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You have not been in a steady relationship Research shows that divorce is more likely to happen between couples who rush to get married. This is because they do not think about their readiness about the marriage life and their future. It is a good idea for you to solidify your understanding about yourself, your partner, and how you interact with each other. Once you have established a solid ground of understanding between the two of you, then you may start thinking about preparing for marriage.

not last. However, building trust is not an easy task, especially if some people have disappointed and damaged the trust that you had. When you still find it very difficult to trust your partner completely, do not decide to get married yet. Build your own confidence, get rid of your insecurities, and make sure that both you and your spouse are confident with each other before getting married. No long-term plan in the relationship Marriage is not only about the fancy and festive party, romantic honeymoon, and the grand wedding. There are tons of aspects to be considered after the fun stuff: how to survive financially, how to raise your children, how to maintain a good relationship with your family and your spouse’s family, and so many more. There is also a chance that you might have to be a “captive” in your house in order to take care of your husband and children. When you are still learning how to efficiently manage your money, still falling prey to excessively spending your money for stuff that you don’t need, and still have this hatred towards a budget, maybe you should not rush to get married yet.

Not ready to compromise Marriage is not only about you, it is about you, your spouse, your children, your parents, his parents, and every single person in the family. Therefore, compromising is a huge aspect of marriage. Having a harmonious marriage life is almost impossible if each of you only care about maintaining your ego. Understanding each other’s differences, compromising, and finding a middle ground is essential for a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Think carefully about getting married if you still find it difficult to admit your mistakes in arguments for the sake of a smooth relationship.

Unstable emotion Another sign that might show that you are not ready to get married is when you still find difficulties in controlling your emotions. When the word “break-up” easily comes out of your mouth when you get angry, that is a sign that you still have unstable emotion. Unstable emotion like this might negatively impact your marriage in the future. Remember that a divorce in marriage is way more difficult to execute than breaking up in a dating stage. Make sure that you learn to control your emotions and stabilize the fluctuations before you decide to get married.

Pressure Do you want to get married because you feel that you are pressured to do so? If this is the case, please step back and rethink about the decision. Your decision to get married should not arise from pressure, but from your love and confidence that you put in your partner. Please evaluate your end goal with your marriage. Sometimes, people can feel too much pressure to get married that they forget about the level of seriousness that they have with their partner. Ask yourself, why do you want to get married? Is it because of your seriousness and readiness or is it simply out of necessity? Think over all these suggestions carefully. (By: Irina/michelle/various sources)

More concerned with wedding party than the commitment Many women are more concerned with wedding party rather than worrying about the commitment in the relationship. When you think more about how your wedding would look like, the dresses, the decoration, etc. rather than how to raise a family, it might show that you are still not prepared to commit in a lifelong marriage contract yet. 45

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