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Printreading Test 2 Name


Refer to the Woodland Residence plans to answer the following questions.



1. The size of the copper equipment grounding conductor run with the supply conductors to the detached garage is AWG. A. 10 C. 6 B. 8 D. 4

2. The total connected kVA for PP-1 is . A. 17.91 C. 80.91 B. 23.91 D. 95.10

3. The voltage rating and amperage rating of Panel PP-1 is . A. 120/240 V, 100 A C. 240/120 V, 400 A B. 208/120 V, 60 A D. 480/277 V, 200 A

4. The total connected load for phase A and B in PP-3 is 26.83 kVA. To find the total amperes, divide by and provide a 125 A main breaker. A. 120 C. 220 B. 208 D. 240

5. The size of the copper grounding electrode conductor required to connect to the concrete-encased steel reinforcing rods is AWG. A. 10 C. 6 B. 8 D. 4

6. The main entrance elevation and the detached studio garage detail provide exterior lighting fixtures to enhance the exterior of these structures. A. 5 C. 10 B. 8 D. 12

7. The east wall of the studio garage is ′ from the property stake on Western Avenue. A. 195.93 C. 358.26 B. 264.19 D. 662.01

8. The north gate entrance has a total of decorative light fixtures. A. 5 C. 12 B. 10 D. 15

9. The north and south gates are controlled by four photo eyes and embedded loops in the driveway. A. three C. six B. four D. eight


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