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���������� 9. All the panelboards are supplied from PP-1 and include an equipment grounding conductor run with the feeder conductors. The neutral (grounded) conductor in the panelboard must be ___. A. connected to the equipment grounding conductor and all non-current carrying metal parts B. isolated from the equipment grounding conductor and all non-current carrying metal parts C. connected to a grounding electrode by means of a grounding electrode conductor D. connected to the grounding electrode and equipment grounding conductor by means of the main bonding jumper


���������� 10. Per the NEC®, the underground service conduits must have a minimum of ___″ of cover when passing under the driveway. A. 12 C. 24 B. 18 D. 30

���������� T F 11. The service conduits follow the project specifications. ����������

���������� 12. Per the NEC®, at least ___ receptacle outlet(s) is/are required to be installed in each vehicle space in the garage. A. one C. three B. two D. four

���������� T F 13. Per the NEC®, all receptacles in the garage, including the workshop, shall be GFCI protected. ����������

���������� 14. There are ___ 220 V, 15 A outlets in the garage workshop. A. two C. four B. three D. five

���������� T F 15. The grounding electrode conductor to the domestic metallic cold water service pipe is sized properly per the NEC® as shown on the drawings. ����������

���������� 16. Two 75 gal., glass-lined, high-efficiency, ___ water heaters with 10-year warranties will be provided. A. natural gas C. electric B. propane D. geothermal


���������� 17. Branch circuits ___ supply the water heater circulating pumps. A. 1 and 3 C. 5 and 7 B. 2 and 4 D. none of the above


���������� 18. A ___ may be required where a raceway or sleeve penetrates the wall of the wine cellar. A. hammer drill C. grommet B. seal D. bushing


���������� 19. The information for the integrated cabinet outlets and lighting can be obtained from the ___. A. site plan C. kitchen drawings B. electrical engineer D. specifications

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