Symposium of Contemorary Music 1995: Music and Literature

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Illinois Wesleyan University School of Music

illinois Wesleyan University presents

Symposium of Contemporary Music 1995: Music and Literature David Diamond Guest Composer

Sponsors: School of' Music Student Senate Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Sigma Alpha Iota Delta Omicron

March 8-9, 1995 Westbrook Auditorium

David Diamond. one of the most important American composers of this century. was praised b y the late Leonard Bernstein as expressing -the most lasting a esthetic values" in his music. Diamond's compositions draw on ttaditional principles of balance. form and countelpoint, expressing these in a deeply personal and thoroughly contemporary musical language. Writing in The New Grove Dictionory of American Music. composer Francis 'Thome writes that "Diamond's meticulous craftsmanship and his sensibility have assured his position as a 2Oth-century classicisL" David Leo Diamond was born in Rochester. New York on July 9. 1915. His formal musical ttaining began at age 12 at the Cleveland Instiwte of Music. and continued in Rochester at the Easbnan School of Music. in New York City at the New Music School and Dalcroze Institute. and in Paris in the classes of Nadia Boulanger. the legendary mentor to a generation of American composers. Diamond's contact with the celebrated American poet E. E. Cummings began in 1935. when he was commissioned by a private patton to compose the music to TO M. a ballet scenario written by Cummings. Other eminent figures of the time with whom he was associated include Maurice Ravel. Willem de Kooning. and Andre Gide. After living alternately in New York and Paris for a number of years. Diamond moved in 195 I to Italy. where he served for a year as Fulbright professor at the University of Rome and then moved to Florence. In 1965 be returned pe..rmanently to the United States. and he presently resides in Rocbestet. his native city. Among his numerous awards. Diamond is the recipi ent of three Guggenheim Fellowships. the Rome Prize. a National Institute of Ans and Letters Grant, and commissions from the Fromm. Kousscvitsky and Rockefeller foundations. C urrently a professor at the JuiUiard School in New York City. he has also taught in Salzburg. Austria, at the Harvard Seminar in American Studies. at SUNY Buffalo. the University of Colorado. and the Manhattan School of Music. His prolific output includes nine symphonies and many other orchestral pieces. over 80 songs, ten string quartets, six mm scores. and numerous works f(X' chorus, piano, chamber ensembles. and other media.

As a closing accolade to Mr. Diamond. we can do no beUcr than to quote his own words: "A composer's greatness is gauged by how he enlarges and extends spiritual communication between himself and humanity ..." By that measure. as we will hear during this two-day celebration of his music. he has deservedly won a lasting place in the history of musical BtL

Wednesday, March 8, 1995 Westbrook Auditorium 7:30 P.M. -

E. E. Cummings: An Appreciation Remarks by Mr. Diamond and Dr. James McGowan, Professor of English ďż˝

Music of David Diamond


I Shall Imagine Life

Tevia Spence, soprano Jennifer Hund, piano Love ls More James Powell, tenor Carol Churukian, piano Four Uncles Matthew Ellenwood, baritone Jennifer Hund, piano Christmas Tree Emily Benson, soprano Gerald Lee, piano Three Madrigals on Poems of James Joyce 1. He who hath glory lost 2. Gende lady 3. Bid aideu illinois Wesleyan University Chamber Singers David Non, Director Hearts Music Dlinois Wesleyan University Wind Ensemble Daniel Hege, Director

Thursday, March 9, 1995 Westbrook Auditorium 7:30 P.M. •

Roundtable Discussion

Music and Literature Participants: Mr. Diamond Prof. Robert Bray (English) Prof. Michael Cooper (Music) Prof. Nancy Loitz (Theatre Arts) Prof. Julie Prandi (Foreign Language) Moderator: Prof. David Vayo (Music)

'" Music of David Diamond '" Concerto for Two Solo Pianos Allegro Adagio Maestoso-Allegro vivace Susan Brandon and R. Dwight Drexler, pianos Epitaph Somewhere On Death Sister Jane Let Nothing Disturb Thee Linda Farquharson, mezzo-soprano . David Vayo, piano Rounds Allegro, molto vivace Adagio Allegro vigoroso illinois Wesleyan University Camerata Vadim Mazo, Director

Ensemble Personnel Wind Ensemble Piccolo: Allison Isbrandt

Tenor Saxophone: Lee Poehlman

Flute: Margie Sanford· Allison Isbrandt Judy Eckerle Eriko Arikawa

Baritone Saxophone: Chris Denman

Oboe: Lori Rowe· Sarah Testa Lisa Beninato

English Horn: Lisa Beninato EbOarinet: Beth Cazel

Hom: Arnie O'Brien· AndyIGng Cara Pribble Leila Bauer Trumpet: Brian Seitz· Jonathan Lauff Brian Scott Christopher J. Joyce Matthew C. Glenn Joseph Balestreri

BbOarinet: Pam Drexler* April Alice Lord David Virkus Jennifer Heskett Gina Pellegrino Cathy Webb

Trombone: Brian Joosten· Dima Gharaibeh Adam Kramer

Bass Clarinet: Gina Magnetta

Euphonium: Kevin Geraldi

Bassoon: Benjamin Davis· Tom Tropp

Tuba: Tlffi Culbenson

Alto Saxophone: Jason Landes· Janel Pietrandoni

Bass Trombone: Bob Rokos

Percussion: . Timothy Eytalis Matt Harder Philip Johnson Kory Knipp Doug Meis

Chamber Singers Soprano


Yvette Cataneo Julie Guzowski Lyndee White Heather Williams

Derek Dahlke Eric Doolittle James Powell Mike Runkle



Sarah Hayes Kelly McCann Erica Potuto Christine Zuttenneister

Matthew Ellenwood Seth Keaton Elliott Nott Thomas Tropp

Camerata Violin I Edith Yoldey* Erica Joncich S aman thaSheetz MissyStecher Violin II Gina Lauer ErikaSiaba Teresa Pingitore Peter Berk

Viola Fred Meyer Margaret Hamby Jaime Rukstales Susan Neff

Cello Christopher Frey Erik Kramer SarahStorrs

Double Bass Cindy Ramos



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