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Watch Out For The ‘Backstabber’ at Work


act as your friend; they will act curious and ask a lot of detailed questions. They would love to know about your bad characteristics and ugliness, so that they can spread them to other people and destroy your image. Be very careful of who you decide to tell your personal stories to. Make sure that these people have your back and will not stab you from behind.

ou must have witnessed numerous cases of bullying, humiliation, or betrayal. These kinds of cases are very common in school, because children are still immature. However, adults are often found guilty of doing these immature activities as well. This is why people still experience the act of bullying, humiliation, or betrayal in a work setting. These actions are done deliberately by backstabbers who wanted to advance their careers by stepping on other people. They are not happy with others’ success and their jealousy turned into malice. As a result, they betray or backstab others just to ensure that others fail while they “succeed.”

Mingle with other colleagues Working does not mean that you have to stare at your computer screen constantly. In fact, this aloof attitude might harm yourself someday because you do not establish a strong relationship with your colleagues. It is easier for colleagues to fall prey to backstabbers’ lies when they do not know you well. Mingle with other colleagues and talk with them. When they know what kind of person you are, they are more likely to stand by your side and help you fight off the backstabber.

If you feel that there are traitors and backstabbers in your workplace, these tips may be useful to keep them under your control.

Stay composed and focused on your own goals It is easy to fall prey and get angry when someone backstabs and spreads lies about you. Stay calm, composed, and focused to achieve your goal. Note that backstabbers feel compelled

Keep your personal problems to yourself Backstabbers usually AmerIndo


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Desember 2016 Issue #17  


Desember 2016 Issue #17  


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