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Twenty-Five Years of a Life Changing Procedure 2016 is the 25th birthday of LASIK. For the past quarter century, LASIK has become a mainstream procedure, similar to that of getting braces to straighten your teeth. LASIK continues to be the most safe and effective treatment in correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Calculate how much time, effort and cost it is to invest in to your eye care. The purchase of contacts, ordering replacements before they run out if you wear disposables, the contact solutions and maintenance, the pairs of glasses you have purchase, lost and replaced, only to have to get a new pair the following year when your vision has changed. Above all the inconvenience of dealing with all the hassles of not waking up 20/20. But what if you could wake up and see clearly? What if your vision and sight was crisp, without the use of contacts, glasses or squinting?

Irina Liza

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Do you know the top 4 basic facts about LASIK? 1. LASIK is actually healthier and safer than wearing contact lenses. Imagine the amount of microscopic germs that get on your hands and into your eyes, each time you put on and take out your contacts. Think about the safety of getting hit while having glass only an inch away from your eyes.* 2. LASIK is a permanent solution to restoring vision and regaining sight, LASIK does not wear off. 3. LASIK is affordable. If you can afford $3 a day for a cup of coffee, you can afford LASIK 4. LASIK is a safe procedure, with a 25 year history and over 28 million LASIK patients to date, the number continues to multiply exponentially. In the United States, there are no reported cases of blindness after LASIK.

because not all surgeons invest in one. It is indeed an expensive investment but the investment is well worth patients’ excellent outcomes in terms of quality in vision and high patient satisfaction. Dr. Robert T. Lin of IQ Laser Vision is one of the top ophthalmologists in the USA. He has been providing superior results for 20 years at his Southern California practice and has performed over 40,000 LASIK procedures with state-of the-art technology and equipments. The biggest testament is that Dr. Lin himself has had LASIK over 20 years ago and still enjoys waking up to 20/20 vision to this very day. To find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK, call us at IQ Laser Vision to provide you with an informative consultation as well as giving a thorough analysis and examination of your current vision and overall eye health. At IQ Laser Vision these initial screenings and examinations are completely free of charge with no obligations or strings attached. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule your appointment and learn more about LASIK!

That is because LASIK only treats the surface of your eye. The biggest difference in LASIK results relies heavily on the technology being used and the surgeon performing the procedure. For example, the Nidek CATz topography-guided LASIK is not readily available to all patients AmerIndo


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Desember 2016 Issue #17  


Desember 2016 Issue #17  


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