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Digital Resources Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC® includes access to online Learner Resources that reinforce textbook content and enhance learning. These online resources can be accessed using either of the following methods: • Key into a web browser and enter QuickLinks™ Access code • Use a Quick Response (QR) reader app to scan the QR Code with a mobile device.


Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC ® includes a variety of digital resources designed to reinforce printreading skills and enhance understanding of each chapter. The Digital Resources include the following: • Quick Quizzes® that provide interactive questions for each chapter with embedded links to highlighted content within the textbook and to the Illustrated Glossary • Illustrated Glossary that provides a helpful reference to commonly used terms, with selected terms linked to textbook illustrations • Flash Cards that provide a self-study/review tool for learning NEC®-related terms and definitions and common printreading symbols • Print Sets consisting of digital versions of the prints used in the textbook that can be viewed on screen for easy reference • Printreading Tests that provide an opportunity to read electrical prints and apply knowledge of the NEC ® • Interactive Printreading Activity that helps develop the learner’s understanding of how two-dimensional plans are translated to a real-world space • Media Library that consists of videos and animations that reinforce and expand upon textbook content •, which links to additional instructional resources

Also Available from American Technical Publishers… Electrical Load Calculator App This app helps to calculate the specified conductor sizes for a one-family dwelling. The app allows quick completion of the calculation process by simplifying the six individual calculations to determine the required ampacity.

Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC®  

Printreading has been updated to reflect changes in the NEC® and incorporates fundamental printreading skills and relevant NEC® topics. Prin...