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Irena Liza Mrs Asia Usa California 2017


I learnt discipline, friendship and how reliable my family is during my rehearsals. My poor husband took care of our 3 toddlers, everytime I went to rehearsals. This pageant has also definitely brought me out of my comfort zone.

n America, there are many pageants that can be followed. One that is quite popular is the Miss Asia Usa, a competition for women in America who’s coming from Asia. From Indonesia, there are names that once represented the Miss Asia Usa such as Yemima Cindy (First Runner Up Miss Asia 2016) and Irena Liza. Irena was Miss Indonesia for Miss Asia Usa in 2013.

3. Can you give us some words to describe about yourself? I spent my whole life focused on my career and I am so surprised to find out how I love motherhood.

A few weeks ago, a beauty contest Miss and Mrs Asia Usa recently held in Rodondo Beach Performance Center on last November, 19. Irena Liza returned to represent Indonesia in the event and she won Mrs Asia USA California 2016-2017 also The First Runner Up of Mrs Asia USA 2016-2017. By wearing an evening gown from the international fashion designer, Mr Leo Amodal, Irena Liza looks very pretty and stunning that night. The following are excerpts of an interview with Irena Liza:

4. What are you doing in your spare time? Watching Netflix, Facebook-ing and read to my kids 5. How is your family think about the pageant? They love it especially my daughter. Even my 1 year old is so happy he was rolling on the floor.

1. Since when did you join Virgelia Productions? Since 2013, when I joined Miss Asia USA 2013. Then, I decided to rejoin Mrs Asia USA 2016 few months ago.

6. What do you want to do in the future with your new title? I am just waiting to see what the next chapter of this journey will be. (By: Dessy/Photo: Stanley Bratawira)

2. What do you get from that productions? AmerIndo


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Desember 2016 Issue #17  


Desember 2016 Issue #17  


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