulsi." Handbook of medicinal plants. Agrobios, India. p367.

Holding my own Wake: A Glimpse I think about death. A lot. Not in a suicidal way— more in a conscious-of-my-own-mortality manner. My best friend, ahead of me (older than me) by over a decade, declared her future deathbed wish the other day: to be conscious of her passing.

Wow. And Yes! Raised by a Fundamentalist Metaphysicist and a Mystic Jew, the "goal" of life has always been to discern, meet, greet and achieve my soul-purpose on this planet. From childhood, I was grounded in Tikkun Olam ("to repair the world"/leave the world better for having been here). There are two fundamental aspects of this tenant—both of which are meant to be enacted as anonymously as possible. The first is a notion known as tzedakah (tithing of time and/or material resources) and the second, is gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness). For me, to live Tikkun Olam is to live my purpose (while not ever taking myself too seriously). How did I come to know this? During my 15th year here on Earth, I died and went into a coma for three days. Upon waking, my resurrected reflection sported two things: a brilliant white shock of hair that lasted a few months before easing


back to black, and an unmistakable glint in my eyes that some might recognize as a passionate commitment to "use up" this one life—give all I've got!

by Trace Shapiro

In the years since my death, I have survived two different kinds of cancer, a youthful penchant for cliff-diving, and the raising of six daughters (who are all now taller than me). Each culture develops their own coping mechanisms for what to do with their dead: from burning or burying bodies, to preparing them to be picked clean by vultures. Some cultures promote silent-somber processions, while others encourage wails of anguished sobbing. The Irish wake, filled with raucus laughter and unbridled delight in celebration and honor of the life-passed, intrigues and inspires me... In the face of mortality, my lifelong "bucket list" boasts multiple edits as I continue to check off all hopes, dreams and aspirations. The one newly added item at the bottom of this re-drafted treatise: "Hold my own wake" so as not to miss my own party.

I awake to my morning to mourn at my own wake.


APRIL 2021


Awakening the Senses I emerged from the sensory deprivation pod after an hour of floating. I opened my eyes to the light. For a few minutes, I could swear my vision had improved, my tactile perception heightened, my hearing became more sensitive, and my tastebuds were enhanced. I felt elated to experience heightened senses like this, and almost pained at the same time.

The core benefit of the sensory deprivation tank centered on a stripping away of stress. My whole body relaxed in a way before unknown to me. My mind felt calmer, clearer. And my heart seemed less defensive. Similar benefits are engaged and enhanced less dramatically, but perhaps more enduringly, when I venture off-path into the wilderness.

Florence Williams' book The Nature Fix dives into the science of why we need nature in order to thrive. Whether to spend the night under the stars, veer from walking a well-tread trail, or to simply take a moment to nibble a redbud blossom—a daily dose of nature revives us, enlivens us, settles our unsettled places, and even improves our relationships.

Shopping for the Senses Since 2009, For Strange Women has created perfume exclusively from plant aromatics. Sourcing the highest quality beautiful plant extracts from around the world, this woman-owned endeavor values and supports sustainable growing and harvesting practices and seeks out small farms for their sourcing. What was once one woman's vision now includes a team of women designers.

Convivial began in 2014 as a one woman show, wheel-throwing out a a home garage. They now employ 18 women, operate out of a 2.5k sq/ft manufacturing and design space in the Historic West Bottoms, and have opened a sister-shop called Verdant in the crossroads. The pieces are minimalist and architectural yet warm to the touch—clean lines coupled with a delicious simplicity. Each piece gives you room to breath.

According to Jill McKeever­—owner, original creatrix and alchemist:

Handcrafting each piece with traditional ceramic processes, their attention to detail also includes implementing systems that are coscious of our environment. They use 100% recyclable materials for all shipping, reduce unnecessary waste by simplifying the production process, and repurpose any non-recyclable "too damaged to sell" items through their Mosaic Program.

"Botanical perfume can provide the spirit a connection to nature, the mind comfort, and the body a ritual that can calm or energize." These compositions are designed to create an experience that is beyond sensory aesthetics. Natural essences, in just the right arrangement, can transport the wearer to another time and place—conjuring memories from natural landscapes, experiences, and atmospheres remembered deep within the subconscious.

All designs are dreamed up by the company founder and owner, Chentell Shannon.

"Our pieces are inspired by the mission to create wares that inspire others towards a life of conviviality—a friendly, lively, and enjoyable atmosphere around good company."

For those who are normally allergic to perfume, this is typically a reaction to the chemicals hidden inside synthetic fragrances. And although mainstream culture presents perfume as a cosmetic to conceal other scents or to make us more attractive, the aromatic designers at For Strange Women seek instead to create a sensory ritual that provides a connection to nature through true essences.

In 2019, Verdant botanical gift shop, became Convivial's first retail store, highlighting the garden line of their ceramics. Filled with lush greenery, subtly fragrant flowers and candles, cards, gifts and a morning glory mural on the back wall, the shop beckons you in. Talk about bringing nature inside! I never wanted to leave!

"We believe that natural perfume is genderless and that the scent signature of our skin should be complemented, not hidden. Most of all, we believe perfume should be worn as a personal indulgence and source of inspiration."

Every item in the store is designed for gifting— even and especially to yourself. Each plant is thoughtfully curated to pair in size and design with the hand-made ceramic planters they create. Plant Care guidelines are provided for each species, and they will even pot your plant with organic soil and fertilizers for successful care of your green babe.

They believe natural plant oils to be safer and more satisfying to the senses. The scents blended at For Strange Women meld with the skin and stay close to the wearer. The complex scent arrangements evolve as they are worn and fade gracefully throughout the day.

Verdant 128 W 18th Street KCMO 64108 816-945-6655

For Strange Women 115 West 18th Street Suite 107 KCMO 64108

APRIL 2021




YoniEggs Eggs: New Beginnings Tools for Awakening by Toyia A. Mays

"Breakfast was a meal reserved for children, the elderly, and manual laborers, who needed energy first thing in the morning. In the west, it is not until 1620 that an English medical writer, Tobias Venner, actually suggests eating eggs for breakfast: poached, with salt, pepper, and vinegar, and served with bread and butter."1

Eggs are more than a source breakfast protein. Since birds (and many reptiles) populate every continent, eggs are ubiquitous across millenia and across cultures, contributing to how they became universal symbols of life. Herstorically, eggs figured widely in folkloric beliefs. Ancient peoples link the magic of this parcel of new life to creation itself. Cultures in India, Egypt, Greece and Phoenicia all boast stories of the world formed from a cosmic egg. In Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, the egg symbolizes Light. When the Emu (Dinewan) fought with the dancing bird (Brolga), Brolga angrily snatched an egg from Dinewan’s nest and launched it into the Sky. The yolk collided with wood, ignited into flames and transformed into a dazzling Sun— 1 Sascha Bos (2017) "Why Do We Eat Eggs for Breakfast, Anyway? A short & fascinating history." Bon Appetite.

illuminating world.2




Well before the advent of Christianity, eggs were used ritually to encourage human and agricultural fecundity. For over 3000 years in Africa, eggshells were decorated as part of spring rituals to symbolise new growth and life. Indigenous Japanese Ainu/Ezo peoples stole nested eggs for wedding gifts, creating mystic talismans for field and home. 3 In 17th-century France, magical traditions continued—a bride would break an egg to ensure fertility when she entered her new home, while German farmers smeared eggs, along with bread and flour on their ploughs in spring as they sowed their fields. Such traditions may have influenced Christian Easter rituals, adopting the egg as a representation of the Resurrection of Christ, including decorative painted Easter eggs of Eastern Europe (eg: pysanka of Ukraine). Natural egg decorating options are listed in the image below. 2 Australia Aboriginal Dreamtime: 3 Rachel Warren-Chad & Marianne Taylor (2016) Birds: Myth, Lore & Legend. Bloomsbury Natural History; Illustrated edition

Everyone has heard of Kegel exercises, and it is fair to say that these exercises do work — when done correctly. The regular kegel workouts that are embraced and understood by women today [and endorsed by medical science] are nothing compared to the vaginal strengthening techniques that can be achieved when using a Yoni Egg.

serted into the vagina for up to 12 hours per day for the purpose of strengthening the vaginal muscles, connecting with your Sacred femininity, and toning the pelvic floor. These gemstones are also held internally during meditation for a more connected and divine feminine energy. Some powerful queens even use their yoni eggs before, during, or after one of the Laya Center's Healing It is time that we all pay attention Yoni Steam treatments (which can to the Sacred Wisdom passed down be done at home as well). for generations from our Ancestors. Flex your Yoni muscles just as you Gemstone Yoni Eggs should be would your arms and you would be sourced from only natural, holisamazed at the tone… and so would tic, non-synthetic materials to work your mate! Listen, tie some addi- ones intimate muscles. Gemstone tional weighted objects on the end of Yoni Eggs provide a non-porous, hyit and WHEW! gienic alternative to stainless steel ben wa balls and plastic pelvic floor Sacred Wisdom… Queendom! exercisers. These days plastic surgeons are sur- Yes… Yoni Eggs really work! gically tightening women’s vaginas. Wait, what?!? The Laya Center is a sacred spa, featuring AfWell listen Queens, the ancestors al- rivedic Wellness. Founded by Toyia A. Mays, the facility is located at 601 Walnut Street, ready knew how to do this naturally. KCMO 64106. Research has shown that using yoni eggs can support pelvic floor health, The Team of healers, herbalists and esthetiurinary health, digestive health, cians offer a viriety of services including yoni sexual health and overall well-being steams (in the spa &/or at home). Dr. Auburn in the body. offers monthly sacred yoni yoga and meditation classes featuring the use of Yoni Eggs. Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into the shape of eggs. They are in- Visit their website:

Benefits of using Yoni Eggs regularly:

இ Gain control of the perineum and pelvic floor muscles after child birth… even years later

இ Overcome traumatic experiences, as it can promote and encourage a sense of trust back in the body

இ Improve bladder control and bladder health

இ Support Orgasmic Health: including vaginal, cervical and uterine orgasms

இ Reduce PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort. (Regular practice

can increase blood flow to pelvic organs and help move stagnant energy)

இ Stimulate reflexology points of all the major organs in the body இ Can help to release stored emotional and energetic imprints, as the vaginal tissue holds onto these psychological blockages



(Regular practice stimulates the bartholin gland inside the vagina that is responsible for producing lubrication. One of the first effects women experience is feeling juicier, which can ease vaginal dryness during intercourse)

இ Cultivate and enhance a deeper and more loving relationship with one’s body இ Awaken creative energy, passion, libido and sexuality

APRIL 2021



01—april 15

VIRTUAL Art & Craft Show Enjoy the handcrafted items from local artists for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Gifts and household items for every taste and budget. Shop handmade – buy local.


28 @ 1pm (LIVE)

Stop Asian Hate KC: A Vigil Outdoors • Masks Required • Family Friendly We will be honoring lives lost in Atlanta, and AAPI lives lost from hate crimes with a moment of silence & lighting of traditional incense. Please respect all attendees and their boundarieis. Anti-blackness and anti-LGBTQIA will not be tolerated. Please ensure adequate physical distancing & follow CDC guidelines for safety. Organizers have been in contact with the city of KC for security & safety. Most importantly, this vigil is to promote a space for all of us to process and heal.

$FREE 1101 Mulberry Street KCMO

events mon


wed (continued)

KC Restoration School Presentation (Zoom)

Mental Health Info Event

Women's Dance Class

7:00pm (virtual)

11-2:00pm (live)

Curious about the KC Restoration School? Want to meet others in the movement? Want to learn more about participatory democracy and equity-based economics in education? $FREE


The Sorcerer's Apprentice A new twist on the timeless poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which also inspired the Dukas symphony that was memorably featured in the Disney film ”Fantasia.” An enchanting new musical exploring the extraordinary world of a sorcerer and his rebellious daughter, as she discovers the explosive possibilities of her newfound magical powers. In this gripping family-friendly story, father and daughter heal their relationship to work together, enchanted brooms come to life and love blossoms anew. Suitable for ages 8+. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice streams with Starlight@Home for a limited time with specific ticket times.



VIRTUAL— Swing Dance From Home: Dancing with Dimension Presented by 627 Stomp

Join Elise as she takes you through the dimensions of swing & jazz music and her best practices in using them! Week 1: Space – In this class, we’ll learn how to explore the space around us in our dancing Week 2: Time – We experiment with rhythm and how to make the best of a 3 minute dance Week 3: Motion – Keeping our bodies in motion staying in motion. Week 4: Superstring – 10 elements in a song… and what to do with them!This class requires no partner as all material will be worked through solo

$5 per class or 4 for $16

"Live Stream Classes"




Join the National Storytelling Network for a storied exploration of our planet, its climate, habitats, the human behaviors that have moved us toward extinction and the actions that we can take to preserve our world. This conference will focus on environmental justice and how we can use stories to educate, awaken, and inspire individuals, businesses, industries and government entities toward positive action.

DONATION REQUIRED $20+ Contact: 1-800-525-4514 Email:

10@ 10am (CST) 07@ 6:30-8:00pm (CST) VIRTUAL—Coffee Talk

Defunding The Police: What It All Means

If you have questions about the demand to defund police then this is the event for you. Black activists have been organizing around policing issues for years and have put a great deal of effort and intentionality into defunding police principles rooted in abolition. As responsible and principled movement leaders, who have been engaged intimately with the work, we are holding events to inform, educate and empower the community to re-envision policing through the defund movement. Hosted by the Reale Justice Network & National Lawyers Guild Kansas City, Missouri and others.

This is a special edition of Coffee Talk with career artist guests Mona Cliff, Glyneisha Johnson, Kimi Kitada, and Will Toney to chat with student artists & the public about their career paths and pitfalls. This is an opportunity for college students and the public to ask questions about how to find success in your art career.

$FREE virtual-coffee-talk-2/

10@ 4—7pm (CST)

LIVE—Gathering with a Purpose

$FREE Come join us for Gathering With A Purpose, a deep events/877452223084760 dive into timebanking & weaving community in

APRIL 2021

Hosted by Reflection of Reality. Join us if you are interested in gaining information & resource, or getting access to on the spot therapy. This is a free event and anyone suffering a mental illness or affected by one is encouraged to join. $FREE

the KC metro area. Gathering with a purpose is all about setting you up for success with timebanking. We will build connections and community. It starts with a virtual “walkabout,” sharing with each other the things we each love to do. Next, we reflect on how and where timebanking’s five core values play in our own and others’ lives. We speak to needs we see, to the wishes we have for change. Could timebanking’s giving & receiving time-for-time help us to achieve the purposes we seek? How? What seeds shall we plant? What actions shall we take? Then, in closing, comes “chopping wood” as we each explore the next steps to take. You will walk away ready to engage in the KC Timebank.


14@ 12:30-1:30pm (CST)

VIRTUAL— SERIES: All We Can Save: The Power of Community

feat. Heather McTeer Toney

Climate change is often discussed in scientific terms, but the work of responding to the urgency of climate change requires many voices. The realms of social, creative, activist, spiritual, food production, and many others, play critical roles in the larger conversation. As well, we know that climate change disproportionately affects certain populations. We present this series to showcase the works of leaders included in "All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis," edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K. Wilkinson. ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Elected at age 27, Heather McTeer Toney was the first African-American person, first female, and the youngest person to serve as Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi from 2004-2012. In 2014, she was appointed by President Barack Obama as Regional Administrator for Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Southeast Region. She is a national figure in the areas of public service, environmental justice, and community engagement. She currently serves as the Climate Justice Liaison for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Senior Advisor to Moms Clean Air Force, two affiliated organizations that represent more than 3 million climate and environment allies committed to fighting climate change and protecting children from the dangers of air pollution.

$FREE event/987 Contact: 785-864-6293 Email:

6:30-9:00pm (live)

KC Two-step, Ballroom, and much much more! Please contact Laurice directly if you are interested in the class. (816)-469-7527. $REQUEST pricing

please visit

to share your upcoming & ongoing events!

Defending the Sacred Shan Goshorn

22@ 8pm (CST)

EARTH without ART is just "EH" It has taken two years to create and install the mosaic Mural of the Earth. There will be a party in the front Parking lot and St John Gardens next door. Plenty of physical distancing where we can spread out for Food, Music, Camp fire and Volunteer Recognition. Over 45 volunteers assisted in the completion of this mural. Rebecca Koop and friends have covered the façade of her studio with a 58 foot mosaic mural of the EARTH. In case of rain event will take place Saturday April 24.

$FREE 3922 Saint John Ave. KCMO 64123


VIRTUAL—LIVE STREAM Homeridae by Alexandra Espinoza (Reading) Mac, an adjunct lecturer, and Nessa, a freshman, have a lot in common. They’re slightly awkward, deeply passionate about Homer’s The Odyssey, and are Black in a very white department at a very white school. They stumble upon the discovery that Homer himself came from Africa, and must figure out how best to honor this truth in the face of university administrators, overbearing older siblings, the Internet, and Homer himself. Homeridae is a play about who controls the narrative, and about finding your voice when it seems like no one is listening.

$FREE to all. Donations Encouraged

Proceeds will benefit AIDS walk KC watch?v=umz1xH06MFU

Contact: 816-531-7529 Email:


14@ 7-8:00pm (CST) 20@ 12-1:00pm (CST) 4@ 7:00pm (CST) 28 @ 7-8:00pm (CST) & 8 @ 5:00pm (CST) VIRTUAL— Zoom Into Art Public Tour

Each Zoom into Art interactive virtual experience is facilitated in real-time by live Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery docent-educators through Zoom, an online video meeting platform. Zoom into Art is designed for participants to contribute to the conversation, share their thoughts, and learn together. A new work of art is highlighted each month, but each conversation is unique. April tours will focus on Defending the Sacred by Shan Goshorn (19572018) from the Eastern Band Cherokee, OK.

VIRTUAL + LIVE— Intro to European Shamanism & Magick Culture

In this age of shamanic rebirth and reclamation of magickal heritage, many feel lost or disconnected from their European ancestral roots. This workshop is an introduction to the shamanic roots of Europe, with the focus on Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and Mediterranean traditions. This workshop also will provide you tools for peeling back the layers of the past to reveal the roots underneath. Taught by Chelsea Medlock and Regina Compernolle of Sa$10 per person suggested donation cred Earth Arts.


Contact: 816.751.1278 Email:

Two Sessions $FREE sign-up-herb-classes



what is the


our mission: To celebrate the inherent beauty, creativity & spirit of EVERY woman. To provide a forum for women to share their stories. To create a local print & online community resource/re-SOURCE for women seeking to live an authentic & abundantly creative life. To strengthen our community by supporting women in all our diverse endeavors!

the experiment

A small multicultural, multigenerational Circle of community mem-

bers will guide the themes and contents of the redfruit.

Advertisers—instead of paying for ads—will trade products and/or ser-

vices for space. These trades will then be passed on to readers in the form of gift certificates and prizes for sharing their voices.

TRF is 100% love. She is a creation of SheBe,LLC. Although TRF oper-

ates as a business, her heart is not designed for profit. Although her ongoing creation is a triumph of volunteerism, she does require financing to make her pages available to the world.

Readers who want to support The Fruit are asked to give what they feel to support the vision—either a one time infusion of cash or a monthly contribution. ALL transactions and expenses will be made 100% transparent on our website.

upcoming themes may








nourish (v.)

open(ness) (adj./v./n.)

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voice (v./n.)

ground (n.):

team (n./v.)

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