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Participants to include: Interested Young People ages 18 to 24 NCCC Alumni State & Local Government Officials Community Organizations & Groups Parents & Friends of Members or NCCC Recruits Youth Development Organizations Organizations in need of an NCCC team to help with a project

NCCC Quick Facts

•Five campuses across the country—Iowa, Colorado, California, Mississippi and Maryland

•Combines the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service, including leadership and team building, to meet national and community needs.

•Full time, ten month commitment, residential, team-based and peer led; teams composed of approximately ten members and one team leader; members aged 18-24.

•Members serve for 10 months; we provide short term, intensive direct, hands-on service projects of approximately 6-8 weeks.

•Disaster Response: NCCC deploys its members at a moment’s notice in response to disasters anywhere in the country or US territories.

•Benefits to Members: E

ducation Award of $5,550 at the end of 10 months of full time

service. Over 90 schools provide some sort of match to the education award which can be used at any Title IV school which accepts federal dollars including schools abroad. Members have 7 years to use the education award and Members can earn an education award without having a GED. Other Benefits: Child-care credit, Earn up to 9 college credits, Stipend of $100 per week; Basic Health Care Coverage, Uniforms, Full Room & Board, Travel every six to eight weeks, Training– First Aid, CPR, Disaster Response, Diversity, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Tool Usage/Safety, Wildland Fire-Fighting.

Apply to be a Member online: or call 800 942 2677

NCCC Member for a Day Flier  

Coming this Saturday, October 22nd - in conjunction with Make a Difference Day the NCCC Atlantic Region campus will host a Member for a Day...