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8 Signs You Are Not Ready to Get Married Yet


“I’m still looking for the best man” It is only when you already feel comfortable around your partner that you will feel confident to establish a lifelong commitment with him. However, sometimes, it takes time and effort for people to find “the one.” You might be seeing a person right now, but you feel that there is something missing about your partner. Therefore, you are not sure if you are ready to marry him yet. If this is the case, then you should not rush the marriage even when there is a consistent peer pressure. Make sure you take your time to find the best man that will accompany you throughout your life.

omen who are mature enough and have a stable income often face the pressure of getting married. Perhaps your parents, older family members, and relatives have been asking questions that revolve around you getting married. These questions intensify even further when they found out that most of your friends already have a family of their own. Then, you start to feel the accumulating pressure and start wondering if you should also get married; even when you have not considered your own readiness. To help you identify your own readiness, here is a list of eight signs that show you might not be ready to get married yet.


Trust issues Trust is crucial in a relationship; without it, a relationship will 44

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Desember 2016 Issue #17  


Desember 2016 Issue #17  


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