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Printreading Test 4 Name


Refer to the Woodland Residence plans to answer the following questions.



1. The feeder conductors supplying the train depot have been increased in size to compensate for voltage drop. Therefore, the equipment grounding conductor is required to be a minimum AWG copper conductor. A. 10 C. 6 B. 8 D. 4

2. If the train depot is operating at the maximum calculated full load, the percentage of voltage drop for the 240 V feeder is %. Note: K = 12.5. A. 1.3 C. 2.7 B. 1.5 D. 2.9

3. 120 V, 20 A branch circuit(s) is/are required by the NEC速 to supply the bathroom receptacles in the main house. A. One C. Three B. Two D. Four

4. Section of the NEC速 states that compliance with NEC速 requirements may not necessarily be adequate for good service. A. 90.1(A) C. 90.2(B) B. 90.1(B) D. 90.5(A)

5. The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) may dispute the service disconnect as shown on Sheet OL-1 because it is not . A. on the outside of the house B. accessible to the fire department C. capable of being operated remotely D. at the nearest point of entrance of the service conductors

6. The minimum number of pole spaces required for the 400 A distribution panel is . A. 24 C. 42 B. 30 D. 60

7. The cooling is required to be + SEER. A. 10 C. 14 B. 12 D. 16

8. The total number of branch circuits supplying the air conditioning equipment is . A. zero C. two B. one D. three


Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC®  
Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC®  

Printreading has been updated to reflect changes in the NEC® and incorporates fundamental printreading skills and relevant NEC® topics. Prin...